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  1. You can pop it? How??? Like this thing is huge and under the skin. My friend looked at it and she said it just looks a little red but you can't see anything.
  2. Well now I have found a second bump a few inches down from the other. The top one hurts so bad and you can feel that it's directly under the skin, like a pimple. The second one doesn't hurt at all and I only found it because I was feeling around for bumps. This one doesn't hurt, even when I press on it really hard, but guys I'm freaking out. Please please please help. I have no health insurance so I can't go to the doctor right now and I'm just so scared I could throw up.
  3. So today when I was getting in the shower I took my hairband out and noticed a painful bump on the back of my head. It feels like a pimple but I can't see it so I can't confirm it and I'm freaking out that it's something worse like a brain tumor! It's to touch it but it also kind of hurts when I'm not feeling it. I know that the skull is thick but I've heard of stories where the brain tumor can be felt outside of the skull and then they were dead within like 6 months. I'm freaking out. Does anybody have any insight on this problem?
  4. Seriously freaking out and of is my birthday. LAME. Lol but here's my symptoms: sheer exhaustion (even after 8 hours of sleep), tingling in my left hand, twitching in my left hand, and ringing in my right ear (I always have ringing in my ears but it's been very dominant in my left one for about 2 weeks now). I'm not sure what to think. Trying not to freak out but it's just too easy. Someone help....please. I feel like I'm going insane.
  5. Thank you guy so much. Man there's a lot of possibilities there. My stomach has felt somewhat okay today but I haven't eaten since last night (and won't be eating until tomorrow because I still haven't gotten paid....even though payday was 2 days ago). I probably won't be drinking anymore alcohol but I'm terrified to have another bowel movement. I mean I guess it could have come from what I was eating but all I can think is that I have stomach cancer. I had HPylori from a trip to China last year and all I can think is that some of it is still in my stomach causing stomach cancer.....oh great....
  6. So today i kind of had a freaky thing happen to me when I went to the bathroom. I had half a bowel movement and half just liquid....and a lot of it was black. I mean the liquid was just black. I'm not sure what to think of this to be honest. I mean, I haven't really been eating healthy but nothing too different. However, I have been drinking a lot more alcohol. I live in Aguascalientes, Mexico, home to the famous San Marcos Fair and I've gone out to drink with my friends quite a bit the past few weeks. I also had a lot of tummy troubles last week and my friend from work told me he thinks it was because of the alcohol but I just don't know. I've felt fine the past 3 days but then this happens and sent me into a spiral. I know that black bowel movements are nothing to fool around with but I've never had straight up black liquid coming out of me. I'm confused and scared......any help?
  7. So I was having a pretty good day until I came home from work, grabbed a tissue, didn't even blow my nose-just let what was in drip out and there was blood. A lot of blood. I blew again- no blood. About an hour later I blew out of the other nostril. A tiny bit of blood. I know this isn't normal and to make it nose is burning inside. It feels weird! Of course I'm trying not to think of any cancer, but it is weird. Plus, I have had a reoccurring pimple right at the top of my nose between my eyes (my friends call it my Indian pimple). Could all of this be a sign of something more sinister? I felt like I had to sneeze all yesterday and never did and then finally did today and then an hour later this happens. Hmmmmmmm.....
