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  1. Armpit pain

    I haven't changed deodorants. It doesn't irritate me at all though.
  2. Armpit pain

    Thanks Holls! I have my asthma appointment Monday with my PCP so I'll ask her again. It's annoying as heck!! I can't feel a node but whatever it is it hurts.
  3. A little anxious - for check up today

    Thoughts and prayers! The really bad kind of skin cancer is melanoma, and you didn't have that or the dermatologist would've said something.
  4. Armpit pain

    So I've had right armpit pain off and on for almost a year. It's been sore today and it hurt a little more when I was showering and also when I put my deodorant on this morning. Ugh! I had breast cancer almost five years ago. So of course I'm in a bit of a panic. Not severe yet or anything! Lol. I just saw my Oncologist a few weeks ago for my regular checkup, and he always feels my lymphnode areas and he said he didn't feel any abnormalities. I told my PCP about it when it first happened and she didn't feel any nodes and she felt real deep, etc. I then saw my Onc for a normal checkup and he didn't feel any that time either. So they've been thoroughly examined three times since it all started. I keep telling myself if it was cancer mets (metastassis), then it wouldn't come and go. I also have lymphedema on that side because that was where they removed two nodes when I had my mastectomy to make sure it didn't spread. So I'm wondering if it's shaving irritating the tissue/nodes. My right side is my dominant side too. So has anyone who has had this type of armpit pain notice that it's worse with certain things, such as movement or applying deodorant?? Any insight is appreciated!
  5. Question for the ladies (re:discharge)

    Thanks ladies! So far I haven't had it today. Oh and Holls, no worries! What you said wasn't TMI! Haha! I'll let you know what my doc says next week. Thanks again!
  6. First I'll have to say that my cycles are off ever since I finished chemo four years ago, so I can't tell if this related to menstrual stuff or not. I haven't had a period this year since the end of March. Anyway, the hubby and I had sex yesterday afternoon, not that I want everybody to know, but it relates to my question. Lol! I always have thin, clear stuff come out when I use the restroom right after, as I assume most women do. However, last night when I peed before bed it was still clear but looked thicker like egg whites. Same thing when I went number two this morning. Then thin and clear after peeing a little bit ago. Does this all sound normal? I'm not asking for a diagnosis here, and I am seeing my doc on Monday for asthma med refills. So I will ask her, but since it's a week before I can see her, I was hoping for some info from any of you who can share. We just started having sex more regularly because chemo messed everything up including my sex drive. Ugh! So, I'm sorry for sounding ignorant here. It's just been so long since everything was regular, so to speak, so I can't remember if I've had this the day after sex, etc. Again it is clear, no odor or irritation, etc. Thanks in advance and sorry for TMI!
  7. Pregnancy Scare

    Well none of us can say for sure if you can get pregnant this way. Some may have had similar experiences I guess. Only way to find out for sure is to talk with a doc. Perhaps get on the pill for backup for next time. With that said I would assume it's NOT very likely you are pregnant, but we on here just can't say for sure. Had to edit to add the last sentence because my phone crapped out for a little bit. Lol. Sorry!
  8. Lung cancer. Super scared.

    Exactly what utrocket said! Why the heck are you reading stories about lung cancer? I don't even go on the breast cancer forum anymore because of my anxiety because I actually had breast cancer. It's an even worse idea for folks who do not have cancer to visit cancer sites or read stories. The googling, self diagnosing, etc. are all classic examples of HA, but if you're actually worried about your nail ridges being a sign of anything then see a doctor.
  9. Dizziness when lying down?

    Thanks so much for easing my fear you guys! I'm sorry it took so long to reply back. Thankfully, I wasn't dizzy for very long after I got up. It's just an uneasy, scary feeling when it happens. Thanks again!
  10. Dizziness when lying down?

    I typically don't worry about dizziness when it happens if I get up too fast or something like that, BUT my dog had to go out to pee at 5:30 this morning so I got up to let him out and when I got back in bed I got really dizzy and still feel a bit foggy headed or whatever you want to call it. It's been really humid and I've had a bad headache and stuffy head off and on since Friday. Does anyone else have dizziness or vertigo when you lay down? I have had breast cancer so brain metastasis is weighing heavily on my mind this morning. Ugh!! I just got a good checkup on Monday, but I didn't mention dizziness to my Oncologist, because I haven't had it in awhile. Thanks in advance!
  11. Terrified I have colon cancer. TMI

    It sounds to me like you had either a bout of upset bowels (digestive upset) or maybe you ate something that didn't agree with you. I have IBS so I see mucus more often than people who have a normal colon. It is common in people with IBS. However, mucus can also be caused from irritation (either in the colon or rectum), infection, or colitis (either infectious colitis or IBD such as Crohn's or ulcerative colitis). You said you passed hard pebbles so it could also just be from constipation. Mucus lubricates the stool so it can be passed and it you're constipated your body may have just produced more. Since it came on suddenly it could just be a virus or a bout of food poisoning. Sometimes after I have a bout of diarrhea, I'll have gas with mucus and I assume it's because things are irritated like I mentioned above. As always, if it continues, see a doctor. You had a clean colonoscopy recently so I HIGHLY doubt it is cancer. Colon cancer takes a long time to develop, much longer than three years.
  12. Possible Cancerphobe Trigger

    Well like I said, Google isn't a doctor. I'm not downplaying your fear at all and I understand you being anxious and wanting to see what it is but most doctor's do have your best interest at heart and they do have training that Dr. Google doesn't have. Benign tumor's CAN grow back. One of my friend's dog actually had one on his toe and because of the location the vet couldn't get clean margins and it came back. He told her as long as the dog isn't having issues then he doesn't want to put him under to take it off again because of his age. He's 12. He limps off and on a little bit but it was benign so my friend is not concerned about it. I can't remember the exact name of the thing but it was not a lipoma. So there are other kinds of benign tumor's. Did the first doctor who did yours remove the whole mass?
  13. Possible Cancerphobe Trigger

    So Google told you this, but did the doctor tell you that you needed a biopsy? Google has lied to me so many times so I don't trust it anymore. I obviously hope it's nothing too but I agree you need to stay off google!
  14. Pap results are in and I'm freaking out.

    Mrsrpmddo is correct! You trust your doctor! You don't need another Pap that soon just because you WANT one. This is a normal result, whether you have health anxiety or not. Don't go looking for trouble! Get this one out of your head and be thankful for normal results! I'd be celebrating if I were you!! Congrats!!!!
  15. Bleeding Hemorrhoids and Unrelated Meltdown

    NervUs, I understand your worry but try and do something fun or just relaxing over the weekend. Wednesday will be here soon so try and be patient. I really don't think anyone would go straight to biopsy without doing any imaging first anyway. I met a lot of different folks who all had different types of cancer when I was getting treatment for breast cancer, and everyone of us had to have some sort of test before getting a biopsy. An MRI will show a lot and will tell you whether or not you need a biopsy. They may just decide to remove it if it's causing you discomfort. So there's more to the picture than just going straight to biopsy. I'm no doc, but do have experience with the process. You're in my prayers! Keep us posted. (((((HUGS))))) Edited to add: hemorrhoids are annoying but they're not really anything to worry about! Get the toe issue sorted out then work on the hemmies! Lol!