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  1. Another Ladies only question

    Your Dr? Your gyno? If they said that...what did they want you to do to change it.. like birth control? I'm 37. My periods went from four days to seven and got super crazy heavy.. my Dr said it's normal for your cycle to change with age . I got on birth control. And haven't had a period in over a year.. I'm getting off tonight lol and I'm super scared to see what is about to happen !!!
  2. Breast pain...for the ladies

    Yep I get this a lot. Sometimes it's pretty sharp pains in diff areas of my breast.
  3. Night sweats

    Yes I've woken up wet from sweat. It was at the hight of my anxiety... My Dr thinks I was having panic attacks in my sleep. When I get super anxious I will do it .
  4. tongue quiver

    Yes it's normal. I have done this many times. Part of the never ending ALS testing I went to a neuro and he had me stick out my tongue for a long long time while he observed it. On the ALS forum in the stickies they tell you not to try and test this Bec when you stick out your tongue it absolutely will quiver/twitch.. I made my husband and mom show me theirs and it did it too. Liv I think you are healthy and fine. I think that if you went to a PCP your fears would be over. They have the qualifications to do a neuro exam on you. You don't need one but your mind needs it to out this fear to bed. Three months is a long time to worry. Pls don't be like me and worry for seven months. Peace of mind is everything!!!!!!
  5. I had calf twitches and buzzing in my thigh. Even when my twitches went away I still was fearful. Yes I've never experienced anything like that before. I'm better but I still get triggered by ALS posts on here. I have to be very careful. Yes yes it is a rare disease but when I googled, it told me ALS so I saw that and didn't look back damn Google.
  6. Myers Briggs Personality Type and HA

    I'm a fellow Texan !!! I live about an hour south of Houston. We were ok but all the surrounding towns flooded. My kids were out for two weeks as well. It's nice to be back in our normal routine. 🇨🇱
  7. Leukemia fears

    I also woke up sweating when I was anxious. My Dr said she thinks I was having panic attacks in my sleep
  8. Getting infections all the time

    I hope you are feeling better. I used to own a home daycare and was sick constantly!!!!!! I started washing my hands every hour on the hour and using Lysol spray on door knobs etc.. some people are just more prone to catching things. Take care of yourself, and don't feel bad that you have to take off work. Just used that time to baby yourself! You deserve it.
  9. Cancer fear

    Wow Bailey. You sounded just like me this time a year ago. I was having pain under my ribs. It hurt really bad especially after I ate. It was also bad when I drove for long distances. I googled and cancer came up.. of course!!! I worked myself up into a panic. I went to the emergency room. They did blood work and a CT scan. They didn't want to but I insisted. Everything was normal.. what was weird was I had that symptom for months but a few weeks after I accepted the clear results the pain went away. It's been a yr and I Haven't felt it again. The mind is a powerful beast!!!!!! Google feeds the beast so don't Google. I started therapy a few months ago and it's helping a lot!!! Trust the e r dr. He didn't touch you Bec he knows you are ok and that there is nothing wrong.. and also I want to add. Don't second guess an x-ray. My friend had one and it diagnosed her liver cancer. So find relief in your x-ray. Hugs. Im sorry you are going through this but you aren't alone.
  10. What is going on?!?

    I'm glad you have a Dr appt. You will definitely get a lot of relief tomorrow. They might want to run some blood work to check your electrolytes. Mine were fine but yes I had twitches and jerks.. the jerks were strong I could see my limb move hard. I would jerk so hard it would wake me up. It's horrible. Like I said they go away until I get anxious then they come back. Don't worry about your appt. Be proud of yourself for going! You will get some answers tomorrow. My dad also has these jerks when he falls asleep.
  11. Leukemia fears

    My boss at our sister co. Had leukemia. She thought she had the flu. She also would fall asleep at her desk. She was so exhausted she could hardly function. Her blood work showed it. Your blood work should be back very soon and you will feel very relieved!!!
  12. Overcoming ALS fear - twitches

    I love you Jae. But you are scaring her.. please stop. This is not helping at all!!!!
  13. Overcoming ALS fear - twitches

    It is an awful disease.. and for some of us trying to get over this fear.. unnecessary posts should be avoided. Yes we are aware how ugly this disease is but again.. when the fear is consuming your life and you have anxiety over it no need to go in horrific detail that can send people into a tail spin :(. I'm better, but even posts like this can trigger me. Liv, I hope I helped you a little.. it's def time for me to take a break on this forum. If I surround myself with my fear it can creep back in. I really think if you stop researching it and stop talking about ALS I'm things will improve for you. Loves and hugs!!
  14. Wow really??? I have done that my whole life and my therapist diagnosed. Me as ocd. I will hold my breath between stop lights or only put one sweet n low in my drink when I really want two Bec If I do two it will cause this or that!!! I never told anyone the extent of this.. it's not all the time but when I'm dealing with something it can be. Glad to not be alone there..and I've also done the mail thing lol
  15. Anxiety about medicine!!

    I agree. When I was in the darkest of my anxiety I didn't get out... I felt like I couldn't. My husband kept telling me I would feel better if I put on my ear phones and go for a walk.. I couldn't.. I didn't see how that would make me feel better.. but then one day I felt like I had nothing to lose but try and it helped a lot!!!! I even laid on the side walk in the sun listening to music and it took me away.. then I started reading.. and escaping that way then meditating.. it all helped. Even though I felt safe at home..it wasn't good for me. I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I tried medicine but only stayed on it for four days.. working out helped keep my head clear. What works for one might not work for another.. it's just trail and error. Hugs. You will find what is best for you.