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  1. You alright?
  2. It's no surprise that I have a Anxiety Disorder... I have been to a Psychiatrist at some point early last year. I was 'diagnosed' with Dysthymia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Chronic Anxiety e.t.c. But there's something missing, I know. The way I am and the way my mind works, please don't take it lightly because I have anxiety. I know some will think "It's your anxiety making you feel that way." But it isn't. Something isn't diagnosed and I know that myself. Maybe because I refused to think it and only believed I had Anxiety and Low Moods. But slowly gotten more active and worsened. I want to be happy/happier... And have been on Meds 3 months this month. But there's still something, it isn't my Anxiety or Dysthymia. I can't move on because there's something holding me down that I'm unaware of. Not unaware per-se because I'm aware there's something. Just not sure what. I'm not sure whether to mention it when I go to Counselling, when it's arranged. I'm in process of getting an appointment. I don't know what the point of this post is, I guess it's just getting it out and wondering whether that would be the best bet. To mention it there. I haven't mentioned it to previous counsellors. Thanks in advance. (Just realised this probably should've gone in 'undiagnosed or unsure' Forum. Sorry anyway.)
  3. I was wondering about it too last night. I hope all is well.
  4. My WBC was slightly low when I had a viral infection.
  5. Thank you.
  6. Honestly so tired right now and will try to sleep soon, but I just can't stop worrying about my health. I don't know how I still can worry I'm so tired. I convince myself I haven't got something, do a test for it to find I haven't got it. Then, I worry that I may have it. Don't know, so tired. This is a so draining. I have no motivation whatsoever, and I have exams next month. It's Midnight currently. I'm self taught so it's not like I have to be up at 6am but it's still tiring and stressful. Don't know what to do 🙄
  7. Thank you. Yes. I don't know, probably. There are some sexual dreams that are disturbing and unwanted and I wake up in a cold sweat, I've always had strange dreams. When I was younger I had dreams that I would cut the backs of my knees and slowly bled out. And some other horrifying disturbing dreams. I don't see the point in 'Sex' the world 'Sex' to me has no emotional attachment. I'm glad you are happy now Olivia.
  8. When I had bloodwork done with a viral infection my White Blood Cells were a bit low but the doctor said that's nothing to worry about?
  9. But what about the sexual dreams? It's like I have unwanted sexual thoughts that I obviously don't want to have and I have myself thinking 'What the heck?'. I don't get it. And uh, I feel safe around my brother, I don't live with him though. Just me and my mum. And I feel safe around my sisters Fiancé.
  10. Hello, So uh, this is awkward. I have unwanted sexual thoughts and some are disturbing. Like I say they are unwanted, sometimes it'll be in a dream. I have a thing that I can't be around Men, they make me uncomfortable. I can be around Men but not on my own, unless I'm comfortable with them. Through Counselling they couldn't understand why, because I've never been sexually abused. But I'm not sure, is it OCD? I don't know. Please help, it's been happening for years.
  11. Thank you Diane ❤️
  12. Anyone else wake up in cold sweats? Not sure if it's my anxiety or something more.
  13. There's nothing to worry about. Sometimes my teeth feel loose if I press on the back of them with my tongue, truth is; It's a trick of mind. Your tooth isn't moving. And it will be sore because it'll be irritating from you messing around with it. You aren't going to lose your tooth nor get an infection. Just keep up with hygiene and if you are really worried, book an appointment with another dentist for a one off.