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  1. Thanks utrocket - it's about 2 inches long on the inside a little lower down near my wrist. Hope it will heal soon -- my wrists are very thin and it looks like this bruise is right against the bone.
  2. I know I posted earlier about my bruises. Most of the bruising that I got from getting bumped around in the boat has almost healed (bruises occurred during week of April 10-16)...but still have nasty bruise on my wrist that I wish would go away. It is on the side of my it's probably been about a week now -- as I don't remember when I exactly bruised it and my wrists are very thin and I tend to bruise easily (hereditary and take daily aspirin). Anyone know how long bruises generally take to heal and can share their experience? Trying to remain calm as this heals....thanks so much!
  3. I do worry about my boys health and husband. I also used to worry about my mother too when she was alive.
  4. Was on vacation last week with my family for spring break - and I'm not sure how you all feel but when I'm on vacation -- HA seems to disappear! No anxious feelings whatsoever! But as soon as I get starts back up -- I notice I have bruises -- one of my wrist, some behind my knee, and a few other random bruises. Now while we were on vacation in the Bahamas -- we rented a small boat for six days -- and some of the days we were out on it was really rough and we got bumped around a lot. I tend to bruise easy and have so for mom bruised very easily. I also take daily aspirin for blood clotting disorder so that probably makes you bruise easier? And the bruises I got behind my knee -- were most likely from the hammock I was laying on -- I had my legs laying over and it was pressing hard under my knees. So all of these bruises seem to be explainable and all looks to be healing as some are turning yellowish now -- but my mind jumps to leukemia. Even though I feel fine -- not tired, no fever, no other symptoms...I do get random night sweats at time but believe those are due to perimenopause and pillow top mattress. I also had a cold/flu a week before I left and easily got over that in about 7 days -- would think if I had leukemia it would take longer? By the way, while on vacation for 10 days -- had no night sweats whatsoever! Also, back of my mind the last time I saw my doctor -- I had my cholesterol checked (was fine) but he didn't do my other blood tests (CBC) and said we could do them next time...had them done last Spring and all was fine. Now - about a month ago -- got a letter that my primary doctor was leaving Medstar -- and his office was closing. He is in the process now of setting up new office but wondering if I should go ahead and get a new doctor and get check up with CBC? They recommended a doctor for those patients wanting to stay with Medstar -- and he looks pretty good and has gotten good reviews. I wasn't super crazy about my current doctor but he was very good with blood tests and other necessary checks.. and always gave me a referral when needed. Any thoughts or reassurances are appreciated!
  5. I have a basal cell carcinoma on my back -- looks like a small whitish red rough patch ( probably about the size of an pencil eraser). I am getting it removed next Tuesday with Moh's surgery. I am hoping that once it is gone that will be it! I usually get checked once a year by the dermatologist but will see now since having the BCC -- I can make that check to twice a year. I also am now being super careful with sunscreen and sun protective clothing to help minimize risk. I'm glad you have your appointment today - let us know how it goes. Will be thinking about you!
  6. I will get high health anxiety when it comes to family husband had a rough time last fall/winter...we all had two colds back to back and he suffered with it seemed like a never ending cough after two rounds of antibiotics. I urged him to go to the doctor's a few times -- with my suggestion -- he had a chest x-ray and then CT scan...I was really worried about lung cancer for some reason even though besides the cough - had no other symptoms and didn't fit the risk factors as otherwise healthy and never smoked...all was fine and all tests normal and he is better just took the cough awhile to go away. He said I made him really anxious with my HA and had him convinced he had lung cancer. I felt so bad that I did that to him but couldn't help it...he is the type that generally never worries.
  7. I would mention at the dermatologist appointment since it is coming up at the end of the month...I always feel better to ask and you will feel so much better when you find out all is fine!
  8. Was sick all last week with a cold/flu like virus so pretty much did not feel like exercising...although did manage to do a walk on the treadmill on Friday for 30 minutes. Went back to my class yesterday at OrangeTheory which was tough -- but I figure the longer I wait to get back the harder. Pretty much over the cold this week but now hit with the allergies full force as they are at their high levels making me not want to work out. Didn't feel like it but went downstairs today at my work for a cardio class at our gym - which I feel better now that I did it. Anyone else have these struggles when they get out of their workout routine?
  9. Exactly -- that is evident with the CBC results that came back with all normal. Sounds like this is something that is just starting to develop - and the antibiotics will clear that up!
  10. Diane - I'm glad you finally got to talk to the radiologist and that he was such a kind soul...those doctors are hard to find sometimes. I like my doctor but he doesn't have the best bedside manner. I'm so glad for the news -- and I'm hoping the antibiotics clears everything up which it will!
  11. I feel this way a lot of times too. I try to think past it and enjoy time with my boys as they are growing fast and I don't want any regrets on how much time I wasted worrying!
  12. Thanks DIane...and actually the last few nights I haven't had the night sweating. I will also bet they are (when I do have them) from perimenopause - I am the prime age for that...even though I do have my periods every 27-28 days. We had a little rain last night/this morning but pollen levels are still really high! I used my allergy eye drops and nasal spray - which helps some but not completely. I am thinking of you and hoping you get all your answers soon -- you will be ok!
  13. Sorry - strep throat is the worst...hopefully you are on the mend now with antibiotics. I feel better late last week which was good as my son had a baseball tournament all weekend. Today I feel much better but now the high levels of pollen are starting to effect my is always something!
  14. We had one of these scares a few years ago with our son...he had some swollen glands in his neck below his hair line. We went and got some blood work done and waiting for the test results were awful...he was fine and I'm praying all is well with you child too.
  15. I have vertical lines on my nails - yours look fine to me....