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  1. IBS with back pain??

    My husband had IBS-D and ALWAYS has back pain with his flares. Actually back pain is what he complains of has he is waking to the toilet. He is hunched over holding his lower back.
  2. I have a severe fear of "jinx" I guess you could call it. I never allow myself to think positive during a time of crisis because I truly believe (although it is NOT rational) that I will jinx the outcome by my positive thinking. This for sure has something to do with my OCD. I have even gone as far as having very odd behavior. For example my son was having some asthma issues and his allergist wanted him to have a cystic fibrosis test done 2 years ago. We had to wait one week for the results. During that week I absolutely could not throw away certain things that needed to be thrown away, like a piece of junk mail or a pointless sheet of paper from my children's school. I had a fear that if I threw that item away my son would have cystic fibrosis. I also have this happen still with coins on my floor. Sometimes I have a fear if I pick up a coin something terrible will happen. I completely understand what you are feeling and it's awful and exhausting. Still sending you lots of good thoughts for your mom.
  3. Possibly pregnant or just crazy? Please help me!

    I am going to agree with Holls there is no way to cause a pregnancy from making out with clothing on. Your anxiety over this possible pregnancy is causing your symptoms. I am very sorry your mother is treating you the way she is and this is also a huge reason you are so anxious. it is not right of your mother to accuse you of sleeping around. Your sexual choice are non of her business.
  4. I am pretty sure I have bone cancer of the knee

    I saw my GP Tuesday who said I have a loose petella due to weak thigh muscles from multiple pregnancies and lack of strength exercise. He said it's extremely common in women and is a chronic condition but causes no deterioration of the joint. The pain will just be present off and on until I am able to strengthen my quads and which will help hold the petella in the proper place. Right now mine moves too much. He said my foot pain is also from the same cause. He said since I have had 5 pregnancies my hips have widen causing almost a waddle in my walk which is extremely hard on the knee and foot as well. My extra 20 pounds from baby number 5 doesn't help either. I just thought I would update!
  5. Pregnancy Scare

    You are not pregnant! Get on a reliable form of birth control like an IUD to prevent this anxiety
  6. A week until my mom sees the doctor

    Any update??
  7. I am pretty sure I have bone cancer of the knee

    I take 5,000-10,000 IUD of Vit D a day and had my levels checked in April and were in the 50s so that's not it wish it was a simple answer like that. My knee is actually feeling better today but I'm still anxious
  8. I know it sounds ridiculous but HA is in high gear. My impulsion to google has been very controlled by my Prozac lately but after a week of knee pain and telling myself it's nothing I did the biggest no no and google cancer of the knee and sure enough pain in the knee is common with a few types of primary bone cancers that affect the knee. They are rare however HA doesn't care how rare something is. My left knee has been bothering me for about 7-10 days. When I walk it makes a clicking sound and I hear it and feel it. The pain is maybe a 3 on a scale of 1-10 so not that bad but it's there and the clicking sound is there. It hurts most when standing up from sitting on the ground or squatting all the way down and getting back up using my knees. I had a baby in December and I am still about 20+ pounds over weight so I know the extra weight isn't great on joints and can cause pain. I also understand knee pain is extremely common and is almost always nothing serious but I have a severe cancer phobia and have my entire 30 years of life so it's hard not to think the worst. The soonest my GP can see me is next Wednesday. I'm hoping he orders some kind of imaging. It's also freaks me out because my left food also hurts from time to time. I had a bad case of tendinitis a few months ago and had my foot x rayed at urgent care and all looked normal. I just needed to get this off my chest. Im worried and I don't like worrying especially since I feel like I have come a very long way in my recovery journey and I was hoping to not spiral.
  9. A week until my mom sees the doctor

    Best of luck today for you and your mom, Molly!!! I hope you get comforting answers
  10. I hadn't microscopic blood in my urine when I left a urine sample for an annual check up. I was on my period and that was the cause of the blood. I clear CT means you don't have cancer! My husband had a kidney stone that was causing microscopic blood in his urine. The CT picked up the tiny little 2mm stone. I would say if nothing was seen on yours you are healthy and have a benign cause of your symptoms! Good luck and update us
  11. Respiratory Clinic referral

    I have had your exact same symptoms. Mine was triggered by a horrible upper respiratory infection. I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma. I was put on Symbicort and it SAVED me. My symptoms completely went away. I also had throat wheezing with inhale and exhale. All of my lung function tests were normal. My peak flow is great however I still have asthma. Asthma doesn't usually have any impact on your lung function unless you are experiencing an attack. So just because all of your tests are normal doesn't mean you don't have airway inflammation caused asthma. What asthma medication have you been on? Have they put you on an in hailed steroid? It sounds like that is what you need.
  12. Knee pain and scared

    I have having knee pain in my right knee for about 4 days now. It hurts bad when I stand up from sitting on the floor or when I am waking on it a lot. I can press on the sore spot while sitting and the pain radiates down my leg. I am scared this could be a tumor. I have read there is a rare cancer thang causes leg pain and people think it's a simple cause and it's really cancer. I have not injured my knee in any way which is what makes me nervous. Help
  13. A week until my mom sees the doctor

    Thinking of you, Molly