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  1. Lump worry still in my mind

    I don't think any of us are, it's just in how we approach and think about illnesses. If you have only had the lump 8 days, again, using probability, the chances of it being around in the next few weeks are really slim especially as the doctors have ruled that there are no issues there. Also, if the doctor has said that this lump may stay and may go, they are unconcerned so the probability of it growing into something else is also very very slim.
  2. Lump worry still in my mind

    He pointed out a swelling from your ligament by the sounds of it. Totally benign and will heal on it's own.
  3. Lump worry still in my mind

    I know where you mean. I have all sorts of lumps and bumps around the tibial tuberosity. I think something to note about our tissue all over our body is, it's not perfectly smooth underneath, it is lumpy, it consists of various thicknesses with bumps and lumps none of which are anything other than normal non symmetrical anomalies. I would say (without seeing your hump) that it's just an area of normal thicker soft tissue and is nothing to be concerned over.
  4. Lump worry still in my mind

    Ok, is this lump solid and just below the bottom of the knee cap (about 2 inches)?
  5. **Possible trigger** Might not be anxiety after all

    Well it's good that tumors have been ruled out. This would support an inflammation theory in the eye which can be treated. No probability about this, it WAS anxiety, it's been sitting there soaking up all of your fear for a while so had lots of strength to hit you hard. It led to a CT scan which has ruled serious issues out so thats a positive, take it. Have they recommended lumbar puncture?
  6. Could this be a Panic attack?

    Thats the reason anxiety exists, the self doubt, the what if's. What ifs are anxiety speak. Nothing in the world is certain, absolute certainty is not available to anyone. So the next best thing is probability and the ability to be comfortable with uncertainty. Life is uncertain and if you accept that fact, you will take great strides in recovery. The probability based on what you're experiencing is 99% anxiety, all the hallmarks are there as are the thinking errors so the probability of it being something serious is less than 1%. Thats close certainty.
  7. Could this be a Panic attack?

    You're not going to die, that's a panic attack. What you felt was the adrenalin running through your body. It feels like a rush of heat (or cold) and a draining sensation afterwards. Butterflies in the stomach is adrenalin also. Your reaction to it locks it in further. It cannot and will not hurt you.
  8. Yes, absolutely, this is the problem with sources like Dr Google. They only concentrate on the worst possible diagnostics and outcomes and spin things negatively. With Dr Google as an example, these sites are specifically designed to make money through advertising and in order to get as much advertising to as much people as often as possible, they're designed to frighten you because frightened people will always go back to find that little piece of reassurance (which very rarely turns up). This applies to many other outlets as well. It's great that you have a Dr you trust in this way, thats really valuable. Best wishes to both you and your mum
  9. Well I have these ridges on my finger nails too, had them since I can remember. It's just how the nail comes out of the root of the nail. It's normal so don't worry
  10. Bit Anxious

    Thats the way. Prove to yourself that there really isn't anything to worry about. Your chest tightness will subside as soon as this fear lessens. You will be fine.
  11. Bit Anxious

    They are just stories, hearsay, speculation. Ghost stories are specifically made to be negative as that is what keeps people coming back, to be frightened. That is the narrative, you see it on the telly all of the time. I would say the fear you have is of the possibility and not actual spirits. The fear of the unknown is a very powerful thing but it can be accepted just like any other thought. It's also a good example of how suggestion works. An idea has been planted and you run with it. If you had not heard the stories, there wouldn't be the problem. Break it down, stories do nothing more than stir emotion and paint mental pictures. Stories do not create realities and they do not alter probabilities. So reading a story saying that spirits can hurt you holds no weight, it's just a story specifically designed to scare and on this occasion, it worked. Using the same logic anxiety is running through your thought processes currently, if you was to read a story that claimed that you were to receive a brand new car, then the probability of receiving a new car would go up and you would eventually receive a new car. We know that thats not going to happen like that, the very same goes for the stories of negative spirits. Can you see the thinking error there?
  12. What gives?

    Great stuff, i experience the same odd enjoyment when going to the dentist. Is anxiety you're friend? Sure, if you allow it to be. Anxiety is an element of you so to be friends with it can only be a good thing
  13. Bit Anxious

    You're anticipating it, your anxiety has latched on to something that frightens you so it is getting it's fuel. Think about this, why, even if a spirit was there, would it be negative? Why couldn't it be positive and protecting?
  14. Ringing in ear

    I'm a tinnitus sufferer sadly but what i will say is that we all have a background tinnitus when in silence, thats completely normal. Even if you have developed some tinnitus, the chances of it hanging around are quite slim as most tinnitus resolves itself. Something to note is, the more you listen for it, the louder it gets, so i know it's a frustrating sound to put up with but try to let the sound go and let it ring out, it will go.
  15. Can't do anything until doctor's appointment

    Yes, re-read it, it may speak to you differently than it did before. If you have not already, read the works of Claire Weekes also.