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  1. RT @GerryAdamsSF: Sometimes it's hard 2 b a woman.

  2. RT @thebodhirook: i asked my crush out by making him a playlist

  3. RT @rubybrunton: emily dickinson was the original sad girl™ twitter account

  4. RT @yelita_ali: Me: Hi Artsy White boy:

  5. RT @sadqueer4life: fantasizing about not having a body

  6. RT @RealBobMortimer: CAT NAMES FOR SALE: Indian Suitcase Ian's Butter Meal of Pickles Floating Tiger Hidden Moorhen £8.00 each p.a.

  7. @TheWorstCowboy what's your cat doing to his brain

  8. RT @newsforpoets: 911: what's the location of yr emergency poet: it's either in my brain or my heart, i can't tell anymore

  9. RT @sadqueer4life: if you can't handle me at my "this world is bullshit" you don't deserve me at my "i just want to feel everything"

  10. RT @LOUDPersona: Get out of my life until Monday.

  11. RT @Conyoudiggit25: Sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland is a DIRECT consequence of British imperialism. This should never be forgotten.

  12. I am so glad to be here on this earth with Britney Spears

  13. RT @verysoftlake: seems like ppl only think comedians have to be offensive to be funny bc comedians keep telling ppl they have to be offens…

  14. RT @sltcoms: i finally did it

  15. RT @samdolnick: Chilling passage from today's @nytimes Book Review