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    LMAO. So true!!!!!!

    Mine does it too and after I post I see all the mistakes, and all the missed words etc. Lol. I just figure y'all know what I was meaning to say😋😊
  3. Skin anxiety has flared thanks to Dr. Google!

    I agree, I didn't have health anxiety during my pregnancy but if I had ohh the googling I would have done lol. His biopsy is going to come back great!!! I'm so glad this is over for y'all. Hugs sweetie!!!!!
  4. No. Tylenol makes me knock out so I try not to take a lot of medicine. I'm like you I don't want to feel sleepy all day. I was trying to do meditation and working out and yes it absolutely helps but I have three kids and I can't always find the time.. when I can those days are good.
  5. HA is horrible. I'm going to my first therapist appt Thursday. I'm excited and scared but I can't get ahold of my anxiety. I was worried during my vacation too.. we will get through this. I'm so glad that your appt went good. Great great news
  6. Skin anxiety has flared thanks to Dr. Google!

    I was just about to message you and ask how the appt went yesterday. Ok that's it I'm grounding you from Google. Lol. Google is not good for us... I would think like this.... If the Dr was concerned she would have mentioned what you read on Google.. she didn't because it's not that bad and it's not going to be. Breath, celebrate that the worry you had for weeks is ok. I'm so glad it all turned out good.
  7. Cognitive issues

    Unfortunately the getting anxious is only making it worse :(. You got checked by a Dr. That's great news. So when you feel foggy.. just tell yourself it's ok.. and I've been checked out.
  8. I was on a small dose of anxiety meds just at night and when needed. My Dr. Described them like a big dose of benadryl. I read side effects and sure enough twitches was one.. but I was already twitching, hence why I needed the anxiety meds lol!!!!!! I only twitch now when I get super anxious or am anxious for long stretches of time and they only last for a day or two. The longest they lasted was 9weeks. Twitches are not fun.. even when they come back I get scared. Mine are definitely anxiety related. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find this forum. It is so nice to see I'm not the only twitcher out there, it's a lot more common than you think. I absolutely believe even in small doses twitches can be a side effect.
  9. Yes she was secretly and in non lawsuit way telling you, no cancer don't worry. I had a MRI a few yrs back. I started crying and asked the tech if it looked normal he said I can't tell you but pls don't say anything he then showed me my scan and said it's all clear.. they know what to look for too.. you should rest easy. Good. News !
  10. Thank you.. funny you mentioned your anxiety that could come with cbt approach. I was thinking the same when I first read about it. But we will see what it all intells I'm willing to try anything. I'll let you know what the therapist suggests I do. :). I'm glad you are getting help to that great. We will get through this. ♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. Worried about breast cancer

    I'm wondering if the pain is from focusing on the area. I notice I do this a lot I'm glad you got in for tomorrow.. that was fast and you can have some answers soon.
  12. Thank you!!! I was hoping we could go back.. the more I do I realize I've have always been very anxious even as a child.. it just changes from general anxiety to health.. I'm nervous but I'm excited to finally get some help.
  13. Lymphoma?!?! Swollen Lymph Node

    I had a cyst behind my ear too.. I left it alone and it went away after a few weeks. If your doctor looked at it you should not be concerned, feel relieved that he saw it. He would not say it's ok if he thought otherwise. They know what to look for. The more you mess with it the more sore it will be too. You're ok. Please trust your doctor
  14. Thank y'all so much. I'm looking forward to my appointment and taking the next step. This for. Has helped me so much but there are days I could posts a long list of worries but I don't. I think seeing someone face to face will help me too.
  15. Hi Bob, Thank you.. so what is the diff between cbt and mindfulness?? I can Google but Google isn't my friend these days lol.