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  1. You can conquer anything
  2. I hope everything turns out okay.
  3. ?

    Okay, this may be confusing to others. When I speak, just about normal things I feel they have to be said a certain way or I'll repeat them. More often then not, if I'm talking about myself I'll get pissed off that I say things. I'll get annoyed at myself and I just want to scream. I then get embarrassed. I don't know. I then ramble and then once again get angry. I feel like I'm trapped in my own head. It isn't my Anxiety. I don't know what it is but I can't stand myself .
  4. I wouldn't try Withdrawal method^ As Pre-Ejaculate may contain sperm cells that can cause pregnancy. Use a Condom. May not feel the same but if you are fretting then it may be best.
  5. I have like a darker reddish colour on my tongue. Been there for over a month. Not a lump or anything. Just looks as if skin is missing and it's just darker. It can be anything. I have Gingivitis. I doubt I have Oral Cancer but I did worry about it. If it isn't causing you major distress, don't fret.
  6. Hoping for the best.
  7. It isn't irrational to them.
  8. Thank you all so very much.
  9. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone else ever gets this? I have a bit of a sore throat coming on and a weird metallic taste that I've had over the past few days. I also sometimes get a weird smell that will come or go. Anyone else? Kept feeling a little lightheaded and ache in back of head when I was tired. And behind my right eye. I keep worrying it's Cancer. A brain tumour. I need some relief. Anyone?
  10. At least you now know what it is. Best wishes.
  11. You alright?
  12. It's no surprise that I have a Anxiety Disorder... I have been to a Psychiatrist at some point early last year. I was 'diagnosed' with Dysthymia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Chronic Anxiety e.t.c. But there's something missing, I know. The way I am and the way my mind works, please don't take it lightly because I have anxiety. I know some will think "It's your anxiety making you feel that way." But it isn't. Something isn't diagnosed and I know that myself. Maybe because I refused to think it and only believed I had Anxiety and Low Moods. But slowly gotten more active and worsened. I want to be happy/happier... And have been on Meds 3 months this month. But there's still something, it isn't my Anxiety or Dysthymia. I can't move on because there's something holding me down that I'm unaware of. Not unaware per-se because I'm aware there's something. Just not sure what. I'm not sure whether to mention it when I go to Counselling, when it's arranged. I'm in process of getting an appointment. I don't know what the point of this post is, I guess it's just getting it out and wondering whether that would be the best bet. To mention it there. I haven't mentioned it to previous counsellors. Thanks in advance. (Just realised this probably should've gone in 'undiagnosed or unsure' Forum. Sorry anyway.)
  13. I was wondering about it too last night. I hope all is well.