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  1. I understand the fear of cancer as I had breast cancer four years ago! However, you can still just have IBS. I do and my BM's are all over the place. I also have hemorrhoids that bleed off and on. My doctor didn't feel any but the colonoscopy picked them up. I think you just need to see a GI doctor and avoid the ER for things like this. They can even use an anoscope to find hemorrhoids. It's a short metal scope that takes about five minutes to check inside the rectum. I'm no doctor so I can't say if a CT Scan would show colon cancer or not. I've always heard that Colonoscopies are the gold standard for that. There are other things like infections (viral, bacterial, or parasites) that can cause blood in the stool, Colitis etc. as well. Hang in there! Don't panic!
  2. Blu, I'm so sorry to hear about all this stress!! Stress can cause a lot of physical issues, even messing up the menstrual cycle. I honestly don't know why they're going straight to biopsy. I panicked once after bleeding off and on and had a biopsy and it was painful!! I can't take Ibuprfen because it tears my gut up so I only took Tylenol. My issue is still ongoing but it's because chemo for breast cancer screwed up my ovaries. Ugh. I never know when I'll have a period. I have bleeding sometimes just for a day or two. Sometimes it's just the brown discharge but I'm told it's all "normal" for my situation. They said to expect the unexpected. I say all that to say that maybe yours is all due to stress or even normal hormonal issues due to your age?? I'd really push for ultrasound instead of something so uncomfortable! I don't think it'll hurt to see your gp for another opinion. I have to remind myself that every health issue/ailment, ache or pain is not cancer, and it's so hard since I've been through that already. But that same reminder goes for you. Sometimes it just sucks being a woman! Anyway, I'll say a prayer for you because you're going through soooo much right now! (((((HUGS)))))
  3. I've been taking Caltrate for almost a week because I read that Calcium supplements could help with IBS-D, which I have. Does anyone know if Caltrate can cause lighter colored stools? I get panicky that it could be a liver issue! The first few days the Caltrate had a constipating effect which didn't bother me, but yesterday and today I've been to the loo twice. It hasn't been diarrhea but they've been good sized stools. Sorry for TMI!!! Maybe I'm just a bit backed up from the Caltrate and being more on the constipated side from last week?? Also, do any of you get nervous if you go number 2 more than once a day?? I don't worry about colon cancer but am scared to death of possible infection/colitis. This all stems from having C Diff in the past. Any replies and info are appreciated!
  4. I can sympathize with you regarding C Diff. I've had it three times, and I still get panicky when I get diarrhea, which is often due to C Diff worsening my IBS. Ugh!! I've had breast cancer as well and the C Diff scared me more than the cancer. I still worry about my cancer coming back due to the aggressive type I had, but since I have diarrhea off and on all the time, the C Diff thoughts are what stick with me. It's been four years since I've had both too. Anyway, try and not worry since the tech told you she didn't see anything! Also stay away from google!! Keep busy until Tuesday. I think you'll be just fine! XOXO!!!
  5. Could be anxiety. It could be Interstitial Cystitis also known as painful bladder syndrome. I have a friend who has it and it's where you feel like you have an infection but you don't. You don't always have to have the so called classic symptoms. My friend says sometimes it's really painful but not all the time. You should never take antibiotics "just in case". Anyway stress always makes anything worse.
  6. I'm so sorry you're going through all this right now. I'll keep you in my prayers! Praying for comfort and that this nodule is nothing serious. Hang in there and keep us posted.
  7. Thanks for replying! I haven't been to the bathroom today but it's not too surprising since I took Imodium last night and Pepto this morning. My stomach still doesn't feel good. I woke up at 11:15 last night in a sweat but I'm pretty sure it was an anxiety issue because that happened often after cancer treatment. My arms and hands were wet and my palms felt like the were burning. It's always frightening though! I never got comfortable after that so I didn't sleep at all! Thanks again!
  8. When I go for my Oncologist for my checkups he never "digs" for any nodes. It's never uncomfortable or sore like it is when I've felt around on my own. So that tells me if he felt anything suspicious he would not have to dig for it. Hang in there!
