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  1. Maybe there is something there , like a repressed memory ? Or maybe you witnessed something abusive and didnt' realize how badly it impacted you. You may want to get a book on dreams and what they mean. I believe sex in dreams doesn't always necessarily mean actual sex. It's good there are some men you feel safe around. Maybe when you notice yourself uncomfortable around certain men, try to analyze what it is about them that makes you feel that way. Maybe they have some similarities that remind you of someone from your past.
  2. It may not necessarily be sexual abuse. Maybe when you were young, you had family members or friends had family members you were exposed to who were harsh or scary in some other way and you just got to thinking subconsciously that 'men were trouble'. Do you have a brother or cousin or any male that you do know and feel safe around?
  3. I wonder why therapy makes it worse. Maybe just from talking about it and rehashing it? I'm no professional and I've only had limited therapy. So when I say this I'm not suggesting it is TRUE, just speculating. I think there comes a time in therapy and life when rehashing the past is no longer necessary. You're not unaware or having repressed memories. You know exactly what happened to get to the anxious place you are today. So at some point, rather than digging in the past, it may be more helpful to find out how to live in the present. For some folks they are not really sure how they ended up nervous and in that case, looking into all the events of childhood is helpful. If the therapist you saw made things worse, try again with another therapist. There is no reason for you have to suffer like this. Not all therapists are the same. I saw one many years ago who I just felt very awkward and belittled by and so I only went a few times. There is no way to get healing when you dont' feel comfortable with a person.
  4. My BP was a little high last time I went to the dr. I've never had BP issues so A ) it worried me and B) I assumed it was ' not true' as in due to anxiety and nothing else. So once I was finished and all was well, I asked the Dr to take mine again and sure enough , it was normal then Lone Sailor shared an amazing video awhile back and this guy's breathing techniques have helped me have one of the most peaceful stretches I have had in a long while. Taking ' deep breaths' can actually lead us the wrong way if we are taking deep breaths through our mouth. I think of him and do his method any time I am out and about and get to feeling dicey. I've been to dentist for an extensive procedure and the eye dr and the chiro in the last two weeks. Nothing happened ! I made it just fine.
  5. Way to go. I know what you mean about stressing over stuff. Be proud of yourself for going and getting it done and now you know the truth!
  6. I don't have HA. I mean once in awhile I'll get anxious over something here or there but as a rule I do not. I think anyone with anxiety can want to put off things. It's new , it's awkward and a lot of unknowns. I put off going to the eye doctor for a long time and finally went last week. It sucked but I'm so glad I got it done. Just imagine the relief of ' after' when it's all done
  7. I have a little extra concern over my pets' health than my own. I am at the vet pretty regularly. I had about a 6k bill last year. That's pretty normal for me as we do a lot of testing, unnecessarily , if I think something could be wrong. It's good that you worry but no need to get worked up without the results.
  8. Anxiety , IBS and constipation are like partners. It's totally ok that you saw some mucus. Your stomach is a wreck from the stress of anxiety. Don't worry yourself. It's not abnormal and doesn't mean anything. When you blow your nose and there is snot ( mucus ) do you worry? It's the same thing just at a different part of the body. It's ok.
  9. Being sick is the worst. When we are compromised with a virus , it can seem a lot harder to stay calm. I think that's because the brain is really busy keeping the immune system going so the body can heal. You 'll be better soon. Just remember when you are literally sick it is not time to take mental inventory about how you're doing because you can work yourself up quick that way. Think about all that anxious business when the body is better.
  10. Lone Sailor posted this a few weeks ago and it is AMAZING AS AMAZING CAN BE! I encourage you to watch it and practice what he says as many times as you can between now and the day you get promoted.
  11. There are not enough reassurances on earth to convince you you are fine. Doctors, tests, google will not give you the relief you need. You need to talk to someone about the ' fear' and not the ' body'. The armpit is not where the problem lies. This is a thinking/ emotional/ fear problem. I encourage you to find a therapist to talk to and get to the root of the fear once and for all.
  12. Your brain is remembering that bad panic attack way back then. When you think of another ceremony your first thought is ' oh no' and that sets the whole thing in motion. Is there any way to not give a speech for the ceremony? There is a med called ' beta blockers'. It's for this very thing, public speaking. It keeps the heart from rushing when you have an adrenaline surge. I also feel edgy in the chair at salon or getting a massage. I'm trying to force myself to go get a pedicure soon because I used to love them. Taking ephedra does that to me. I have not been able to take cold medicines in years because of the ingredients. Your fear is from remembering that fear long ago.
  13. ''Does anybody out there have recurring symptoms ? Do you have periods where you feel normal for several weeks or months but the slightest adversity or stress will bring about the symptoms again? Its kind of like if the horse gets out of the barn once its a lot easier for the symptoms to occur. ''' Yes, absolutely. Our ' default settings' are switched to ' anxious' so when anything unpleasant comes about that is where we automatically revert to. If you look under the Generalized Anxiety or GAD forum on this site you will see a thread called 100 symptoms of anxiety. All of the symptoms you explained are on there. They come and go depending on our mindset . The higher we get ratcheted up over anxiety, the more pronounced and severe the symptoms are. The calmer we are, as you well know, they can essentially go away.
  14. Sounds like anxiety has given your body tension. I'd recommend ice packs on the sore spots and if that doesn't relieve it, it's time for a massage from a licensed massage therapist. I get them a few times a year and there is nothing I love more. The body absorbs the tension that our minds are full of all day so it's very common to get a stiff neck or back.
  15. You've had them checked and that is ' reassurance'. I hope you're not googling yourself into bigger fears.