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  1. RT @pgac7: @Castellani2014 The monstars stole the talent from the tigers and only one who can save them is don kelly

  2. "Maybe I should just start drinking a gallon of milk every day starting now and then 'Grit Week 2018' Jim Harbaugh can milk my breasts."

  3. Inherited fucking runners 😡

  4. RT @BSBCasanova: Hey everyone check out the newest episode of the #BCP especially you @Sgennett2 #ScooterGennettSucksAtPool…

  5. I don't always say what people want to hear. I say what I think is true. Sometimes that just happens to be what people want to hear.


  7. Should be a tie game, but the "human element" struck again #ThumbsUp2RoboUmps

  8. @Max_Scherzer is SO GOOD! We miss you! #ForeverATiger

  9. "People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy." (Batman Begins). This organization needs a dramatic ex…

  10. RT @RyanSchuiling: Tyler Collins, you stupid-assed #*&^@!#$&)!(@#&*(#@&*()

  11. RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Michael Fulmer is the only qualified AL pitcher with a sub-3.00 ERA over the last 2 seasons (2.97).…

  12. @McCannon34GOAT He still has a long ways to go IMO.

  13. RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Mike Trout: 4th straight game with HR. Longest streak of his career.

  14. You gotta be fucking kidding me with organ music right?

  15. What in the world has happened to Jake Arrieta and why aren't more people talking about it?