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  1. Hi Diane, I cannot listen to this it says file is too long to download but my PC has been acting up
  2. I think what it comes down to is to have trust, in yourself, your surgeon and your medical team. Maybe you can address all your concerns and worries in your pre-consultation with your surgeon? I certainly would recommend that! I trusted my surgeon 100 %, although in my case other, local doctors tried to make feel insecure about him (they didn't know him!) about his age and expertise. And I had to wait for him for many months to perform surgery on me because he was booked solid. I don't have HA but leading up to the surgery and all the hoopla I went through, I started my journey of GAD. I told my surgeon, look I'm nervous Nelly here...please bare with me and he did. So hopefully you can address all your questions with your medical team, that is so important. I walked in there with a 3 page list and I took a person of trust with me in case I forgot any of his answers. My pre-surgery consult took at least an hour of just talking and him reassuring me, that he didn't think I suffered from what the other doctor's told me. Any questions you might have, I'll be happy to answer! But I realize it's an individual experience for all of us.
  3. Hi Molly, I had this type of surgery done not that long ago. At my hospital (US Hospital) they didn't give me any kind of laxatives or anything among those lines. I was just instructed not to eat after 10 pm the night prior. Mine was not done as an outpatient surgery and the more invasive type of cut by my choice, long story but got a wrong diagnosis along the way. My surgeons and medical staff were wonderful and very caring. There was not a lot of pain afterwards, I was uncomfortable for a minute when they took the catheter out and when they changed the dressing. And the first time walking (very shortly after the procedure) was a little painful. Everything went fine and I was so glad I had it done but I understand it's a personal choice. Best Wishes!
  4. 'Not raising false hopes, but helping the sufferer to see that all is not lost. It never is. Even on the darkest days there is still hope; a glimmer of light in the darkness.' Yes, this!!!!!! Exactly right, Jonathan! There is always hope!
  5. Hi Sutcliff, this sounds intriguing, I've never heard of this before! Can you elaborate on this? Is this a standard test in the US? Since so little is still known on how i.e. SSRI's work on people. I find it interesting that there is a test now to detect what would work for people or not work. I have a friend who has been battling clinical depression for a long time, she has tried everything under the sun, or so it seems and I'm sure she would like to get this test done.
  6. I think it's an excellent sign that your blood panel came back normal and your doctor doesn't seem concerned! Do you trust your doctor or is it someone who doesn't know you very well? I think it's up to you, whatever could give you peace of mind in the case of the second opinion. I'm not too familiar with HA, just what I've learned her on AC. But what I understand is, that sometimes it takes a while to get ease of mind, and other times once the original worry is put to rest a new one jumps up. I think that is the horrible part of this condition, it makes us not trust our own judgement and whispers in our ear that every doctor got to be wrong. And yes, there are doctors who overlook things or misdiagnose sometimes. I think Utrocket put it in a good way, you think about what makes you itch. To me that means it's not caused by a physical disease but rather by your thoughts. And that's so much better than having a terrible, physical disease that you have little control over. Very best wishes, and I wish I could help you a little better.
  7. I've googled it and it said, yes it can. If it makes you feel better there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion. It's hard to calm ourselves when we are not certain whether something comes from anxiety or a physical condition. I'm not a doctor but I really don't think you have cancer. Let us know how you feeling
  8. Hmmm...this sentence: I will go days feeling fine and then all of a sudden I will remember my itch and before you know it im scratching away! If several doctors told you it's all fine and you still have a hard time believing it, it's probably because you are in an anxious state. I'm happy all your tests came back normal. Maybe now you can work on your anxiety? Do you have someone to talk to you? A counselor/a shrink? I'm sorry you are scared and I hope you get relief soon. For the itchy skin sensation, you can maybe try Epsom Salt baths and afterwards a rich body lotion.
  9. Hello Diane! I'm sorry to read this and hear how worried you are (we all would be!) ----until you hopefully find out it's all something but a very minor something! It sounds great how you manage with your anxiety medication--- You know what you need in times of worry and fear, and hopefully you can set a time to take one pill later to get a better night's sleep! I will say a prayer for you as soon as I sign off. Best Wishes!
  10. Hello Spider-Ham! I don't have personal experience with IBS but I know other members do, and they will probably jump in here and help you out. I do have experience with feeling dizzy and light headed. In my case it was caused by anxiety but I didn't realize it back then. My heart would race and my pulse and blood pressure would spike up. Night sweats were a big thing for me too. All my issues were anxiety related, it was very hard to believe how many symptoms one can experience! It was a relief when I found out what actually caused all this, I would have never thought anxiety could cause all these physical things It's good you went to your doctor and discussed your concerns. It's hard to believe the doctor when we have so many physical symptoms. I know that first hand. On this site you will find a list with a 100 Symptoms of Anxiety, maybe you can search for it, it's a helpful read. Your post is not too long, I'm glad you got it off your chest! Nice to have you on here!
  11. Last fall pretty much everyone around me had a cold or the flu. Now a cold is a pretty uncomfortable state to be in but nothing serious for a healthy person. I've avoided to catch the bug for a while and now it had finally caught up with me. When I was in the middle of my anxiety I was so afraid to catch that bug. My rational mind told me it's nothing to fear but my PA's in the past had left me feeling that if I would catch a cold, I'd be doomed. I was sure I would suffocate and my throat would tighten up for good. When I was in my panic state, I had a hard time catching my breath, swallowing, eating, the whole nine yards. So surely a cold would mean I would have those symptoms 24/7 and I would wither away... Well, I'm glad to report I went through my first cold since having GAD and I'm still here. The weird feeling in my throat is back for the first time in a while but that's from anxiety.
  12. Hi Sutcliff! Good to hear from you again! Jonathan summed it up pretty nicely, there is not much to add. You are not crazy, certainly not. And I'm sorry your ex boss was such a .....starts with a capital B...... I don't get people like that at all. That gotta be a miserable life, to over power others and 'thrive' on negativity and control. The work it would take! Day in and day out! Can't help but to feel bad for your ex-boss, she is the truly miserable one-not you! You got this! You got a good head on your shoulders and you will be fine long term! I had a boss like that once. Everyone at my job was scared of her, including our higher bosses. She was really pretty and had charm, that was only used to get what she wanted. I was pretty much the only one who wasn't afraid of her. She considered me her friend. I knew things about her that happened to her that no one else knew, therefore I understood a little better why she was the way she was but I never, for one second approved of it. I got a text a couple of days ago from a former co-worker, they still hate each other at that job, and he was saying how he can't stand her and her power game. That is a toxic work environment. And it's better not to be part of it. I always felt bad for my co-workers who, for whatever reasons, decided to stay there. I like your blue eyes analogy
  13. I'm sorry I don't, aside from knowing it's a strong pain reliever and has addictive qualities. Maybe you can keep up the ice water since that helps a little?