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  1. should i do the online counselling thing? i can afford it!

  2. Would really like to see Homer eat an entire apple. I don't think it's going to happen though, unfortunately.

  3. pic of me laughing at my own jokes

  4. RT @Bootleg_Stuff: I think about this cover art a lot

  5. RT @DVSblast: Millenials Are Ruining The Economy By No Longer Dying In Coal Mines At Age 8 In Exchange For Ham

  6. RT @MarkFrithlaocha: Dream team 💛

  7. RT @CuteEmergemcy:

  8. RT @cavegift: glass is fucked up. clear rocks? Bull Shit

  9. @TylerHendrix There he is... the man of my dreams

  10. These yellow things with 'tude haunting my peripheral vision throughout 2002-2005

  11. @sinead_jamie i love these boys so much god BLESS

  12. @TheWorstCowboy this is so nice

  13. Yeah i really like the Portuguese song xxxxx thanks

  14. RT @sydnerain: I don't think graduating from school or passing classes makes anyone successful, nor better or smarter than anybody else.