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  1. Leukemia fears

    My father in law had leukemia for 4 years. His symptoms were just tiredness and sudden weight loss. Your blood work would show if you had it.
  2. Anyone been through a medical crisis?

    I had a medical emergency of anaphlaxis as well as finding on recently I have vascular disorder where I am at high risk of blood clots
  3. IBS, Anxiety, or Pregnancy??? Stomach Problems!

    Most often you have constipation with pregnancy not the other way around. More than likely you are working yourself up over nothing.
  4. Multiple horizontal nail ridges

    The ER really is not the place to mention about your nails. If you are that worried about your nails, try to make an appointment with a dermatologist.
  5. Lung cancer. Super scared.

    why are you reading such stories when you do not have lung cancer ?
  6. Lung cancer. Super scared.

    My great uncle was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Nothing you have stated even sounds close to lung cancer
  7. swollen area on leg

    If you had a blood clot the area would be warm to the touch, red, and you would not be able to walk.
  8. I am pretty sure I have bone cancer of the knee

    As someone whose aunt has cancer related to the bone of her leg, you don't have it.
  9. Breast scare

    I have fibroids in both breasts and have since I was 13. The lump has been checked, its a fibroid. Fibroids usually swell and shrink in response to your monthly cycle. One way to tell the difference is if they swell then shrink. If is has been checked that many times, you are fine. Fibroids are just something that you live with.
  10. Sigh, and I thought I was over my anxiety

    Strep can last a little bit in adults. The white spots are typical for strep. Just get lots of rest, and if you are given medications, make sure to take them.
  11. Worried About My Son

    Its pretty normal for one testicle to be larger than the other. My husband about a year ago, thought he had a lump. Turns out he had an epididimal cyst. Which is common in men, and once men get them they come and go. He also had slight pain from it. He also had a hydrocele at the same time.
  12. Breast lump

    If you have had it for this long, it isn't cancer.
  13. Breast lump

    If you have lumps in both breasts it is unlikely you have cancer. I have known women with BC and their lumps grew in a matter of weeks not years. They also had them in one breast not both.
  14. Help calm me please!!!

    If you had blood in your stool it would be dark red and have a terrible smell. Peppers and tomatoes cannot be digested easily and come out in stool like that.
  15. Breast lump

    There is no way anyone is going to do an ultrasound of your breasts without a just cause. You have had the lump what sounds like for years. Guess what? I have them too.