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  1. I think talking to your doctor sounds best too and I'm sure there is something safe to take....LOL at "Geriatric Pregnancy" as I had my first at 39 and second at 41!
  2. I do have only one on my hands so far but I'm sure there will be more to come...what kind of lightening cream do you use? and does it work? Thanks!
  3. Missy -- I seem to be getting new freckles/spots all the time and think maybe it's the summertime sun. I think as long as we are getting our skins checks on time -- we have to trust the dermatologist to find anything abnormal -- that's what I'm trying to think anyway! I also see more age spots -- and have this yucky one on my hand (the first one there) and I'm going to ask him to remove it at my next appointment. Sucks getting older -- I will be 50 next fall!
  4. Great news!
  5. My youngest son - who is 7 -- a few years ago had a few glands in his neck that seemed larger than the others -- I had him checked out too by his Pediatrician and all was fine and I think the doctor double checked everything by running a blood test...however during that period I know I was super worried and anxious and I try my best not to let my boys see me anxious but I'm sure they do but I try to reiterate to them that when they feel sick or something seems off -- best thing we can do is to get it checked out by the doctor right away which they have no problem doing and actually like going to the doctor (I know they are learning that from me). These days -- both boys are playing baseball (travel ball in the summer) and have numerous bruises/scrapes on them which I tend to get anxious over especially the bruises.
  6. I agree with Kitty86 -- my anxiety is always worse in the morning and the best thing to do is anything that will keep your mind off of it -- walking or exercising is great! Or sometimes I just start doing stuff that needs to be done around the house -- dishes, laundry, etc.. -- not the most fun but something to keep your mind off the anxiety.
  7. I have heard of "dry drowning" and pay attention to the signs as well since I have two younger kids and we have a swimming pool at our house. Throwing up is one of the symptoms but since some of the kids in the class were also sick -- I am betting it is a stomach virus.
  8. I too have skin fears and just had a basal cell removed from my back -- very small spot but nevertheless when they are removing they take a big chunk of skin off to make sure they get it all and it is all 100% gone....definitely too many days in my youth and grew up in Florida near the beach and too many sunburns I'm sure put me at risk. Since in my 40s (will be 50 next year) very careful, with sunscreen and skin protective clothing. Thanks for the posts regarding the vitamins that may help and will add them to the already large number of vitamins I take daily....
  9. I feel your worry NervUs -- I just recently had a basal cell surgically removed off my back. I am super worried since that but try not to look at the spots/bumps or anything -- as I'm trying to trust the dermatologist as I believe he really looks when he does the skin check - he takes his time and has a big bright light. I will go back for a check in September as we are moving to twice a year now. In the meantime, I am being super careful with sunscreen and skin protective clothing, hats etc.. to try and minimize any further sun damage.
  10. My husband is also the exact same...I wish I could react that way!
  11. Love the pic!
  12. For me, the HA has been focused on these areas, I'll be 50 later this year: Ovarian C (had numerous sonograms to rule this out) Lymphoma -- (suffer with seasonal allergies and get post nasal drip a lot which causes my throat to be sore at times which freaks me out as my glands feel sore at times too) Leukemia (as I bruise very easy); all blood tests have always been normal. and the only real thing that I've had lately -- which I wasn't even worried about was Basal Cell skin cancer which I did have and had successfully removed.
  13. I feel that way a lot -but have to remember that most of the things we think we have never are a reality! I always feel so great after my fear has been relieved by test results coming back good, talking to the doctor, etc... but then usually something else occurs (a new symptom) and I start feeling anxious again. What helps me is talking it out or writing it out -- this forum is great! Also, keeping busy with my kids and exercise has been key for me...the healthier I feel and more energy I have the better I feel.
  14. Good to hear Missy! I always feel relieved and at my best when I talk with the doctor and get all my questions and worries answered.
  15. I have the exact same symptoms and believe it is allergies with post nasal drip. I use a nasal spray (Claritin Nasal Spray) and that seems to help with the symptoms and post nasal drip.