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  1. Forgetfulness/Out of It

    For the past few weeks now I have felt completely disconnected. I have been getting sleep, but waking up feeling exhausted. Also, I could answer a phone call, hang up, and not even remember who I just talked to. None of my meds have changed. I do feel stressed....but this is freaking me out. I've been sweating more than usual. Occasionally get brain zaps...which is really weird. I'm really afraid that my meds aren't working anymore. My doctor told me to increase my Luvox to 150mg now )':
  2. Orthostatic Hypotension

    So for those of you who have never heard of the thread's basically the effect you get when you stand up and get lightheaded, feel pressure, or see bright lights for a brief moment due to the sudden drop in your blood pressure. The last 2 weeks have been scaring me because I have been having this happen to me very often. Almost every time I get up from laying or sitting. I am 22 years old and my heart is supposubly healthy (had 2 ekg's in 2016). But recently I have been feeling tired and this effect has been taking place with me. Just wondering what I should do to solve this? I am really freaking out about heart failure or some other cardiovascular issue. :'/
  3. Instant Withdrawal?

    So last year I went through horrific withdrawals after taking Zoloft for 9 years....I finally found the right med for me (Luvox), but I can't remember if I took it tonight or not! I'm on a dose of 200mg so taking another 100mg would make me pretty sick...on the opposite side If I didnt take it....I don't know how I'm going to feel in the morning! Am I going to be completely out of it and manic or schizzo? (I'm not schizzo just a HUGE fear of mine). I am laying in bed bogging down trying to remember. I don't know what to do as I haven't missed a dose before...ever....D:
  4. Vybrid

    I know this is a late reply...but when I first came off of Zoloft after 10 years (it worked well for me! Haha) the first med I went to was Viibryd. I too had the same issues you are. I barely slept, and felt somewhat jittery. After a month my blood pressure was lowering really low so I had to come off of it. It's supposedly becoming a very popular antidepressant, but it doesn't work for all. Like Prozac. Some people it saves their life, others are dopey and walking into walls (yes that was I would mention any of these concerns to your doctor though
  5. Luvox and Cymbalta

    Hey everyone! After a horrific 2016 of withdrawing off of Zoloft of 10 years I finally settled down onto Luvox which has helped me greatly. However, the past month I have been becoming very very very depressed and crying about almost everything! My doctor prescribed me to take 30mg Cymbalta along with my 200mg Luvox. I also take Klonopin .5 x1 time per day. I am REALLY afraid about this. In fact my fears are almost all health related. I've read about Seretonin syndrome by mixing more than one antidepressant at a time?? Also this is the first SNRI (Cymbalta) I've ever taken...I loved on Zoloft for 10 years which worked amazing. I'm just really afraid and could use some insight into this. I'm only 22, and this is really a tough road and battle for me. The past week I've cried everyday...
  6. Heart Failure?

    Hey everyone! I'm 22 years old and recently have been feeling very VERY stressed. My girlfriend who is a paramedic took my blood pressure 3 days ago which read 160 over 83. This was taken at night. Tonight as I lay in bed with her stethoscope (bad idea!), I've listened to my heart which has caused me some fear....instead of a normal "Lub-dub Lub-dub" sound, it gallops like "Lub-dubDub Lub-dubDub". A quick faint sound right before the closing "dub". So here I am at 1am in the morning googling for possibilities and the term that matches that heart beat is heart failure! This is really scaring me as I've been really fatigued and winded for the past 2 months it seems. Also yesterday I had cold sweat, chills, and a radiating pain in my left shoulder/chest/back. Someone help me me sleep tonight. ),:
  7. Crippling Fear

    For the past 3 months I have been under an enormous amount of stress. The previous year I had lost 8 family members, and my medication for anxiety/panic/depression "pooped out" and sent me into a cold turkey withdrawal. These past 3 months I have been thinking that I am never going to be the same person I was, and that I'm becoming Schizophrenic or Bipolar. I am on Luvox (SSRI prescribed for Anxiety, OCD, and Depression; but mostly OCD) currently which has helped me live a normal life again, but I still have these crippling fears of going to a mental hospital, becoming so drugged and disconnected with reality that I am unable to love those around me, and become forever entrapped in my mind. I have so many fears about EVERYTHING it seems to be almost a paranoia. I want to cry sometimes because I have no idea of my future. I have been taking Klonopin since the withdrawal last year...and have currently cut down to .5mg per day. I was taking 1mg about a week ago. Can coming off of Klonopin make you feel irritated and twitchy/paranoid? (Goes back to the schizophrenia/psychosis fears). I am seeing a counselor and a psychiatrist, but I just feel.....lost.
  8. I am 22 years old and suffer from Panic Disorder with OCD and Depression. I have been taking Luvox for about 6 months now after a year of withdrawing from Zoloft. To be honest I'm not the same person I was....but In time I guess I will re adjust. I'm posting here about this new job I have acquired at a zoo/avian/butterfly place called Butterfly World as an Aviculturist. I have to say it is the most amazing job I have had and I Love it. Working with all of the bird's is so much fun. However, since starting this job I have not been getting quality sleep AT ALL. I constantly feel depersonalization, and even had a couple of panic attacks return! I'm worried about everything (the OCD) and am just falling apart now in everything! ): Any advice on What I can do to get good rest? To be honest I think that's a quarter of my battle right there....
  9. Serious Illness

