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  1. Dizzy

    Sort of. Why? But then again, I never fully ever remember my dreams just bits and pieces. I know I've been stuffy lately with allergies but I've always had allergies and they've never done this before
  2. Dizzy

    Today, I woke up extremely dizzy. I've never been this dizzy before. The floor was moving and I felt off balance. it's been going on all day and I'm starting to freak out. I always have a rapid heart beat but dizziness is new....someone help
  3. Heart Palpitations

    Are heart palps the same as a fast resting heart rate?
  4. Rash

    Honestly, I have my good and bad days but lately my concern has been my brother who did blood work and both his liver numbers were high and the doctor told him to retest in 6 weeks and said she doesn't know what's going on
  5. Rash

    I actually stopped taking the proponolol per my therapists orders.
  6. Rash

    Yeah I know y'all are right but I don't normally get painful rashes that burn like this. It feels like my thigh is on fire at times. I got a massage a couple of days ago and I'm hoping I didn't contract something from dirty sheets :/
  7. Rash

    I woke up today and noticed a rash extending from my inner thigh down to my knee. It burns too. I googled it and it said STD or west Nile or HIV and now I'm freaking out
  8. Blood work

    That's not reassuring :((
  9. Blood work

    My brother has been throwing up for the past two months every morning and last week he did some blood work and everything came back normal except his liver count was high the doctor said. She wants him to retest it in 8 weeks. I'm worried about him and his high liver count. Last year when he got blood work it was slightly high and now this year it's higher. He doesn't drink alcohol at all. Anybody have any idea about high liver counts :/
  10. Really scared

    I've had on and off again pain in my left side from my shoulder, to my chest (heart area) down my left arm. It goes away for a few days and comes back for s few days but today it returned and it's the worst it's ever been. Anytime I take a deep breath or move, it really hurts. I'm really scared this is my body saying my heart is in trouble idk what to do
  11. Left side pains

    I carry all my tension in my neck and shoulders or so I've been told. I've had many ekg and other heart tests over the last 2 years as I'm always worried about my heart and all were normal besides a fast heart rate. There's no chest pain just pain down my left arm, back, shoulders, and neck all on the left side. It's been coming and going for 2-3 weeks now
  12. Left side pains

    I wrote a couple weeks ago I was having pain in my left side shoulder, arm, etc and it's been coming and going the pain. Today it's back and it's worse in the left arm today whereas before it was worse in the neck/left side of the back. I'm really scared this is my body telling me "something is seriously wrong with your heart"
  13. Left side pain

    The pain on the left side is much better after I rubbed some muscle crew on it but today I have right rib pain which I hope isn't my liver since my liver enzymes are usually high when I get blood work and I don't drink
  14. Left side pain

    Since yesterday I've had pretty bad pain on my left side including my arm, shoulder, heart area, upper back and the pain has gotten worse since yesterday. It really hurts when I move or turn my neck or take deep breaths I feel sharp pains in my left chest. I didn't work out or do anything physical so I doubt it's muscle related and I'm worried :/
  15. Not feeling well

    My therapist doesn't want me going to the ER when I get symptoms. I used to do that a lot before