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  1. Always have felt that way when posting about myself, simply feels good to put it out there to others who understand. Best wishes.
  2. SSRIs all work the same way, think it's just that minor chemical difference between brands that may make a difference for one individual compared to the other. Not sure though. with regard to withdrawals, the irony is when you change medicines, you won't know if it's withdrawal from one or transition side effects from the other. Either way, those are temporary and in my opinion a very much worth it for the relief provided when one works for you. Best wishes.
  3. I was on Lexapro 20 mg for 10 years and it worked great for me until it faded out. Then changed to Prozac 60 mg. Didn't taper of Lex just started at 20 mg Pro and worked up to 60mg. It was a long transition with a lot of side effects. Was on Prozac for 2 years it just didn't work well for me. Just switched to Zoloft 50mg. Tapered off This time and already feeling better. Just remember everyone is different. Trick is to find the one that works for you. Best wishes.
  4. Sometimes math helps. The pill is about 98% effective so if you are concerned I would add one or more precautions. In addition to the pill, could use condoms, or spermicide, or withdrawal method, or rythym method. Adding anyone of these raises the effectiveness beyond the pill alone. Virtually nothing will get you to 100% statistically, simply a calculated risk. Frankly, wish more people thought about the possibilities. Sex can be amazing but is also a responsibility. Best wishes.
  5. I am certainly biased and always have taken "a better life through pharmaceuticals" approach. No illegal drugs but have never hesitated to take medication recommended by my Dr. I went on medication a little over 12 years ago when diagnosed with panic disorder and GAD. Was on Lexapro with great successs for 10 years before it stopped working. Rough transition to Prozac that I was on for 2 years but not as good for me as Lexapro. Switched to Zoloft a few weeks ago and still in the transition process but feeling better than I did on Prozac. Everyone is different and what works for one does not work for all. May take some trial and error, and the initial transition can be rough with even increased anxiety, however I can say without doubt that going on a SSRI gave me my life back. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Best wishes.
  6. Anxiety isn't "reasonable" and those who do not suffer from it can't truly understand how making that comment to you is both obvious and worthless (in my opinion) but they do think they are helping and can't blame them for that. With regard to your rabies concern, your post says it all. You weren't bitten, no open wound blood mixing, and no reason to think the dog itself was rabid. You will be just fine. Trust in what you know to be true, Best wishes.
  7. To me, that is the most frustrating aspect of anxiety and panic. I call them rough patches, and when one hits after a streak of feeling good, it's depressing, frustrating, etc. I try to remind myself that panic always passes, and my anxiety based health concerns have always been wrong. Doesn't work in the moment every time, but does help to start settling back down. Best wishes.
  8. I agree with liveitup, absolutely tell the Counselor everything, if for no other reason they are someone who will understand what you are experiencing and they cannot fully help without the complete picture. Keep us posted. Best wishes.
  9. Update: Just finished my first week of transition. Went from 60mg of Prozac to 40mg and added 25mg of Zoloft. Tomorrow I go to 50mg of Zoloft with the same 40 mg of Prozac. Then Sunday the Prozac drops to 20 for a week and then gone. Overall, the first week was an improvement, but having a particularly bad day. Woke up rather violently last night for no apparent reason, and thought about that during the day. Had a brief chest pain at the end of the day in a meeting followed by a sort of cold rushing feeling straight down my body. This of course put me in panic mode and haven't felt well all night. Stress, med change, panic disorder, weather change, who knows. Just not a good night. Again, week 1 was an overall improvement, hoping week 2 gets even better. Best wishes. Hope everyone is well.
  10. If you know my history, I was diagnosed with panic disorder and GAD about 13 years ago. Was on Lexapro with great success for over 10 years before it stopped working for me. Switched to Prozac over 2 years ago and it was a long and rough transition. Have had multiple rough patches while on Prozac, seems like more in 2 years than with Lexapro for 10. Saw my GP today and she felt it was time to change. This time it's Zoloft. One of my best friends takes it and has had very good results so I took that as a positive sign when the Dr. Said it. At any rate, I begin the transition tomorrow. Hopefully will not be as rough of a transition as last time, but at least I know what to potentially expect.
  11. Would simply say place your focus on your new job. From your post it sounds like it wasn't the best fit for anyone involved. Might sound odd, but sometimes being let go can be the best thing that happens. I've been doing Human Resources for over 20 years. I have seen people let go that go on to better opportunities and greater happiness. I've also seen former Associates who can't let it go, even years later. Without exception in my career, those who move forward and use their time in position as a learning experience seem to do much better. From your post, I am happy for you that you are in a new job and have the opportunity to move on. Best wishes.
  12. Wishing all a very happy Easter.
  13. I was on Lexapro for 10 years and then it faded out for me. Don't remember a time before that when it stopped working, but of course even with the Lexapro there were occasional hard days. Best wishes.
  14. Thank you all very much for the replies and support. Much appreciated. Best wishes.
  15. I have panic disorder and GAD, that tends to manifest as heart concerns. Although not my heart (been checked and see a Cardiologist) it's simply where my mind goes and chest wall pain converts to heart attack in my head instantly. Usually, I can point to a reason of what is causing a spike in anxiety but at the moment I'm kind of giving up as they are too many to choose from. Without a lot of detail, my sibling was recently diagnosed with the C word and has started chemo, a professional mentor of mine passed, wife has been traveling a lot for work so I've been doing a good deal of "single parenting" with my 3 year old, in day 5 of quitting a heavy chewing tobacco habit, and the weather here has been going crazy and I always seem to feel the changes. Can go on, but what's the point. Feel like hell, irritable and panicky and know it's a huge combo of issues, nothing I can pinpoint for now, and this rough patch seems to have no end in sight. Frustrated and needed to vent where I know people understand. Best wishes. Thanks for reading.