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  1. Drew, you've got to calm down and I know you know that already. Are you around people very much? I'm not being weird or nosy here. I'm just saying that I know when my husband is gone for business and I'm home alone my anxiety is so much worse!! My IBS and gastritis symptoms are ALWAYS worse when I'm alone. I don't work but I do volunteer at a dog rescue a couple of times a week most weeks, and just being around the dogs and other volunteers help when I'm anxious as well. Perhaps call a friend or family member, and go out for a movie, dinner, whatever to help engage in conversation to take your mind off your fears for a bit! Even light exercise could help. Anything to get you tired so you can relax and sleep better too will help.
  2. I'm sorry I forgot to mention this last night but have you heard of D Mannose? It's supposed to be for urinary tract health. That's something you can google and not scare yourself! I've heard lots of good things about it. It may not stop an infection that's far in, but if you have chronic UTI's it may work to help prevent them. Also YES you need to drink a lot of water. I do and it helps flush everything out. Also may help to prevent UTI's. I understand your fear of it spreading but if your doc was really concerned I think she would've prescribed something before getting the culture back. I am constantly worried about getting infections too, especially since C Diff. It scared me so bad that I am terrified of needing an antibiotic. Like I said, they're not to be played around with. I was told by an infectious disease doctor I had to see for C Diff to never take antibiotics unless there's an absolute must and if possible to get culture and sensitivity tests done for any suspected infection. The key for someone in my case especially, is to try and avoid the broad spectrum antibiotics. Don't let anything I said worry you. Keep in mind that this stuff the doc told me is for someone in my situation. Feel better and please keep us posted! (((((HUGS)))))
  3. Agree with Holls. I'd use some Neosporine and cover it but keep an eye on it. I'm sure you're okay though!
  4. If a doctor didn't advise you to take the Tetracycline you probably shouldn't take it. Antibiotics aren't to be taken lightly. They have side effects and resistance is becoming a problem. I understand you aren't feeling well, but they're doing a culture for a reason. There are over the counter meds to help with symptoms until you see what the culture grows. I don't mean to sound uncaring here. I just cringe about improper antibiotic usage. I have had C Diff three times so I'm a bit sensitive. Sorry! I do hope you don't hurt yourself and get better soon!!
  5. I had a bad cold and bronchitis that started two weeks ago. I had a fever for four days or so and felt like crap! I am a lot better but still feel tired if I do too much. Yesterday I went to the place I volunteer and was gone all day and when I got home I was exhausted. My husband said I snored like a freight train last night! Get some rest and drink plenty of clear fluids. I sat in our guest bathroom with the shower on hot several times a day and it helped a lot. I used the neti pot a few times a day, and took Tylenol for headache and fever, and used Afrin nose spray a few days. I'm still tired and a little congested and have a cough. Just hang in there! You'll be fine!!
  6. Thanks so much! I also hope your little one feels better soon. Antibiotics don't work for colds since they're viral in nature. I am terrified of antibiotics because I've had C Diff three times! That's why I panic when I get sick. Thanks again and prayers for your kiddo!
  7. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! I vomited before I went to bed last night. It was a rough night coughing and sneezing all night. My head is killing me. I still don't have an appetite! Is that normal for a cold? Sorry I just get scared when I'm sick! Thanks again!!
  8. I started getting a sore throat yesterday evening and today I'm having what I hope are just all cold symptoms: sore/burning throat, stuffy head/sneezing, tons of drainage, headache, etc. Anyway, my stomach feels queasy as well. I am obviously swallowing a lot of gunk. I also took Tylenol Cold which also has some stuff for coughing in it. So I don't know if it's the medicine, drainage, or a combo of both. Anyone else get like this when you have a cold? I didn't go to the doctor since they really can't do much. I do feel like crap and am getting a bit worried too! I haven't been sick in awhile.
  9. Could it be something like a strained muscle or muscle bulge? Are you lifting a bunch at your new job? Just a thought. If in doubt see a doc. It may not be a node.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! I've had a couple of days when it's been a more normal color so I'm not so worried about that anymore. However I do think my hemorrhoids are irritated because I've had some blood off and on in the stool and on the TP. So now my anxiety is high over that. I haven't had diarrhea in two weeks so the Calcium is helping with that! Knock on wood! I know I have hemorrhoids but still panic when I see blood! Ugh!!
  11. I understand the fear of cancer as I had breast cancer four years ago! However, you can still just have IBS. I do and my BM's are all over the place. I also have hemorrhoids that bleed off and on. My doctor didn't feel any but the colonoscopy picked them up. I think you just need to see a GI doctor and avoid the ER for things like this. They can even use an anoscope to find hemorrhoids. It's a short metal scope that takes about five minutes to check inside the rectum. I'm no doctor so I can't say if a CT Scan would show colon cancer or not. I've always heard that Colonoscopies are the gold standard for that. There are other things like infections (viral, bacterial, or parasites) that can cause blood in the stool, Colitis etc. as well. Hang in there! Don't panic!
  12. Blu, I'm so sorry to hear about all this stress!! Stress can cause a lot of physical issues, even messing up the menstrual cycle. I honestly don't know why they're going straight to biopsy. I panicked once after bleeding off and on and had a biopsy and it was painful!! I can't take Ibuprfen because it tears my gut up so I only took Tylenol. My issue is still ongoing but it's because chemo for breast cancer screwed up my ovaries. Ugh. I never know when I'll have a period. I have bleeding sometimes just for a day or two. Sometimes it's just the brown discharge but I'm told it's all "normal" for my situation. They said to expect the unexpected. I say all that to say that maybe yours is all due to stress or even normal hormonal issues due to your age?? I'd really push for ultrasound instead of something so uncomfortable! I don't think it'll hurt to see your gp for another opinion. I have to remind myself that every health issue/ailment, ache or pain is not cancer, and it's so hard since I've been through that already. But that same reminder goes for you. Sometimes it just sucks being a woman! Anyway, I'll say a prayer for you because you're going through soooo much right now! (((((HUGS)))))
  13. I've been taking Caltrate for almost a week because I read that Calcium supplements could help with IBS-D, which I have. Does anyone know if Caltrate can cause lighter colored stools? I get panicky that it could be a liver issue! The first few days the Caltrate had a constipating effect which didn't bother me, but yesterday and today I've been to the loo twice. It hasn't been diarrhea but they've been good sized stools. Sorry for TMI!!! Maybe I'm just a bit backed up from the Caltrate and being more on the constipated side from last week?? Also, do any of you get nervous if you go number 2 more than once a day?? I don't worry about colon cancer but am scared to death of possible infection/colitis. This all stems from having C Diff in the past. Any replies and info are appreciated!
  14. I can sympathize with you regarding C Diff. I've had it three times, and I still get panicky when I get diarrhea, which is often due to C Diff worsening my IBS. Ugh!! I've had breast cancer as well and the C Diff scared me more than the cancer. I still worry about my cancer coming back due to the aggressive type I had, but since I have diarrhea off and on all the time, the C Diff thoughts are what stick with me. It's been four years since I've had both too. Anyway, try and not worry since the tech told you she didn't see anything! Also stay away from google!! Keep busy until Tuesday. I think you'll be just fine! XOXO!!!
  15. Could be anxiety. It could be Interstitial Cystitis also known as painful bladder syndrome. I have a friend who has it and it's where you feel like you have an infection but you don't. You don't always have to have the so called classic symptoms. My friend says sometimes it's really painful but not all the time. You should never take antibiotics "just in case". Anyway stress always makes anything worse.