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  1. I am not 100% sure but I thought ultrasound was almost BETTER at diagnosing than a mammogram?? I would say it's excellent news your ultrasound was normal and hour doctor is just being proactive in her reassurance to you. Medical testing so scary when you have HA but it will be ok. Hang in there!!
  2. I personally know someone with ALS currently. Her symptoms was weakness in her shoulder which progressed, key word there is progressed. It wasn't "questionable" weakness it was " I truly can't get dishes out of my cabinets" weakness. Like her shoulder wasn't working weakness. Reaching up became impossible. She was sent for all kinds of testing. I'm pretty sure her doctors knew right away something wasn't right. Also i can't say 100% but I don't think she had any type of twitching. The twitching was all saw happening during testing. I know first hand how hard it is to TRUST the experts. I question medical advice almost daily. I fear dying and leaving my family. Anxiety about health and fear of diease is brutal. So I take it you had zero weakness until the panic attack happened, the twitching feeling started and you googled and found ALS correct?
  3. Ok First remain calm. You are so young and this could be so many minor things. Do you have an OBGYN or primary care you could go see? You might have gotten a bug bite or have a minor skin infection.
  4. Is there mucous with the blood? I once coughed and spit mucous that had a streak of blood. I blew my nose right after that and there was lots of clear mucous mixed with a good amount of blood so the blood for sure came from my post nasal drip. I would not worry about anything sinister with a clear chest X ray
  5. I'm not sure if you are male or female but as a female I have had a few lumps in my right armpit that scared the heck out of me. One was an infected sweat gland that caused a cyst to form. I had it drained and it took about 6 weeks to fully go away. The others were just tiny pea sized nodes the reacted to some shaving irritation. My Dr told me nodes in the armpit are close to the skin surface and even mild enlargement due to mild infection can be felt and it can take up to 1 full month for the node to return to normal size.
  6. 4 days of fever is NOT prolonged. No where even close to prolonged. My kids have had viruses that causes fevers for 7+ days. 2 years ago I myself got a terrible virus in December and had a fever for 8 days. Viruses are wicked and tend to last what seems like forever. Most viruses take 7-10 days to completely run their course.
  7. Does it blanch when you push on it? Of so it's not petechiae. Also having perechiae isn't always a symptom of doom. I have had always had perfect CBCs and still can get petechiae in a small patch, like if I carry my infant car seat over my arm over my forearm too long. A quick and easy CBC would put your mind at ease.
  8. Hi Stephanie. I don't have any answers to your questions but I just wanted to check in with you!! Lindsay
  9. I worry about my husband my all the time. He is only 31 but for some reason I worry about him. He has been having symptoms of IBS for 10 years and of course I worry it's colon C. Every time he takes his pulseOx at home with our reader it's like 93-95 which worries me he might have a lung disease because he grew up around cigarette smoke. He get bad headaches on occasion and I worry it's a brain tumor. His back has a lot of moles and I worry about melanoma. He sometimes has chest pain he thinks oh acid reflux and I worry it's something with his heart. So to answer your question YES, I worry about my husband constantly. And to make matters worse he has the opposite of HA and doesn't overthink anything and never sees a doctor.
  10. Good luck today Diane! Skin cancer anxiety is brutal. Been there done that.
  11. BLU- if I were you I would just get the biopsy. It's highly highly likely it will come back normal and once that happens you can lay this to rest. Since you have had wonky cycles (which are most likely due to hormonal changes and stress) a normal biopsy will allow you to stop focusing on this issue and know from here on out that a late period or mid cycle spotting is nothing to worry about because pathology proved so. I HATE medical testing. I don't fear the procedure I fear the results. Last year in march I had spotting after sex mid cycle. I was CERTAIN it was cervical cancer because I was 3 years late in my pap. I went in for a pap and the 5 day wait for the results was torture but guess what?? NORMAL results.
  12. All blood work was posted to my online portal and was normal, even my WBC count! Phew
  13. I have had a cold for about a week. My throat has gradually become more sore since the cold has started. Yesterday it it was TERRIBLE. The right side of my throat hurt so bad and my right ear throbbed. Today it's basically the same. I do not see any swelling of my tonsil and my throat isn't even that red? I'm still congested and blowing thick yellow out of my nose. My 5 year old had something like this last week with bad throat pain and was negative for strep so I am almost certain it's not strep. I have not had a fever at all and geel fine but my throat feel like I'm swallowing glass and my ear hurts. I have never had throat pain this severe with a cold so I'm scared.
  14. Uterine C usually causes prolonged heavy bleeding not a late or missed period. I have also spotted during ovulation a few times, usually during sex. It can be a very common cause of mid cycle spotting. I am going to have to agree with others that this sounds totally like premenopaus. Good luck
  15. I had my blood work done this morning. I am STILL suffering from this terrible cold and my throat is SO SO SORE. I did not see my GP because my appt with him is next Monday to discuss the results but I did tell the nurse I had a cold but no fever for about a week. I hate waiting for results 😩