  9. Ugh how frustrating!! I've been thinking about you and had hoped you had some good news to share today! Keep trying to reach your doc. Keep us posted! (((((HUGS)))))
  10. Please bear with me. My bowels are my nemesis! I have IBS-D mostly, but I panic every time something is off. Monday I had my usual morning bathroom visit. The whole day I felt like I could go again (full feeling in rectum) but I never went again. Yesterday I didn't go at all and things were great! I slept like a rock! Then today I went in the morning then again late morning and this afternoon had a bout of mushy D. So I took some Imodium. However, since then, I have a feeling of burning intestinal cramping off and on, and also burning/full feeling in my rear! Feels like if I tried to toot it would be lava (D) instead of just air! I also have a hemorrhoid. Sorry for TMI! If any of you have IBS, do you get this feeling down there after a flare?? It scares me because I'm always afraid it's more than just IBS, such as Colitis or Crohn's. If anyone doesn't know, I had C diff three times in 2013, so I have PTSD from that. My IBS has been worse ever since. Ugh! Any insight/help is deeply appreciated!
  11. Yay!! I've been thinking about you and I am so happy to hear the good news!! Please let us know how you do next week with your CT and bloodwork. I'll say a prayer for you. I'm sure all will be well! (((((HUGS)))))
  12. Agree with Gilly. My anxiety effects my stomach/bowels. I have IBS-D and when I'm nervous/anxious it'll send me running to the loo! It sucks! I also experience headaches and dizziness, shakiness. My anxiety stems from having breast cancer four years ago at 36. I also had C Diff three times during treatment which has also made my IBS worse, so it's a vicious cycle. I'm glad you got off the Xanax and withdrawals can last awhile. I was on Klonopin and Ativan together at the same time during the end of my treatment and for awhile after. It was hell coming off those! I do have Xanax on hand and will very rarely take one. When I do, it's usually before my Oncology checkup's which are every six months. I don't even take them every time I have a checkup. So I don't take them often enough to get addicted or to have withdrawals again. Exercise and deep breathing help a lot with anxiety. That's what I do. I still get anxious when my IBS flares because I had diarrhea so much when I had C Diff and it gave me PTSD but now I mentally recover faster than I used to as long as I don't have too many episodes of D in one day. Anyway, anxiety can cause so many physical symptoms, and since you've had several normal blood tests I'm sure it's just what your doc told you. Please let us know how you do with the Neurology appointment. Hang in there! Deep breaths!! XOXOXO!!!
  13. Thanks so much for all your insight. You're so helpful to all on here while you have your own issues! I haven't tried any laxatives or anything because I had been pooping every day. I used to use Benefiber everyday so I'll try that again. I honestly wouldn't mind not going a couple days so my butt could get a rest! Thanks again! I need get caught up on other people's posts. Hope you're doing well! XO!!
  14. Just a bit of a follow up to this: Firts off there is TMI in this and I'm sorry!! So I have been a bit constipated and just had a bout of loose stool right after lunch today. I have been going to the bathroom in the morning like normal the last few days but not much is coming out and it's a little hard but not too hard and I'll have a second BM later. I went twice today before the loose/diarrhea episode. I know my hemorrhoid is irritated because it hurts when I poop and wipe and there was blood on the TP the night before last. Anyway I'm a bit anxious because I am seeing a small bit of mucus. Ugh! It seemed more prevalent in the diarrhea. Can anyone relate to this? I worry about infection/colitis like I've said before. I'm hoping it's just irritation and IBS but I am nervous. No fever and the pain isn't as bad in my side anymore. It's just a bit sore still.
  15. Last Monday at 3 AM I woke up to a stitch type pain in my left side several inches to the left of my navel. It was kind of bad all day on Monday then felt better by Tuesday. It's still hanging around and is more noticeable with movement or if I push on it. I have not had any fever, nausea, painful urination, or anything like that. I have had one episode of loose stool/diarrhea a day a starting last Wednesday. I didn't go number 2 any at all Friday though. I have IBS-D though. I had this type of pain a couple of years ago and they did a pelvic ultrasound, vaginal ultrasound and an abdominal CT Scan. Only things that were found were a small simple cyst on my right ovary and a 3.5 cm fibroid but said those shouldn't cause the pain I had. It went away. The things I'm petrified about are if it's diverticulitis because I'm scared of antibiotics due to C Diff history but I'm also scared it's a bowel perforation! For those that don't know I had breast cancer four years ago so cancer is also a fear. Ugh. Anyone ever have anything similar that wasn't anything serious? I'm really scared!