    I keep worrying about Giardia. Or something awful. A heart issue I have class and lights seem bright, I see stars on occasion. Something just seems really wrong. I've lost 35lbs in 3 months without really changing anything. EXCEPT I've started dating someone. And I've been ill about 5 times in the past 5 months. Its almost like immune system is compromised...
  10. Serious Illness

    But that's the urine is clear. I don't "think" I'm dehydrated. I've been drinking some Gatorade. Smart water. Plain water. I just keep feeling dopey. :'/
  11. Spider veins appearing on breast normal

    Hey Worrygirl! I know this May be odd for a guy to reply to your question...but hormones, stress, and any squeezing or tension can cause the veins you see. My girlfriend has had them appear during very stressful/emotional times As it kind of worries her as well. As long as it's not painful, or sensitive to the touch, I think you should be okay. (:
  12. Serious Illness

    Thank you everyone for the quick replies. Its day 12 now...much better than I was feeling for sure, but very weak and tired. Still not having normal bowel movements, but at least not running to the bathroom 6 times a day! My blood tests Had returned within normal ranges from what a robot call told me. One thing that is really scaring me is I still feel "out of it." Almost like depersonalization? I'm forgetting things, not talking right...I feel really braindead/dopey. My girlfriend has been pumping me full of vitamins and liquids. Can a virus really make you feel mentally out of it? Its really causing me to freak out. ):
  13. Serious Illness

    Hey everyone. For the past 8 days I have been a living nightmare. Last Thursday night I was hit by some stomach bug. Since then I have had constant diarrhea. I went to Minor ER this past Tuesday who said just to keep fluids in me and eat. I'm able to eat anything, but mentally I feel in a fog and out of it. (Forgetting things, etc.) I still have diarrhea. No vomiting. Every friend of oura has come down with this bug as well....I'm just really really scared because usually it only lasts 3 days? I'm over a week now! And the amount of water and loss is scaring me. What if I become delusional, etc. I don't know what to do.... Any comfort would be great! ):
  14. Stomach Flu?

    Last night after leaving my girlfriends house I decided to treat myself to some dairy queen. I had a chocolate blizzard with reeses in it. After eating it, about an hour later my stomach flipped. I have been biting my tongue not to throw up for 17 hours now. All the while I have water (diarrhea) pouring out of me. My sister bought some Gatorade for me to prevent dehydration. I can't really eat as I'm too nauseous. I feel warm, but not burning up. (Fighting fever?). I want to cry because being ill is my biggest fear and I feel like I'm dying. My stomach is so bloated and tight as can I relax? Or know that I will be okay?! May I also add that my body temperature has been quite low for the past 2 weeks. 96.7. Usually I'm in the 97's. However I have been under quite a but of stresses... I'm scared this Maybe a parasite, or some deadly virus I don't know. )': I'm panicking and on the verge of vomiting.
  15. Something is Off....

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums so I may as well give a little history about me. I suffer from severe Anxiety (Panic) and OCD. The OCD tends to stick on negative things and almost always around my health (Hypochondria). Since the age of 10, I was given Zoloft which did an excellent job controlling my panic and issues. However, at the beginning of 2016 (also my 21'st birthday) my Zoloft "pooped out" and I immediately went into withdrawals; this sent me into a spiral of crying, panicking, and obsessing 24/7. A few months later and after playing roulette with different medications, Luvox has helped me the best so far. I am taking 175mg, and am supposed to UP it to 200mg (100mg morning and night). I am a bit hesitant and here is why.... About 3 months ago I started dating this wonderful girl. Since then, due to stress I think, I have gotten sick about 4 times! I lost my job because I was sick for a week with a 103 degree fever. I even had "brain zaps" because I think my metabolism was burning so fast that my medicine wasn't lasting as long. Again I had a cold after being stressed on a trip up north; and most recent a cold/infection which I took a Z-pack (antibiotics) which seemed to do nothing! Before the most recent infection I had, I was shivering similar to that of my withdrawals from Zoloft! I am so afraid that the Luvox is "pooping out" already? Is that possible? My temperature for the past week has been 1 degree lower than normal (96.7F), and it feels like my heart can't keep up with anything (also have had heart palpitations). I am also ALWAYS sleepy/fatigued. Something just does not feel right at all, and its sending me into a panicking spiral! I don't know what to do as money is a rare commodity here in the US, and I feel as if I'm "bothering" my psychiatrist now with general health questions. Please someone give me advice! I feel so out of it, stressed, and full of anxiety that something is seriously wrong with me...even though I was in the ER twice in 2016 with no issues, and 3 blood tests returning normal. However, I know that things can change quickly if a real issue arises.