  8. Well for those of you who were following my freak out last week....I'M NOT PREGNANT! Yay! My period started yesterday and I was pretty excited.....though I do want kids someday! Just not yet So anyway today I'm dealing with some pretty bad chest pain but only on the right side. It feels like a piece of bone is sticking out and stabbing me whenever I move a certain way. It hurt earlier this afternoon, around 2pm, but I took some meds and it went away and then around midnight tonight it started again. Kind of freaking me out to be honest. I'm scared that it could be breast cancer. My friend got breast cancer and it spread to her bones and broke her collarbone. I'm sure my collarbone isn't broke but I just freak out whenver I have this pain. Any advice? Maybe it's the way I'm sleeping? I'm not sure. :/
  9. I can't even believe I'm writing this. I'm a 23 year old woman and I've never had sex ed so I don't know a lot of crap that I should probably know at this age and so my anxiety makes this 5 time worse. Here's the deal: Hooked up with a guy the other night but all we did was kiss and he pleasured me orally and then his penis brushed against my hair down below. I started freaking out 1. Because I realized I didn't even like him 2. I'm a virgin 3. I think I was ovulating. So now here I am....exactly 1 week later thinking that I am pregnant. He felt wet, but I know he hadn't cum was pre-cum but it still touched me down there and he didn't have a condom on. I'm also not on any birth control at all. My hymen, to my knowledge, is still intact and I've never stuck anything up there.....not even a tampon. But this past week, Wednesday to be exact, my nipples became super senstive. Like if something even brushes against them it's like 'uhhhhhhhhh woah'. Then last night I started not feeling so good: headache, stomach blech, ect. I can't even think about being pregnant. I'm FREAKING out. Is this even possible?!?! And if it's not possible then why are my nipples so sensitive? I am supposed to start my period in 7-8 days and I can hardly wait. I'm so nervous it's not going to come though. Please I need some help and some calming down.
  10. Thank you so much utrocket09! Honestly I never had sex ed in high school and I didn't take anatomy so I don't know any of this stuff. Anxiety has fogged my common sense. I kept telling myself 'you're pregnant.' and my friends were like 'You're crazy! You've never even had a penis in your vagina!' and they're right! I don't know why I let anxiety control my life like this. It hasn't been bad lately but the nipple sensitivity freaked me out. Thank you!
  11. Well I don't have nipple burning, just super sensitive. And today I woke up again and they're STILL sensitive. I shouldn't be freaking out about pregnancy should I? I mean....I've never had intercourse. And if there was even a POSSIBILITY of pregnancy would symptoms start as early as 4 days?!?
  12. I hate to write on this topic write away again but I just realized that my left nipple is still sensitive. Not as sensitive as the right one but still pretty sensitive. I'm pretty sure I can't be pregnant. I fooled around with my boyfriend the other day but I've never had intercourse and it was literally less than a week ago......could that be soon enough to experience pregnancy symptoms?
  13. Ladies, the past 3 days I've been dealing with a super sensitive nipple....not nipples....but nipple. Just my right boob and now my anxiety is high. At first I freaked out about pregnancy but realized that's not a possibility so now I don't know what to think. Obviously I don't want to go straight to breast cancer....been down that road WAY too many times. But I'm not sure what else it could be. I'm still about 11 days away from my period so I know it can't be that. Any suggestions? I haven't been having a lot of caffeine and I haven't been eating barely any chocolate or bananas (I've heard they can cause breast pain) but it's not my breast, it's just that my nipple is super sensitive. Hmmmmmmmmm any insight? My left nipple also was sensitive yesterday but not's just my right one. I'm a 23 year old woman.
  14. I've been pretty good with my anxiety lately, despite a little breast cancer anxiety....but today my leukemia anxiety came back. I haven't had this anxiety in almost 2 years but today it's coming back because of some symptoms. First, I'm tired all the time. I sleep sooooo much. Now of course my sleep schedule is crazy and I've been a little depressed because of my recent breakup, but I shouldn't be sleeping all the time! Second, a random bout of diarrhea. I have been a little constipated lately and then all of a sudden I sneezed the other day and there was so much green diarrhea (sorry....TMI) that was 2 days ago and I haven't gone since. Third, I have a random bruise on my arm. Now, I did fall on my friends stairs 2 days but I don't remember if I hit my arm or not. I'm also 23, young, a female, and at the prime time for this terrible cancer. Some words of encouragement would be awesome! Thank you!
  15. I guess I'm just wondering if the lumps hurt when it's cancer. I had a friend who had breast cancer and she had lumps but she never said if they hurt or not. Plus, you can kind of see it on the skin....I'm just quite concerned and I don't yet have a doctor I can run to and check it out.