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  1. Hi. While blood work can not diagnose or rule out cancer alone it's always a positive thing to have normal blood work results. If you are having nausea and some irregular movement I would consult with a GI doctor.
  2. Yes I always feel better but for me it's my OCD. It's my compulsive behaviors that make me post when I'm scared about a health issue so doing that behavior causes anxiety relief. Kinda feeding the beast which isn't great but I am so thankful for this site and kind members.
  3. Sounds like a benign cyst. Nothing to be concerned about
  4. I am having an anxiety/OCD relapse currently and it's been tough. My problem is I am back to obsessing about the colon polyp i had removed from my sigmoid colon in April 2014. I had been experiencing blood on my stools and for about 18 months before finally having a colonoscopy. I was 1 month shy of 27 years old. My scope was totally clear but a 10mm polyp was found in my sigmoid. It was removed and sent to pathology. 3 days later I got a call from my gastro doctors assistant that the pathology report said my polyp was Hyperplastic which means less than a 1% chance it would have never become cancer and had zero significance at all. They are common ans when found in the sigmoid and rectum areas on colonoscopy the colonoscopy is actually deemed normal and no follow up required. After hearing that news I never thought about it again and the thought of having colon cancer left my mind completely. Now my fear is back and it's haunting me to the core. I am fearing the pathology was wrong and the polyp was actually cancerous or precancerous. I fear that maybe I have a precancerous polyp that has grown in the last 3 years! I am terrified I will get colon cancer at a young age and die. I have been constantly googling colon polyps and it's fueling the beast. Thankfully EVERYTHING says Hyperplastic polyps are no biggie at all but what gets me is I am afraid the pathologist missed something or my patholgy or polyp might have been switched. I just had a year physical with my GP who said that polyp is absolutely nothing to worry about and colon polyps are has common as moles and very rarely so even precancerous polyps turn into full blown cancer but I'm still haunted by the fact I had a polyp. Its terrible
  5. Agree 💗
  6. I usually get Cipro when I have one. My mom has one last week and got bacterium. So you have a primary care doctor you can go see? That's what I woild do.
  7. 10mg of Prozac daily but no Benzo since I am nursing.
  8. So the petechiae faded completely about 48 hours after the fall and is gone. She is now just sore where she hit. She basically belly flopped onto the counter ledge. I am feeling less panicked now. Thanks for all the responses.
  9. Here is the link to the picture
  10. My 8 year old daughter fell yesterday while trying to climb on the counter top (typical kid) and hit her belly really hard. Soon after she showed me and she has a very large area of petechiae where she hit. It looks terrible. I am so scared since petechiae is a symptom of blood cancer. Is it ok if it occurred after trauma or should it not appear at all? I will try and post a picture in the comments below. I will be calling her doctor on Monday but right now I am very scared. She appears to be very healthy with zero illness symptoms.
  11. Accept that your ultrasound was clear because it was CLEAR! There is no question about that. There was nothing of significant found. Trust your doctor and trust the medical testing you had. I know nothing about the elevated marker they found but also listen to your doctor when he/she says she doesn't think it's anything to worry about! I am so happy your ultrasound results were normal. What a relief.
  12. Update
  13. And I also agree that your PCP can see you for a mole issue. My PCP actually removes and sends moles for biopsy
  14. Does your Derm office have a PA or NP? I see the PA at my Derms office and love her and can usually her in with 2-4 days of calling. Seeing the actual Derm has longer wait time but the PA and NP is just as knowledgeable and converses with the doctor!
  15. Sorry should say "canker" sores