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  1. Thank you for saying that!! I started thinking if maybe I had some twitches I just ignored before my.anxiety.
  2. I know it's hard but find comfort in the fact your doc is not concerned and neither was the ultrasound tech. I really believe if your doc was worried or thought somethingwas wrong he would tell you and run a lot of tests.
  3. When I first started getting migraines I didn't have the aura .. my headaches have gotten shorter and better too.. I used to have them for up to 4 hours and I would throw up.. they were horrible now they can last maybe two hours or 30min.. and I don't get sick with them.. I have no idea why it changed but I'm super glad.. I also don't get them as often.. maybe twice a yr. Where before it was once a month.
  4. Hi. I have auras with my migraines it starts with a rainbow like zig zag line in the corner of one of my eyes then it gets bigger and moves all the way across to the other eye it's so bizarre it almost feels like it blinds me but only for awhile once the aura is gone that's when the headache starts sometimes it can be a ten min headache sometimes it can be two hours.. I never know. I went to a Dr about it and the auto is classic migraine signs. They aren't fun but for me it's a warring to get my butt home and wait for the headache to start. You are fine.. migraines Don't always follow the same pattern Everytime so don't worry when they differ.
  5. Yesss!! I did the same thing, when I would raise my arms to wash my hair or blow dry my daughter's hair they would feel so tired and jello like. It scared me so bad. It took a good three weeks of working out and meditation to get back to normal.. a few set backs here and there but like philb said working out helps burn off the cortisol. I had twitches too and it got rid of them too!!
  6. Talking it out is great! It helps.. I do this all the time except I never can remember their names.. I'll say remember that guy on that movie.. then I can't remember the silly movie title so I go searching online and find it lol.
  7. Once I googled my fear I started having the other symptoms too.. googling is so so bad please don't do it. Back pain can many so so so many diff things. You could be sleeping wrong, pulled something etc.. your symptoms don't sound like stomach cancer. Our work mail man had stomach cancer and I'm that weird person that always also people what were your symptoms.. his was extreme bloating after eating even a small meal. I'm only telling you this because I think you are just fine... Sometimes asking people instead if Google symptoms we can relax a bit.
  8. I'm going to go ahead and tell you happy birthday! It is a day to celebrate you! And that's a lot of pressure to have an awesome day then you don't.. sorry. Yes anxiety can catch us on days we think we have it under control. I had a major relpase today. I feel like I'm a game piece that got put back to the starting line when I was so close to the end. I came here, got some great advice and I'm getting through once again, and you will too!!! Feel very reassured you got your irrational fear squashed. That's how I think of mine.. I tear it down like it tried to tear me down.
  9. I was looking for the right word earlier .. the way I felt was like jello.. my arms, my legs and even my core felt like jello and i felt completely exhausted.. I'm glad you are working out!!! Those worried thoughts creep back in and your hormones and adrenaline are still high so you will feel floppy/jello like until your mind is calm. That's so hard but you will get there.
  10. ALS it's not about feeling it's about failing.. yes anxiety can make you feel very floppy.. sometimes I'd think no way can I walk upstairs but I'd can just fine. Keep working out to get all of that extra adrenaline out of your body and you will feel better soon.
  11. Lol!!! That's funny! I was working at a bank as a teller years ago and we were short handed and swamped. I was counting five dollar bills and the phone was ringing off the hook so.i grab it and say 5 .. 10... 15.. 20 LOL then I just hung up. Sometimes my mind can only handle one thing at a time. !! 😊
  12. The more you worry about a certain fear.. (dementia) the more you are going to scrutinize your every action and at some point you will fumble.. but it's normal. It's kind of like some of us who test our self's over and over eventually we will trip, fall or feel a little weak.
  13. When I'm overly worried I will have loose stools for days at a time.. with nausea and will not want to eat. Then that makes me even more worried.. then after a week of lose stools I will get a little constipated.. then I worry then I get lose stools.. silly poop cycle. But when I'm calm so are my bowels. Being anxious can mess with so much.
  14. Glad you found the forum. This place will really help you and you will see that you are not alone. Sorry that you are going through this. First, migraines are no fun and can be scary. I have about two a yr and I dread it. No medicines seem to help mine I just go in a quiet very very dark and freezing cold room and wait it out. Panic attacks are scary when you don't realize what is happening.. once you have one, the next time you know a little better what helps to calm yourself. The side effects of the panic attacks are long and some can be strange.. you listed a few.. fatigue, cold sweats, dizziness, jaw pressure, tremors, heart palps. I kept getting the advice to go for a walk and meditate but when I was in the thick of it that was the absolute last thing I wanted to do to but months later when I was at my wits end I got up and went for a two Mike walk then came back and did some deep breathing.. I felt better than I had in months!!!!!! I had to force myself to do it daily.. then I started riding my bike. It all helps burn all the adrenaline anxiety attacks trigger. Take it one day at a time.
  15. Don't let your mind trick you.. instead of worrying, go for a walk with your baby. That's what I did(I have a four yr old) .. I didn't ever want to show my kids I was worried and the work outs helped me clear my head too.