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  1. Toxic Shock??? Ladies?

    Thank you so much for your response BeeDot! It really helped! I'm still a little concerned but I'm guessing that maybe it's because I'm just exhausted from the week I've had. I need to relax, do some deep breathing, and just try and put this toxic shock out of my mind. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who's used TP. When I mentioned it to my friend she was disgusted but I was like.....hey! What's a poor American girl living in Mexico to do? Lol Thanks for the reply!
  2. Toxic Shock??? Ladies?

    Hey guys! I've been trying to keep of this site ever since I posted last week because sometimes it can cause my anxiety to heighten. But now I'm back because, well first, thankfully I'm not pregnant and my period started 7 days early. I wasn't expecting this at all and I literally am too poor right now to buy pads (I make pesos y''s a rough time lol) so I've been using toilet paper instead of pads. Honestly it hasn't been too bad. I just change the toilet paper every 2 hours. But it normally goes up a little into my vagina and now i'm concerned that maybe some toilet paper got stuck inside and I'm going to die of toxic shock. My parents are friends with a couple who's daughter died of toxic shock from a tampon. I've never worried about it before because I use pads and not tampons but now I'm a little concerned. I tried to make sure that my vagina was 'clean' but I cleaned it with toilet paper so I guess that wouldn't bee too effective. Any thoughts on this? I'm refusing to look things up on Dr. Google....big no no for this girl. So I'm coming to y'all. I started worrying about it about an hour ago when I got really lightheaded and got a headache......
  3. This past week I have really been suffering with a lot of stomach problems, specifically in my lower abdomen. It feels all crampy and gross and I've been having a lot of gas and I've gone to the restroom way more times than I can count. Last night I just sat on the toilet and cried as I just kept going to the bathroom with terrible stomach cramps. It first started on Sunday when I was out with some friends and had to leave because my stomach randomly started hurting and I felt like I was about to explode. I got home and basically did explode and my stomach and bowels have just gone down hill ever since. I have a terrible diet, just so you know. The other day I even went the whole day without eating and when I do eat it's mostly meat, tortillas, and Coca-Cola. I'm poor y'all lol. But my point is I have no idea what this awful stuff is. It's been like this for over a week now and is just getting worse. I've been dealing with a pregnancy scare due to anal sex that I had not this past Thursday but the Thursday before where his condom broke and he came inside me. Ever since I've been freaked out that I'm pregnant and I read that pregnancy symptoms in the first week are mostly bowel related due to the changes your body is experiecning.....I don't know.....what do you guys think? I also used to suffer from IBS really bad about a year ago but only have had random episodes in the past few months, nothing this crazy or this uncomfortable. I mean even as I'm typing this my whole stomach feels gross and gassy and it burns. By my liver, by my actual stomach, down below, everywhere! I have been nervous a lot this past week but I've been much more anxious before and this is one of the worst cases.....any advice?
  4. Pregnancy Scare

    Thank you for your response DoxieMoxie. Do not worry. I didn't think you were harsh. Sometimes we just have our own opinions and there's nothing wrong with that. I agree that the way things have been going STD's are possible. I've definitely gone through my scare of them. But in all honesty this past time I used a condom.....and the condom broke. He didn't even tell me it broke until he had already cum and that's why I'm freaked out about pregnancy. I used to have unprotected anal with my ex but he never came inside me so I never worried about it except for the one time we almost had vaginal sex. The problem is that I am young, I DID use a condom, and yet here I am again..... I'm quite frustrated with myself for being so sexually driven but I can't think of anything else to do except for try and control my sexual urges. I know that all you ladies mean well in saying to go on birth control but ever since my doctor told me that after I was offered birth control from a Women's Care doctor I've decided to never take it because I do want children someday. It's just all so confusing to say the least haha
  5. Pregnancy Scare

    My plans for next month? Well I'm not planning on having sex again for a while. I mean not to sound dramatic but I just can't take any more of this. I actually broke up with my boyfriend. I'm going on a date with a guy this weekend but I refuse to do anything sexual. I guess just try and stay abstinent and if anything happens then try and find a morning after pill here in Mexico. I mean, I know that you all think my doctor is crazy because of what she said about birth control but she's a doctor and I don't mean to sound rude but I don't know anybody on this site who's a doctor, does that make sense? It's like when we're experiencing symptoms and we think it's cancer or something like that and our doctor tells us that it's not then we try and tell each other 'LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR!' but when my doctor says something that people disagree with it's like 'FIND A NEW DOCTOR!' lol it's kind of strange to be honest. She's actually not even my doctor anymore. Since I moved to Mexico last year I don't have a doctor. So there's not much i can do about that anyway. I'm just really suffering from bad symptoms today. My lower abdomen is all crampy and I've gone to the bathroom almost like 5 or 6 times in the last two days. I'm very uncomfortable and gassy. It's all so scary. I thank all of you ladies for your advice. I really don't know what I would do without y'all.
  6. Pregnancy Scare

    Okay I get that I need a new form of birth control......I completely agree. But right now all I know is that I'm still freaking out about the possibility of pregnancy.....yes, even from anal sex. I've been having some weird things happen to me in the last week. Yes, it has officially been 1 week since it happened. I've been pooping almost constantly. And I always feel like I have to poop's odd. And then today I started getting cramps down below in my woman area, specifically on the right side. I'm just so freaked out because I read that you don't get those cramps from PMS unless it's like 2 days before your period and I still have 11 days.....ugh.
  7. Can Back Pain Be Anxiety Related?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm still quite concerned because I've been stretching but still no relief. It does feel a little better than yesterday but the only thing I did differently was sleep on my back. But it still hurts and the pain is unfortunately still there. It comes randomly but especially when I'm sitting down and leaning forward. My breast hurts and still has the cyst on it that showed up last I'm freaking out about breast cancer still since that's the place where my friend discovered her cancer but I know that I may just be overreacting. But the pain is like directly in the middle on my back. It hurts when I'm not moving it and when I'm moving it. Feels like bone but how am I to know, ya know?
  8. Can Back Pain Be Anxiety Related?

