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  1. RT @Noahsyndergaard: 😭 Looks like I need to find some new friends....Hola Rosario. Will miss you all. #GrandyDudaBruceWalker…

  2. RT @davmyc510: @Castellani2014 No, people always mess that shit up. I also liked your opinion, hence my statement of approval. Videos are g…

  3. "Holy fuck" is right

  4. RT @b_thomas2488: @RyanSchuiling I like @Castellani2014 take on this matter, "How in the fuck do you let that happen!?!" As Craig Monroe wo…

  5. @Awayjersey_24 There's really nothing you can do at this point. Just watch and be frustrated.

  6. @MarcAPerna @HookSlide23 He managed the bullpen well LAST NIGHT! For one game, he did a good job. He's still awful.

  7. @thatgirlfromOH It's definitely frowned upon.

  8. RT @HookSlide23: Last chance to get your questions in for tonight's podcast with @BYBRob and @Castellani2014 -- one-two-three go!

  9. Man Lindor is fun to watch.

  10. RT @Real_eSquared: *puts CMU into GPS*

  11. RT @KyleZachmann: @Castellani2014 Dark Knight references always on point. 😂

  12. @northcoastposse I appreciate the sentiment

  13. RT @DarkoStateNews: I just discovered @Castellani2014 a couple days ago. Hilarious guy. He will be joining us in studio to discuss the Tige…

  14. @TommyKeough1 @joerondeau16 @garrett_breault @camskii123 @jake_howard98 Ain't nothing changed my friend.

  15. @Charlybluesky42 @rcastellani26 I'm rooting for them. Arenado is my favorite player and they play in a great stadium and city.