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  1. Quitting any meds cold turkey can be dangerous. But the other options like yoga, exercise, walking, diet........ they work! They help a lot. I used to roll my eyes at the exercise but its' actually helpful. You don't have to go join a gym and do 2 hrs a day to just be more active. Sunlight and moving around a little more can take a lot of pressure off of the mind
  2. Have you seen a counselor or therapist? That's where the real relief is!
  3. I haven't had a drink in about 12 yrs.
  4. And here is a great and rambling thread which you may or may not want to read but the videos inside it are amazingly helpful.
  5. I have several videos you can watch that may help. I'm also going to be in the chat room for most of the day I hope. After you've seen that guy above, you can try this one.
  6. Trust me when I say I am not without anxiety. But you and I both have it right? And you have added symptoms from medications that I do not have. SO it's just a preference. I also feel like ' how can i fight it if i cannot feel it' if I numb down the symptoms with meds, how is that any different than the years I spent drinking it away?
  7. I have noticed that a lot of people who try meds end up with unwanted side effects like you are describing. All I can say to that is that myself and a few others on here have not taken meds and seem to manage as well as or better than some who do. That's a decision for you and your doctor. Yes, it gets better. No , it's not forever.
  8. Have you read this post? I recommend it to every one who has symptoms that scare them. Once you see how ' common and normal' they are, you won't be as afraid.
  9. HI You're not going crazy. You're going to be ok. What you are describing is very , very common among anxious people. We have all been through it to one extent or another. Vibrating inside........check. Skin crawling...........check.
  10. I am still doing my stuff. I just haven't posted in a bit. Had a little real life drama to contend with. But Gilly and I started something on youtube two days ago. The Bikini Body Mommy work out. It's ROUGH! It's difficult and my legs are crying all the time now and I've only done it twice!
  11. It's an issue with anxiety. I feel like I need to blurt out 8000 words at once so it's easy to get a few tripped up on others. The more we are consciously aware of it, the more intense it becomes. I think it's from feeling the tension of just talking to other people on some days. You are fine!!
  12. Hey Abe, Many years ago I was bit by something in my yard. I live in rural Texas and did not see the offender. It was a sharp bite and I thought it may have even been a tiny baby snake. The next morning I had a big red circle around the whole area, maybe 3 inches in diameter and it was hard and hot to the touch so I went to the doctor. He said there are ' 100's of stinging bugs' in Texas and they are not life threatening or even dangerous really just annoying and it would go away on its own. It did a day or two later and nothing ever came of it. I currently have about 8 bites on my legs, chiggers maybe or really angry fleas ? Who knows but I remember the good doctor's words. That looks to me like a harmless bug bite and if you scratch it , your own hands will be causing more irritation so leave it alone and don't look at it and it will go away. You'll be fine, friend!
  13. Hey Raiders, I can 100% relate. First off, get to a Dr about that post nasal drip so you can get it cleared up. You may have an allergy to something in your house that keeps it continuously runny. I had a bad car panic attack myself and it did a lot of damage to my peace of mind. Do not stop driving. Go to the end of your block and turn around if that's all you can do, then down the street and over the next street and repeat it every day until it's not scary. Every few weeks you can go just a block or a mile farther. I am sure your anxiety is telling you things like' yes you 'll never drive again. you can't. its' too much drama'. But those are LIES that fear is feeding us. You can do it. You know the old saying if you get bucked off a horse , get right back on? That's because if you wait the fear of getting bucked off again will grow and grow and eventually you will think I better not ever get on that horse. But if you climb right back in the saddle as soon as it happens you're already beating down the fear.
  14. Maybe there is something there , like a repressed memory ? Or maybe you witnessed something abusive and didnt' realize how badly it impacted you. You may want to get a book on dreams and what they mean. I believe sex in dreams doesn't always necessarily mean actual sex. It's good there are some men you feel safe around. Maybe when you notice yourself uncomfortable around certain men, try to analyze what it is about them that makes you feel that way. Maybe they have some similarities that remind you of someone from your past.