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  1. Does anyone else get brain zaps?

    I have been on Vybrid for almost a week and I'm getting nasty brain zaps too. I switched from Zoloft to Vybrid so I think it's just the Zoloft working it's way out but the brain zaps I get on Vybrid are pretty strong. I had some when I tried to sleep (we learned Vybrid before bed is a bad idea) and these are just as bad as a hypnic jerk. Nearly jumped off the bed in a cold sweat because of it. But I do agree brain zaps suck.
  2. I talked to my therapist last week and even though I got peace of mind, I feel like I was singled out and lied to at my former job (not the current one). I did do something potentially serious but I asked a friend in the field and she thinks it was more of a near miss then actual harm. My therapist has knowledge about lawsuits and she said a subpoena would have made its way to my door by now. I do know that my work was checked (I checked it, ofther people did) and I can't recall a significant discrepancy or anyone else saying there was. It is still my fault though, I will take responsibility for that. I feel better knowing it was unlikely nothing bad happened but I feel my ex employer was not honest with me when I was fired and since she didn't get me (I was treated like her problem child....I wasn't a horrible employee, wasn't the very best either but I tried hard and tried to stay out of trouble). I feel better but now I feel angry, confused and frankly like I've been had. How can I move on from this emotionally?
  3. Vybrid

    I went to my doctor because I've been having situational depression. I told him the Zoloft I take isn't helping. Didn't even touch any of the depression I had. He put me on Vybrid (I probably misspelled that) and to follow up in a month.has anyone had any luck with Vybrid? I feel like my energy is back but now I can't sleep and I feel like a six year old after drinking a Red Bull. The energy is good because I don't feel like drinking or moping as much as I did but I'm not liking the problems sleeping. Is the jitteriness normal?
  4. Having blood work done with cold??

    I wouldn't worry about it. Your CBC would show a minor change in your white blood cell count and you might have a few lymphocytes than normal due to your cold (since its viral...lymphocytes attack viruses). But other than that there isn't anything to worry about. A cold won't screw your labs up that much. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
  5. A new concern. Rabies?

    Yeah....I would be more concerned if the cat was around skunks or raccoons. Possums don't usually get rabies, like Ihadcancer said. The cat in question wasn't acting out of sorts and you got scratched not bitten. Rabies is transmitted through infected spit. I'd say you're good.
  6. I've taken out of date drugs! Help!

    You should be fine. Expired drugs just don't work as well as those that are still in use. Do buy some new tablets though and throw the old ones out (expired medicine doesn't really have any use). I hope you get to feeling better soon.
  7. Anyone take Pristiq?

    I'm thinking of getting off of my Zoloft because the situational depression I have hasn't been improved by it. I usually take it for anxiety but I took a gene sight test and found out that Zoloft may not be a good fit for me. It did say that Pristiq might work better but I don't know too much about it. I'm going to the doctor to discuss it but had anyone taken this? I was curious if it's helped anyone. Thanks.
  8. Colon polyps

    Ihadcancer I asked and she said she does have CEA tests every three months but they want her scoped every year for probably the rest of her life. I am not sure about CT or MRI....I think the doctor is being less aggressive since it didn't reach her lymph nodes but then again, like you said it can spread microscopically so that isn't a guarantee...I will have to double check, but CEA tests for her are every three months. Thanks for the heads up and info.
  9. Antidepressant DNA test

    The test isn't certified by the FDA and insurance can be a bit tricky but some places may offer a sliding scale payment based on income. I don't think this is a standard test in the US....we can get the test in the US but it's still considered experimental, I wish it was a standard screening test because no one has to pee in a cup or have blood drawn for's just a cheek swab.It can't be used for Lithium, Gabapentin or Topramax so those medications are still hit or miss as of yet. The test is called GeneSight, it's still fairly new but I would mention it to your healthcare provider.
  10. Antidepressant DNA test

    Sorry for taking a while to respond. The test takes up to a couple of weeks to come back....and my doctor wasn't in but I got the results today and it appears that the test groups what drugs can be used into Use as Directed, Moderate gene drug interaction and significant gene drug reaction. The current med I take, Zoloft, is in the moderate category and it's at too high of a dose (125 mg). I can switch to Pristiq or Emsam and most likely be okay because those fell in the use as directed or safe category. Prozac, Paxil and Wellbutrin are in the Significant Drug interaction category so I am not allowed to take those at all. They tested different classes of antidepressant and anti anxiety drugs. I can safely take Ativan if I needed to. I shouldn't take Valium unless I really really need it (I thought that was funny because I took Valium before getting my wisdom teeth found me out like a light on the floor not too long after). The test also looks at Antipsychotic drugs and Mood Stablizers too. They look for metabolizer genes and the gene markers for Stevens Johnson Syndrome (that's a potentially fatal drug reaction), I tested negative for those markers which is great! Also all they needed was a cheek swan so the test isn't invasive at all. Thank you.
  11. Colon polyps

    I am not sure how frequent her follow ups are for CEA or other monitoring. She did tell us she has to have yearly scopes and my sister and I have to get scoped at 48 because of it. My mom is getting my dad scheduled and I think my other aunt has to get one this year too. She does encourage people to not skip their colonoscopy appointment. I was reassuring the OP that if they did find something bad on their scope the doctor would get them treated ASAP.
  12. Can Anxiety Act Like A UTI?

    My money is on anxiety. I pee a lot for the same reason....Im nervous and now that I work nights, jacked up on Mountain Dew. If you got a clean bill of health I wouldn't worry too much. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
  13. Colon polyps

    I think you are going to be okay. If it was really bad they would have told you as soon as possible. Let me tell you about my aunt. She had a colonoscopy done for insurance purposes and they did find cancer in her colon. They did a CT the very next day (biopsy took three days) and had her scheduled for surgery within the week because it had to come out as soon as possible. They took out her sigmoid colon with the tumor and lymph nodes. There is a very happy ending to this as all of the lymph nodes they removed were cancer free and she was diagnosed at Stage 2a. She is coming up on her one year anniversary of being cancer free and is doing well. She was very lucky and she swears she will never put off a colonoscopy again. Since your doctor didn't see anything I would say you're in the clear. They know what to look for and from experience, they will tell you right away if some thing isn't right. As long as you get your colonoscopies done on time I'd say you're good. Take care.
  14. Allergies causing anxiety issues

    Dust allergies. I feel better knowing what this is now
  15. Allergies causing anxiety issues

    Thanks. I should hear something this week. My doctor is pretty confident it's allergies but I'm not liking when my nose blocks up so bad it's hard to breathe. It's scary. It will be refreshing to find the culprit behind this.