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  1. Its a hair bump.My husband gets them all the time without heads on them.
  2. That is hardly a drastic weight loss. Weight fluxuates for some 2-3 pounds a day.
  3. Impossible that a bat bit you.
  4. If you have to wait till next month, your mole isn't going to change that much in a month.You'll be fine till next month.
  5. Exactly, and if you are on your feet all day of course they are going to swell. Mason-if it was a blood clot, you wouldn't have splotches on your feet believe me. You would be unable to walk, have redness in your leg or belly and the area would be hot to the touch.
  6. Please stop testing yourself. You are not a doctor.Google isn't your doctor. Unless you know what you are looking for, stop testing.
  7. Yes bumps from foculitis or cysts can be popped like a pimple. When my husband gets them they are red and sore. He usually pops them in the shower so then he can clean them out.
  8. Again you probably have an ingrown hair or cyst. Neither are serious. They go away on their own. My husband usually just pops his and they go away.
  9. You got bit by something but it wasn't a bat.
  10. Could an ingrown hair. Those can be painful like a pimple.
  11. Allergies
  12. So this is now your 3rd or 4th post about this. If you actually had something wrong with you, your symptoms would have been much worse by now. We all misread things, I do it probably daily. You are fine.
  13. Most bats are not out during the day. You're fine.
  14. None of those are symptoms of a brain tumor or anything serious.
  15. There is over aware and then there is being over worried. This isn't being over aware. You are afarid of even having a friend with HIV touch you and afraid on contaminated items at the doctors office. I really think you need a little bit of education on how it can contacted. I used to work with people with HIV and AIDS. I now have a few clients with HIV and AIDS and Hep C. Knowledge is power. We often fear what we do not understand.