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  1. Damn this skin anxiety!!

    I have fair skin and freckles and usually only go to the derm about 6 months. My husband also goes every 6 months as he is at high risk of cancer. I read the story and to me it isnt a huge deal, as my husband has been through it so many times. If your son needs his mole removed, they usually always do a biopsy either a punch or shave.
  2. Damn this skin anxiety!!

    It is normal for moles to change here and there as we age. What you want to look for is things that change drastically within a few weeks. My husband has had 17 skin cancer scares as he has had 17 skin biopsies done. 2 so large he needed to see a plastic surgeon. I am sure your son is fine.
  3. EYE PAIN???

    sharp pains can be from allergy or sinus issues
  4. How reliable are physician assistants at mole checks?

    PA'sin the US are the same as regualr doctors.They just have a few years less training. Theh can also write scripts. They are not going to examine every mole as that would take a while. They are trained to see what looks normal and not normal. My husband has over 100 plus moles, and only has the moles that look unusal examined futher such as with a scope and measured. They are not going to check every mole with a scope.
  5. Bladder cancer anxiety after urine in blood (25)

    Issues like kidney stones or cysts can come at any age. My husband had his first stone at 28 and cyst at 29
  6. Bladder cancer anxiety after urine in blood (25)

    Have you ever had a kidney stone or had any cysts ln your testicals? My husband had a kidney stone and it caused horrible pain and blood. He also had a cyst about a year later, caused pain in abdomen, and testical pain.
  7. I've transposed by skin anxiety onto my sons!

    Thank you! This post provokes fear in some people. Stalking medical boards online is not the same as a physicians diagnosis. My husband has been on the skin cancer train for 5 years, and we have heard not 1 time that dysplastic moles are not real. They are and can be very dangerous. I would rather trust a doctor or pathologist
  8. I've transposed by skin anxiety onto my sons!

    Studying dermatology studies and spitting them back out does not help people. Really it does give misinformation and scares people. Believe me, I know it when I say it. My husband has several atypical moles and had them removed as they appeared to be cancer. Just because someone says they are atypical does not mean they are melanoma or even in stiu. So no most of the time that is not what it means. Also you can have dysplastic moles which then grow back, as my husband has had. Just because you read studies does not mean they do not exist. As someone whose husband has gone through this, it is very real. We have been riding the skin cancer train since 2012
  9. Pain when standing

    If I stand even for short periods my butt gets sore. All those muscles and joints are connected. Believe me its muscle pain
  10. I've transposed by skin anxiety onto my sons!

    Actually there is thing called atypical moles as my husband has them. He has mild to moderate. They are not melanoma nor with they ever be. His 2 largest were severe. You also can develop melanoma from existing moles which is why you are told to exam them as part of a skin check. Please do not continue to spread misinformation.As someone whose husband goes through this every 6 months it is more harmful than helpful to those with skin anxiety.
  11. Pregnant and Anxiety

    Okay ladies that have children why is anxiety worse when pregnant? For example, I bought a new bra and the stupid thing left me with red/pink spots or both my breasts. Of course being pregnant my brain went somewhere else. Spots are not itchy, flaky, or warm. They just pinkinsh and in same spots in both.
  12. Having a moment. Daughter fell yesterday.

    Give her lip a few days to heal, she will be fine.
  13. Believe me if you had something that wrong with you, you would be much sicker by now. My husband has had several moles they were concerned were cancer. None of your skin issues sound anything alarming. In my husbands case his moles changed within weeks. They went from being moles to be large, scaley, with multiple colors. Even the dermatologist himself didnt know if he had melanoma. In melanoma you want to look for spots that darken rapidly and change shape rapidly. Believe me, skin cancer isnt pretty.
  14. ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED :( breast fears

    You could also have fibrocystic breasts. These can cause burning, pain, and issues with wearing a bra. Especially after a period when your gear up to ovulate. Pain from fibroids can come and go and then disappear.
  15. Normal Moles?

    Most derms are trained to look with a naked eye if something looks normal or not. If it looks abnormal they may take out the scope or measure. In my case, my moles don't get a scope, they just get measured. Usually the more you look at your moles the more unusal they look.