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  1. Let's look at the facts: •a normal period lasts from 4-7 days (you are on day 6 and only spotting so totally normal) •your pap screening came back normal •your periods are shorter lately (hormones change our cycles through out our lives. After children mine are longer and HEAVIER)-also, normal. Normal, normal, normal. I would not worry about this, you are doing great!
  2. Maybe it's a parent thing but I find I always get hit harder than my kids when we share the same virus. What fun! Often when I am sick I find it's a good time to blame any foreign symptoms on the virus I am fighting and it helps me worry less. Oh, I'm so tired because I'm sick...or I am sweating at night bc I have a mild fever, etc. See if rewording it that way helps. You will feel better soon! I know it often feels like it will never lift when it's in the house but before long it's a distant memory 👍
  3. Thank you Marc. Your story is yet another reminder of how our anxious minds default to the worst case scenario. I'm certain I would have responded the same!
  4. So I noticed my doctor had left a message on my answering machine this evening and I was frankly afraid to check it. So glad I got it over with though bc he said everything came back normal. Doesn't explain my few weeks of extreme tiredness so I guess I'll have to chalk it up to wonky post baby hormones! Hang in there Diane. I know hearing scary stuff can affect the stories that we play in our head but remember that that story belongs to someone else and not you.
  5. I hear ya! Hope you get all good news on your end and the wait isn't long. I've been trying my best to keep busy but unfortunately it's impossible to spend every waking moment out of the house.
  6. Still waiting over here... and the wait is driving me nuts! I had blood work done last Thursday afternoon . We are now Wednesday and I am still waiting to hear back. If it were anything concerning would they have called sooner? I know the logical thing to do is to call but I am way too afraid to do that!
  7. In Canada, they didn't check donors for hepatitis in the 80s when I would've had my transfusion. Hence my concern. My doctor said the results would be in by next week. I feel so torn because I just want to feel better and in the same breath am afraid to find out what's wrong with me. I agree that waiting for that phone to ring can be agonizing! Any time someone calls my heart is in my throat. Think I will take Joy's suggestion and keep busy. I might go visit with friends to keep myself and my kids busy.
  8. I know I'm horrible at this part but my anxiety is in HIGH gear right now waiting for blood test results! I am so worried. Utterly convinced that the doctor will call early to tell me that I have a horrible illness, either the c-word, or liver disease (I had blood transfusions as a baby and was never tested for hepC...another big fear of mine). He tested for SO many things yesterday and I can't seem to stop having scary intrusive thoughts about this whole ordeal. Why do our minds go to the worst case scenario every time? I'm careful not to Google but still manage to conjure up all sorts of scary stuff.
  9. Uugh, just you mentioning the possibility of something awful puts my anxiety into high gear :\ My doctors office is open until 1pm tomorrow. Did I mention I HATE the waiting game?!
  10. Yes, they did the draw right in the office. I live in Canada but I think we just joined the rest of the country in online test results. Well it seemed like a lot but I guess he might as well check everything. I know checking my results online will just make me anxious so I refrained from asking how to check it. He said he was checking for diabetes too but I am a very unlikely candidate. Guess it can't hurt to check.
  11. OK, so another kick in the side to HA. I got it over with and the simple part is over. He told me for anything related to tiredness they do bloodwork. Then proceeded to check off a million boxes on the blood work up sheet I hate waiting for results but I know I did the right thing. mlouise, it's hard hey? I think distraction is best but I know it's difficult when intrusive thoughts bombard you.
  12. Diane, just waiting...ugh, so nervous. I brought my baby girl as a distraction and it seems to help.
  13. Ha! I have low blood pressure so usually my nerves bring it up to a "regular" level and the doctor will announce that it's great. That use to baffle me! Forty minutes to go....Working through the anxiety/fear but it sure is tough!
  14. I have! I had a lump in my neck that was small and fixed. Shortly after having an allergic reaction it swelled up and was sore. Needless to say, my anxiety was soaring very high when I went to the ER (for my reaction not my lump) and the ER doctor told me that it was a lymphnode and sent me for a litany of blood work. Nothing came of it and eventually the lump got small again, but hard, only to resurface more recently. This time I went to my doctor and low and wasn't a lymphnode but a harmless cyst! The ER Doctor was obviously at the bottom of his med class but his mistake had me worried for ages. What I'm getting at is not all lumps and bumps are serious...even when you're certain they are! Shoddy nodes are common too. I have several on both sides of my neck that have stayed large for a long time.
  15. So despite my doctor fears I booked an appointment today to discuss my concerns over my lack of energy and tiredness lately. Despite that, I am bricking it over here! Afraid of what the doctor will say and what he will do. Uugh. I hate having health anxiety. For those of you who don't mind going do you get anxious before a visit? I know distraction is key here (and shouldn't be too hard as I care for my three children all day long) but the butterflies in my tummy are doing backflips!