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  1. laryngeal paralysis is what our vet thought my black lab had. He coughed and eventually would choke on dry food. We built a 3 step feeder so he was eating at a 45° angle. He seemed better for a while and then the coughing at night began. It was congestive heart failure. Within 3 days I had to put him down. I taped 3 episodes so I would never question my choice. It was the most horrible thing I've ever had to do. This is found in tiny dogs when their larynx collapses. One cause is thought to be certain type leashes, jerking on a leash, dogs tied out and jerking on their collar/ leash. You can look at videos of LP on Youtube and quickly rule out LP. The 'cough' is VERY distinct. It's also treatable tho doesn't always work. Dog's can live many years with LP as long as you're careful with feedings, etc. Please check it out. I'd never heard of it. I mourn my lab every day. His picture is on my computer. His ashes on on display in my living room in a cherry box. A memory book of photos and a lock of his hair is next to that. I still have my little Emmie Jo and Daisy Mae, but they're 1 1/2 and 3. Scooter was turning 13 and with me through cancer (twice) and the most wonderful dog in the world. He adored me and I adore him still. Praying your fur buddies are not ill, but maybe allergies, and that you have them for MANY more happy, healthy years! Diane
  2. I think a lot of it has to do with size of breast, dense or not, old or young, etc. There's a new modality used where the woman hangs her breast through some slots on an MRI machine while lying on her tummy and the MRI checks for lumps, etc.
  3. FIRST........... for breast cancer to have already spread to your bones, you'd be SO advanced you'd probably already have had it in your liver, lungs, brain. Cancer that has spread to the bone is VERY PAINFUL at all times, not back aches, etc. I have lost many friends to cancer in the 8 years and 4 months since I was diagnosed with colon cancer. (CURED STAGE IV) The ultrasound is good for looking at things especially under the nipple and is usually done after something is seen on a mammogram or the patient is complaining of pain or something the mammogram didn't see. I'm older and have some tiny calcifications. About 12 or so years ago, I saw a breast surgeon for a mammogram and ultrasound after a local group saw them. The calcifications have never changed but every year I still have both tests. The younger doctor in the office said women who've breast fed have enlarged ducts under their nipples for the rest of their lives and the other doctor always follows those even tho they have NEVER in anyone turned cancerous. I'm blessed because I go to this surgeon in Atlanta who has four radiologists in her office and before I am taken into the room to be seen by her or the NP, I am handed my 'Happy' letter. We're happy to inform you that your breast have not..........
  4. How old and what breed? There is a condition found in old dogs and a similar cough type condition found in small dogs. It's a problem with the larynx but two different concerns. Our vet thought my old dog had it but he had congestive heart failure. I get very upset over my dogs. Yesterday my Border Collie was shaking her ears and I keep their ears clean because the mixed breed was getting ear infections. I checked and checked and never found any cause. I searched for ticks, debris, bug bites........ and all of a sudden she stopped. The pollen is very bad here and my throat is sore. Maybe her ear was itching from that but we spend a lot of time at Banfield because I worry so much about them.
  5. The black stuff could have been a bit of decay under the old filling. Do you know how many children have silver crowns? I teach Sunday School and many of my kids have every molar covered due to decay of baby teeth. I still have a number of silver fillings I got when I was a teen and I'm 66. I only have had them replaced if they developed a decay. You can STILL get silver fillings so the govt. isn't concerned about them causing health concerns.
  6. Those little things under your tongue sort of attach to the bottom of you mouth and your tongue? Those are little 'ducts' that go to some salivary glands and can clog with white stuff that turns stone like. You usually work them out with spit but a great way to hurry up the process is to suck on a lemon or sour lemon candy. They're SUPPOSED to be there.
  7. But he can't do that at work. Do you dislike your job or feel uncomfortable with your boss? Is it a high pressure job? It probably doesn't help that you have to use a public type restroom. I'd take a look at your job situation and evaluate what might be causing that sensation. Do you also have these worries if you're at a friend's house or elsewhere?
  8. It might just be an infected gland (sweat or hair type gland). Good to go be checked tho, and don't poke at it so it doesn't look worse than it is.
  9. How old are they and what breed? There are several things it could be. The vet assumed my old guy had a condition that affects old dogs but it was CHF. I'd really like to know more because of what I've learned (the bad way).
  10. Is it hot to the touch? Can you take an ink pen and put tiny dots around it and if it gets larger, then go to be seen.
  11. I've been taking it for 5 years. I take .5 mg 3 x's daily and have never needed to raise the dosage but if I forget it, I wake up very anxious.
  12. Here's a new song that he made into an MP3 so maybe you can hear this one. Sometimes it Takes a Mountain https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-TQmRC3GeQHbnRBcTdNRlluLU0/view
  13. I posted on FB yesterday about a dream I had where my husband had been in an accident. It included people we hadn't seen in years, accidents in storms, etc. After I analyzed it, I remembered our local PD had posted those fake wreck photos because the prom was last night. The person we'd not seen in years had called my husband this week to chat. A big storm was supposed to move in while hubby was coming home from a track meet with his team, etc........... All rolled into one and let loose while I slept.
  14. I don't have IBS but any little thing can tear up my stomach. I can be going in for my yearly fingerstick for my insurance company and will have diarrhea numerous times before I go. Any excitement can cause my tummy to act funny but the minute I'm 'there' or 'it's over', my tummy is fine again. I can even have it if it's something I'm excited to do, or really going to enjoy like a Christmas party with a bunch of friends. I'm weird! I know! LOL
  15. Sumotherguy, about 1 1/2 years ago I noticed a strange star shaped white looking spot right on the inside lip line of my bottom lip. I showed my dentist who said to go see an oral surgeon. He couldn't see me for a few weeks so I showed my dermatologist who biopsied it, sure it was maybe from injury or irritation. Oh My Gosh! It took almost a full year for the biopsy to fully heal. I had a lump, white spot, pain for a whole year just to find out........ the ingredient in many toothpaste brands is known to cause mouth discomfort and / or sores! Actually, Crest wrote me to answer my question and said to not use their whiteners or any paste with SLS. If you check, this is used in detergents for clothes, cars, dishes, etc. and is supposed to be washed off the skin if exposed.... and yet it's in almost every toothpaste. So, I asked on a FREE dental forum and a dentist said to make sure I rinse my mouth after brushing. Expect the spot in your mouth to be sore for a while AND scar tissue to form under the cut. Expect it to take a while for that 'lumpy area' to go down. It's just normal healing. My biopsy lump took a full year and if I forget to rinse well, my lip still will sting in that area!