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  1. Questions about medication for anxiety?

    I hope your doctor will help you out with medication, I'd sure hate to be without it on those really anxious days or times. I've been on it for years and haven't had to raise it, just keeps me stable and calm. Let us know how it goes for you.
  2. Questions about medication for anxiety?

    Welcome bunnies, I take medication for anxiety and it just keeps me feeling normal with no anxiety. I have no loss of emotion and have had to deal with a lot of grief and believe me the tears do flow. I also go to therapy and I see a psychiatrist every couple of months, been seeing him for years. I've had a rough life in many ways and ended up with anxiety that was so bad I barely functioned and was very fearful of a lot of things. Now I'm feeling like a normal person and am back to enjoying life. I hope to never go back to where I was. Whatever you decide is up to you and if it were me I would get on some anxiety meds and see how you feel. God luck
  3. Anxiety without specific thoughts/triggers

    I don't like to accept it either and I try to fight it or just take my med and be done with it. I do know that if I think of what I have to do days ahead I get anxious.
  4. Being over 28 depressing

    I'd stay put if I could but time marches on it seems. I as unable to reply to the message before yours for some reason. I hope this site won't mess up where I can't use it. This is fine but the last one was different.
  5. Anxiety without specific thoughts/triggers

    I don't like "going to that place" where the anxiety is, I want to run away from it and settle myself down. I like guided imagery the best and can easily picture myself where the CD is taking me on my meditation CD's. I never liked exercise or gym class when I was a kid so you know I'm not into it at 74. If I stay in just living one day at a time it helps but is sometimes hard to do as well. I know I'm a shallow breather so now I'm making myself aware when I'm doing that and then relax to the point where I breath easier and deeper. It's all in the learning I guess.
  6. Anxiety without specific thoughts/triggers

    Tell me about mindfulness please. MsLLL, not sure what that is.
  7. I take Lexapro 20 mg but I don't drink at all. I used to and I just got hangovers so I quit over 35 years ago, feel much better every day. I would stay on Lexipro and skip the drinking if I were you but you have to decide what's best for you.
  8. I agree, you don't need more stress with lies when you already are dealing with anxiety. Try deep breathing and maybe do some swearing if you use that for your frustrations. I must admit I toss in a few damn its now and then.
  9. I do know that anger turned inwards can cause depression and I am on an antidepressant. I don't feel depressed but I do deal with anxiety. I've had a lot of loss in my life and grief comes to the surface now and then and I do cry. It feels good to get those feelings out just like getting the anger out. Glad you're feeling better
  10. Glad you vented that anger you had, must have felt really good. I tend to cry when I'm angry but then I'm a 74 year old woman and have never been around screaming or hitting, not that you did that anyway.
  11. anxiety and nauseous

    It's time to read right now, can feel the tense part of me starting to work. Thanks for all your help Mark.
  12. anxiety and nauseous

    Boredom causes me anxiety too but I have no drive to do anything around the house either. Reading helps and I've read a lot of books lately.
  13. anxiety and nauseous

    You are quite right Mark and I did a good job of keeping my stomach relaxed this morning because I paid attention to it. So no anxiety so far today. Getting out of my house also helps keep my mind off of anxiety, movie today and a couple of errands. Being retired for so long doesn't leave a lot to do around the house.
  14. anxiety and nauseous

    Thank you for the information and it does happen and I just never really noticed until recently. I now practice relaxing my stomach when I get up. This usually happens in the morning when anxiety is at the highest.