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  1. Lungs feel tired/sore after strenuous exercise

    Nice to see another Orange Theory member -- I've been doing OTF for 3 years now and love the workouts. I've never experienced any lung pain afterwards but I swear I am always sore somewhere -- those classes are tough and you would think after 3 years -- I wouldn't be so sore but I am. If you have recently just had a physical and all was well -- I would say just wait and see -- if it keeps persisting and/or gets worse -- it doesn't hurt to get it checked out just to relieve your mind. I always feel better getting things checked out even if they are probably nothing.
  2. Future appointments & procrastination

    I think its common for HA sufferers to feel this way with upcoming doctor appointments and tests. I always feel this way too -- but I would suggest making the appointments and tests -- don't let the anxiety stop will feel so much better once they are over and you get the test results....I know I always do.
  3. Holding myself accountable

    Holls -- you will be missed! But I totally understand that you need a break! Take care!
  4. Another Skin Issue - ugh!

    Had my appointment last week - and dermatologist was not concerned at all by the two areas on my leg -- said they could be a papilloma or dermatofibroma but both are benign and he gave me a prescription for a higher strength cortisone cream...they are fading but still there. He said he could remove them if I want but that will leave a scar -- I have my 6 month skin check later next month so I'm hoping they are much better by then and at least they are fading. Also got my blood work back -- all was good with blood counts, cholesterol and all other levels accept for my calcium was a bit low; it was 8.6 and the range is 8.7-10.2 I think -- he said not to worry and will see how it is at the next 6 month blood work. The only thing I can think of is that some time ago -- I switched over to Almond Milk (as it has less sugar) and not taking the daily recommended calcium supplement (only take one pill -- and three are to be taken daily) --- so will try and work on getting that level up (it was 9.0 in January) -- started drinking skim milk again and also taking the daily recommended dose of the calcium supplement. I don't think having a slightly low calcium level is anything to worry about, do you?
  5. Dentist Fears: Defeated

    Thanks for sharing Bin -- that is awesome. I actually go to the dentist quite frequently as I'm doing the invisalign treatment so I have to go in often and like going. I do still have fears going to the primary and currently the dermatologist doctors as I've been having some skin issues lately but definitely feel better after I go and am glad that I went and am good about scheduling appointments. Thanks for all the helpful advice you have offered me in the past!
  6. Another Skin Issue - ugh!

    Thanks Missy! It is always something I swear...I just noticed that they marks get redder during a I just finished working out. Wednesday's appointment cannot come soon enough. They called me last week as I was on the wait list for any available openings but I was on work travel. Having my routine blood work drawn today is just adding to the anxiety -- I always worry about any type of test even though I feel fine but its just the "what ifs" that drive me crazy. Thanks again for your message.
  7. When is Your HA the Worst?

    First thing in the morning as I am getting up and during the morning until I get me and kids off and then gets better....
  8. Another Skin Issue - ugh!

    Still have the two marks on my calf -- even though they are fading and definitely have decreased in size -- they seem to be in a healing process ( but slow) as they look like two small scabs. It has been 4 weeks now -- they are driving me crazy that they are still there. Two weeks ago == they were kind of swollen and I made the mistake of squeezing them to see if that would help shrink them...a little clear fluid and blood came out. The swelling came down after that but maybe that irritated them and now they are taking longer to heal? I have an appointment this Wednesday with the Dermatologist but 2 weeks ago -- I didn't want to wait this long -- went to see my primary doc -- who said they look superficial to her and did not seem concerned at all; she also noticed a little bruising around one that I squeezed. I also sent the pics of them to an online dermatologist and he also said it looked superficial and irritation/allergy from a bite. Anxiety is not good this week but I hope to feel better after my dermatologist looks at them...also went in to get annual routine blood work this morning so of course that is on my mind...anyone with any reassurances would be great?
  9. Another Skin Issue - ugh!

    Thanks Christy -- that is very reassuring.
  10. Another Skin Issue - ugh!

    I didn't think about that but it could be...but would there be two of them? That seems odd but it could be...I hate finding anything like this! I will try those two creams while I'm waiting for my referral to see my Dermatologist. Thanks for your response.
  11. Another Skin Issue - ugh!

    I seem to have gotten some sort of bites - there are two of them -- one on my calf and one a little further down towards by ankle about a week and a half ago...they haven't been very itchy but more red and kind of hard in the middle...I have not scratched them at all but they are still there after a week and a half -- has anyone had something like this? I am not sure what to put on them but have been putting calamine lotion on them and a small band aid on top and that seems to help but worried as they have been there this long and have not yet gone completely away. I am in the process of getting a referral to see the dermatologist to see what this is and if he can help which may be a bit but wanted to throw this out to see if anyone has had something like this and how long yours took to heal??
  12. I've transposed by skin anxiety onto my sons!

    I don't know why we Google but we should not! If only we can get in as soon as we wanted with these specialists! All of the pediatric ophthalmologists in our area were so booked - some till Fall as late as November that I had to take an appointment with one of the doctor's that they recommended that is opening a new office in a different county (about an hour away) that had an appointment in July...there was no way I was waiting till the Fall! My anxiety for my son is slightly taken a second seat although it still crosses my mind and I continue to look at his eyes trying to see if I notice anything which I really don't -- only really noticed in pictures. My annual blood test results are coming up this month (wanted to get them done at my last appointment in early June but my doctor said to wait until my cholesterol is due which is in mid-July -- can only get it tested every 6 months since my numbers are really good - damn insurance) so we are testing that plus regular other blood work (CBC, etc..) just thinking about the testing is creating massive anxiety. I feel fine but there is always those "what ifs"....
  13. I've transposed by skin anxiety onto my sons!

    Oh no Missy -- please try not to worry as I know it is tough when it comes to our children. I'm glad you made the appointment as I would of done the same thing...and your boys will understand - I know mine get upset and embarrassed by everything I do. I'm kind of in a worry state now with my youngest...they both just had their annual check up and my mother in law (who stays with us during the week during the school year) pointed out that in pictures my youngest son's eye seems to cross and looks funny in the pictures. Of course as soon as she told me this -- I start going through all the pics of him recently and in the past looking for this -- some pics his left eye is kind of more centered and some the right. I bring this up at his appointment and the doctor said..."hmmm she may be on to something here -- and says we should go get him checked out by the pediatric ophthalmologist maybe sooner than later -- I said "why is that" and the doctor says it is best to correct this before the child turns 8 -- my son turned 7 in May. So now we are awaiting our appointment with the specialist that is set for 7/19! Of course, I stupidly Googled and some kids are just born this way, or far sightedness causes it or a tumor could cause it (yikes) but most times will be (if he even has this problem) corrected by glasses or an eye patch and rarely surgery but of course this is all if he has it as he has no other symptoms - no headaches/no dizziness/can see perfectly...just wanted to let you know you are not along in worrying about our young ones. My boys are my life and I love them so much and want them to be healthy!
  14. Intermittent Brain Fog

    That is great news - glad you went and got it checked out! I'm sure you feel much better now!
  15. Any idea what this is

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I also had to do blood thinner injections with both of my pregnancies.