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  1. Numb head AGAIN

    I have woken up with a numb head so many times. Funny because I never think anything of it. Health anxiety is so weird.
  2. Waiting for test results.

    Going on two weeks and still no results 😩😩😩😩
  3. Traveling effecting bowel issues?

    When it travel I usually don't poop for days. It's terrible. It's so normal for bowel movements to be completely off during vacation. Some people go more some go less. I would say it's extending rare to stay on your normal BM schedule during vacation.
  4. Cervix question

    How exactly are you seeing your cervix? Do you have s speculum and light?
  5. How reliable are physician assistants at mole checks?

    THE PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT IN DERMATOLOGY "A Dermatology Physician Assistant (PA) is a healthcare provider who diagnosis and treats a wide variety of conditions, both in pediatric and medical dermatology. Some PAs also perform surgical and cosmetic procedures. Physician Assistants receive their training through the College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program at colleges and universities across the United States. The majority of Dermatology PAs hold a Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Studies with a concentration in Dermatology. Physician Assistants are part of the healthcare team and required by state law to have a supervising physician. Many PAs work independently within the dermatology office much like a staff dermatologist seeing a wide range of medical, surgical and cosmetic patients, but always under physician supervision. PAs also hold a prescribing license and are able to write prescriptions under the guidelines of the state they are licensed. The supervising dermatologist does not have to be in the office with the PA at all times, but is required to have posted hours of when he/she will be in the office. The PA and their supervising physician will decide on the practice style, supervision arrangements and delegation of services, which is appropriate for that particular physician assistant and office. Physician Assistants get additional training through continuing medical educational (CME) conferences, symposiums, workshops and journals. PAs are required to have 100 CME credits every two years in order to keep their license updated and are required to take a re-certification examination every six years. The PAs at Advanced Dermatology are dedicated to superior care and education for our patients. With our team approach to healthcare, we are confident we will increase your quality of life through hard work, empathy and dedication. "
  6. Waiting for test results.

    I also had an abnormal 11 years ago but a biopsy showed all cells to be normal so no further treatment was needed. I still get so nervous since I am older each year. I just turned 30 and I feel like I am now in a whole new cancer risk bracket or something.
  7. How reliable are physician assistants at mole checks?

    Read on what a PA is. They complete years of schooling and training. They are almost a full MD. They are a step above a nurse practitioner and a step below an MD. They consult with the doctor at their office daily. The do continuing education and training. The look at moles EVERY DAY. They are allowed to take biopsies and diagnose. you need to trust your PA. I see a dermatology PA and love her. PAs are very common in dermatology.
  8. Waiting for test results.

    I had my annual Pap last Tuesday and waiting for the results have been hard for me. It's almost been a week and nothing has been posted to my online chart. I had a pap last March (annual) and again in June because it's standard at your first prenatal check up and all was normal both times but I know so much can change in a year. I guess I am just venting off some of this anxiety I have been feeling waiting for the results.
  9. Going to the doctor at 11:30 am freaking out

    Could be something so insignificant. I tend to always get ovary pain in my left ovary. It seems to be there more than just ovulation time too. I have had MANY transvaginal scans and there is absolutely nothing going on with that ovary and it's completely normal. I feel like pain is so much more intense and noticeable when we are anxious about it. Deep breaths you will be fine 💗
  10. Bladder cancer anxiety after urine in blood (25)

    My husband had a kidney stone at 29 years old. It presented itself as urge to urinate. He had microscopic blood in his urine. He has a CT scan which located the stone. He passed it 4 days later.
  11. Extreme foot pain? Scared

    Went to the urgent care today and has several X-rays done in my foot. Doctor said nothing is going on and said bad cause of tendinitis. I have an ACE bandage on. Im scared the doctor missed something since he is not a radiologist and just a doc in a box aka urgent care doctor or what if the tumor is in my leg or leg bones but causing foot pain?
  12. Extreme foot pain? Scared

    Still in pain and probably need to go for X-rays. I have certainly gone down the rabbit hole and I am freaking this is cancer of my foot. I'm a mess
  13. Intense Foot Pain

    It was my post and I'm still in a TON of pain. No injury and I wear flip flops all the time so it couldn't be too right of a shoe. I swear I'm terrified I have bone cancer in my foot. It hurts while walking and when sitting down at night or going to bed. Top of my left foot. I think I'm going for X-rays tomorrow
  14. Extreme foot pain? Scared

    I am having severe pain in the top of my left foot. It's so hard to walk and the pain is there even when resting. It's unbearable to flex my foot up or down. The pain is located in the middle part of my top left foot and radiated to my toes. I did NOTHING to injure my foot. No new shoes, no exercise, nothing. There is no swelling that I can see just a deep severe ache to my top foot. I hate to go down the HA rabbit hole but I'm starting to fear it's bone cancer or cancer that has spread to my foot bone? I should probably see my doctor but I'm only on day 2 of this pain. Im kinda freaking out.
  15. MIscarriage and HA, long post

    Oh sweet heart first of all I am so sorry about your recent pregnancy loss. I am also very sorry about your increase in HA. Let me share a story with you about myself. I have suffered from extreme health anxiety and cancer phobia since I was a young child. I am currently 30 years old. Last May, May 16 to be exact I found out i was pregnant. The kicker here is my husband had a vasectomy FOUR years prior to this pregnancy. We had 4 children and felt complete and he had his vasectomy May 24, 2012. The day I took that pregnant year and saw 2 blazing pink lines I lost it. Literally lost my mind. I was 100% convinced beyond reasonable doubt I had an HCG secreting tumor since my husband had had his vasectomy for 4 years. I went to the ER and was so upset I had to be given xanax. I was given an HCG beta and my levels were 320 which was dead on where it should be for a pregnancy based on my LMP but I still thought I was dying. I went to the ER 3 times in one week demanding them to prove a pregnancy which was almost impossible because my baby was too small to be seen on ultrasound. During this week I couldn't take care of my 4 children. I couldn't get out of bed. I went an wntire 7 days without food and lost over 10 pounds. My anxiety was literally killing me. I was at the bottom of the bottom. my 3rd trip to the ER they did another vaginal ultrasound and sure enough there was a tiny gearional sac measuring 5 weeks and 1 day. I wasn't dying of a rare HCG cancer. I was pregnant however the anxiety was still debilitating. I then switched to the fact I was that 0.1% of people who become pregnant after a successful vasectomy. I was a statistic. I was actually one of those rare few I read about. The 0.2% chance that always calms my mind when I think I have some deadly cancer. How could I ever trust statistics again? I could I ever believe another doctor who tells me not to worry about my fears because my chances are just too low to even worry about it. I am so sorry I wrote so much but I just wanted to let you know I get where you are coming from. How it's so hard to trust. I started taking Prozac and it has changed my life. I understand you don't want to take your medication but sometimes we have to. I am breastfeeding and I still take mine because without it I can't live a normal life. Big hugs ❤️