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  1. Hi Angks! Welcome to our wonderful community! You will find a lot of help here and people who are in the same boat! Take it one day at a time. All will be good:)
  2. Lucid-u killed it. This made me laugh so hard! Disclaimer: Not meant to offend anyone, just liked his response. I've used essential oils in the past
  3. Hi Marc! I had my second one and forgot to think about you but anyway: Everything was fine. You can do it too on June 30th:)
  4. Oh, and I'm glad you love your gyno. I'm sure you guys can find the best solution for you together! Good Luck!
  5. Hi Holls, I'm sending you a link for a web site with information on the pill, nutrition, supplements and so forth. The lady is actually a Psychiatrist and there is some info on how long it takes and what else one can use. I think it leaves your system fairly quickly. And as a disclaimer: I'm not against Oral Contraceptives at all. When I was on them I had the clearest skin I ever had. Just that one brand that reduced my libido showed me they do have a powerful effect (on some of us).
  6. Dear Holls! First off I'm sorry you are having a hard time! Good news: We are all here for you About the birth-control: Yes, I agree with Missy. Hormones can for sure increase anxiety When I was on birth control I never had anxiety but one time I tried a new bcp and my libido was completely gone.....Nothing there! And that was not like me at all! Fortunately my OB/GYN took my concern seriously, and put me on another one and guess what? Everything went back to normal very quickly. When I didn't know 2 years ago I had anxiety I researched a lot about hormones....I mean a lot. I've talked to so many doctors and everything. In my case my hormones were fine and it was anxiety but I've learned so much! Please don't ever let anyone tell you it's all in your head! Only YOU know how you feel and you are sensing your anxiety is increased since taking the new bcp. The other factors as in nutrition and all that can contribute but to me it seems hormones are a big player in our well-being. ( I really enjoyed Lucid's post about the Depo...scared to go to bed at night.... and once that girl found something she tolerated much better everything was fine! I would consult the gyno again and if no results came out of the conversation I would go see someone else! Best Wishes!
  7. I'm happy you are feeling better! And you will get the food issue taken care off!
  8. Yes, I've had that many times! Matter of fact I had it two days ago driving in my car, looking in the sun for too long. I had to remind myself it's totally fine and it will go away, which it did. It's nothing serious, just unsettling. Best Wishes.
  9. See! I knew you would like it! Because I know you are a people person and enjoy doing stuff outside the house. Good for you! We can all learn from you Bterflymom!
  10. You can do it! I have my second one coming up pretty soon too. Will be thinking about you in the chair.
  11. How did the volunteering go? Please let us know
  12. Yes, you are. I know you are! And you are doing great! And for all the other times we are all here for one another.
  13. Hi Matt001! Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your encouraging story! I'm tempted to go buy nasal spray right now
  14. Hi Angrry! That's wonderful news: YOU WILL recover! I'm happy he told you not to worry! I know it's hard but think about if he would have said: Yes, Mr. soundsoso, this is something you will recover from but you need to worry! Yes, take it one day at the time, that's all we can do!
  15. Hi Anxious! I'm glad so many things have improved for you! That's wonderful! Do you mind sharing what meds you taking? You can send me a PM if you want to. A friend of mine who has gained weight had great success with an app called Myfitnesspal. It tracks your eating (calories) and work outs. He is not on medication, he just gained weight getting older and not eating right. He lost a lot of weight. I'm happy your BMI is still in a good range and you want to take charge of things. Best Wishes!