    The past like, I don't know, maybe 3 days I've really been having quite a bit of upper and middle back pain. Can this be anxiety related? I've been nervous lately do to a pregnancy scare and also an infected cyst on my breast. Of course all I can think about it breast cancer that has spread to my bones. It happened to my aunt and also a close friend who was only 29. I'm 24. It's more of an aching pain than a stabbing pain and from what I can tell (though I haven't really tested it out) it goes away when I'm laying down. I'm going to have to wait to test that out when I get home tonight. I work a crazy schedule so my sleeping schedule is all messed up. I enjoy sleeping on my stomach but I don't' do it every night. I've been really exhausted lately but I just figured it was because of my I'm not so sure. I don't know guys.....anyone else had something like this?
  9. Pregnancy Scare

    Do you think I should try the Vitamin C miscarriage thing? I've read some places that it's worked and others that it hasn't......not sure if any of you have heard of anything like that.
  10. Pregnancy Scare

    Thank you Jae for scaring me to my inner core this morning haha As for everyone else, I completely agree that I will not be having any form of sexual activity anymore. We used to do it without a condom and for some reason I was never worried but now, even with a condom, when it breaks I freak out. I'm not sure what made me change my thinking. But don't worry. I already told my boyfriend we will not be having any more sex for a loooooooooooooong time. I talked to my doctor about birth control about 2 years ago and she told me that if I ever want children I should never go on birth control. She's my doctor so I'm listening to her....though I would love not to. I'm just so nervous. It hasn't even been a week yet and I'm freaking out. My stomach felt crampy this morning down below (like where most women would get period cramps) and my back has been hurting since yesterday. Could these be early symptoms or is this all in my head since it hasn't even been a week?
  11. Pregnancy Scare

    I should point out that I've been searching all over Google and found 2 very different answers. For example, the American Pregnancy Association says this, "Pregnancy cannot occur from the act of anal sex, but because the vaginal opening and the anus are very close together, there is the chance that sperm could leak into the vagina and travel to fertilize an egg. However, this is exceptionally unlikely." But other websites say that it's a lot more likely than just 'unlikely'. I'm freaked out.....
  12. Pregnancy Scare

    Ladies I'm really scared right now. I can't believe I even got myself into this situation but I think I'm pregnant. Let me lay it all out on the table for you.....I've never had vaginal sex. But the other day I had anal sex, with a condom, but the condom broke and he came inside my butt. However, I'm scared that the semen got into my vaginal canal because I was so shocked I didn't have anytime to prevent that. I'm so scared right now. I'm 24, I missed the 72 hours for the morning after pill, and abortions are illegal in Mexico. I figured that I could try the Vitamin C method of natural miscarriage but I read that it like has never worked. Anyone know if this is true? My main problem is that my period started August 24 and ended on August 29 and we had anal sex on September 7 so according to my period tracker I'm considered 'fertile'. And I was feeling super turned on that day which would make sense. I'm so scared guys. Any advice would be so helpful right now. Neither of us are ready to bring a life into this world and I just know that my family would kill me if they found out. Who's ever heard of a 24 year old vaginal virgin getting pregnant besides Mary?!?! I mean this is crazy and I feel so sick to my stomach. I can't even stop crying!
  13. IBC scare!!!!!

    Guys I'm seriously so freaked out right now about IBC. Last night I discovered a large and slightly painful red cyst on my breast. I have had one before but today this one started itching. I'' so scared I can't even teach my class. I'm shaking and scared that as a 24 year old woman my life's is about to end from this horrible cancer. Please, please help.
  14. Myers Briggs Personality Type and HA

    I'm an ENFJ but I think that this actually helps my anxiety because I'll literally tell anyone about it and it's actually brought and element of laughter into my life. A lot of people think I am joking about being a hypo but in reality I'm just being myself. This has helped open up a lot of discussions. I too am a teacher and when I teach I normally forget about my symptoms as well but I realize that sometimes this isn't always true. I just have to learn to control myself when I'm teaching so I won't randomly go into a full on panic attack mode. However, I do notice that my anxiety tends to be the worst when I am alone so I'm always making an attempt to be around people.....and of course that helps since I'm an extrovert too!
  15. Headaches, headaches, HEADACHES!

    I can barely even go out with friends guys. The whole time I'm thinking.....why is this headache still here? Is it a brain tumor? Is it sinus? Is it a brain infection? And it doesn't even hurt right now it's just annoyingly pressuring my head And when I'm walking I feel all dizzy and clumsy.....ugh this is awful.