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  1. Has anyone gone through this?

    Thanks for the answers guys! I do not know for sure if it's really my liver, but my anxiety has been telling me it is. I also read online how unlikely it is that I'd have liver pain so young but I don't know what else to think and I can't seem to shake the idea. I'm not so much worried about losing my social life because I am aware of things like mini golf and dinner parties, however it would be a little tough to convince all of or even some of my friends to forgoe the things we've done and loved every week for the last 3 years. So naturally this worries me. I think the hardest part for me is I can't feel if this is a real concern or anxiety playing tricks on me. Or if my liver anxiety is now so high that I'm missing why my side is actually bothering me and it could be a serious health concern?
  2. I drink quite a bit. Sure sometimes to deal with my anxiety but mostly because I'm 24 and my friends, family, and husband all engage in activities mostly involving alcohol. For example you can find me at bar trivia and bar bingo once a week (my absolute favorite thing) usually a beer tasting on the weekend or a bonfire, house party, etc. I love these things in my life because they keep me involved instead of at home anxious. This last week I began to have a swollen and painful feeling in my right side. My first thought was probably liver damage because of the drinking. I somewhat ignored it and had a regular weekend. A couple days later it was worse, I did a little google homework and found that people that often drink can get fatty livers (I am overweight compared to my friends, which could be why they do not have issues). I am currently paying off two er trips and multiple dr visits (thank you health anxiety) and so even though my instinct was to rush to the er I knew I couldn't. I've gone 4 days without drinking because I am so anxious that I've done irreversible damage. I'm scared because I'm already so depressed, probably partly because I'm weaning off alcohol but mostly because I've already missed my favorite bar trivia (you have to drink to play) a friends birthday (on a party trolley) and then tommorow I will miss bingo. These things keep my sane. I'm to the point where I don't know if I'll be able to get out of bed tommorow to go to work. I know a lot of people have drank to ease anxiety, has anyone ever experienced liver or right side pain? Did you stop drinking? Or for those of you that have drank a lot and had to quit, how did you feel after? I don't know if I can lose my favorite activities, but my anxiety isn't letting my go for fear of liver failure pls help
  3. I have also gone through this, can be very frustrating. My slurring or inability to not mess up a sentence came out of nowhere and then it's all I could focus on. This was a couple months ago and I don't even remember when it stopped, because by that time I must have stopped worrying about it and moved on to something else! To show you how much our anxiety controls our body, about 5 months ago I went through a twitching/jerking fase where I would twitch up to 5 times a minute constantly! I was so obsessed with it it took me weeks before it stopped, and only because I had started worrying about slurring my words haha.
  4. The fact that you jump from fear to fear is actually a good sign, it means that the symptoms or ailement you choose to focus on become most prominent and that most likely means they are (somewhat) caused by anxiety or maybe even in your head altogether! This is something I also do frequently jumping back and forth between heart problems, als, lupus, brain tumor etc. what I have started telling myself is that since last week I was sure I would have a heart attack, and this week I am positive I have a tumor, that it is very unlikely that I would have both and that i probably have neither! If I payed attention to every word I forgot, every time I said something and meant to say something else, I would drive myself crazy. My advice is do not google this anymore!
  5. Autoimmune disease feeling hopeless

    Thank you holls feeling a little better today
  6. Urinary tract inf

    I used to get a uti twice a month starting when I was about 4 years old and my sister and mom would also get them just as much. They totally suck! I haven't had one for two years now it's a total miracle. I started drinking a gallon of water a day and I no longer eat any kind of dairy. Best decision of my life. Something to think about if you are prone to them! Nothing ever helped with the pain except for drinking literally as much water as I could without getting sick (within reason). Hope you are feeling better by now good luck
  7. Hello everyone! As I've posted earlier this week I'm having a rough time. Long story short I had optic neuritis as a kid or inflamed optic nerves and they told me it was just how I was made. Usually this is a sign of a brain tumor or autoimmune disorder. Last year I went to a new eye dr who told me I need to see a neurologist right away because of my swollen optic nerves even though I told him about my diagnosis as a child he told me "things could have changed." I've just now gotten insurance and was finally able to make an appointment. The waiting is killing me. This eye dr totally freaked me out and since seeing him I've had sensitivity to light, twitching, small bouts of vertigo, feeling like when I lay down I can't breathe, itching, trouble swallowing, and possibly more bruising but I can't tell. Most likely signs of an autoimmune disease. I just can't tell what symptoms are in my head or real anymore. I am convinced I have something like lupus or ms and that without knowing right now for sure I will die of a heart attack in my sleep or my kidneys will fail. Thought I might be feeling a little bit of pain where my liver is so I'm worried my autoimmune disorder may be effecting that. Im a 24 yr old female, work out a couple times a week, eat generally very healthy and on no meds. Drink probably more then I should which is why my liver is probably first to go. My appointment is in 11 days and I'm just waiting to find out my horrible diagnosis or be passed along to another dr just to wait again. 😟
  8. Good to be back

    Thank you much appreciated!
  9. Good to be back

    Hello again guys! Always fun to come on here because usually it means I'm going through a mean streak of anxiety filled days and nights. I remember reading on here about having the feeling of something being in your throat, which I've experienced before. Lately I have been feeling like my throat is not open all the way, and tight when I swallow. Probably been going on for about 2 weeks. I'm not totally panicking yet because I can still eat and talk fine, but just wondering if anyone has experienced this at all? Not sure if I should say anything to my dr. Could also be from acid reflux maybe? Ugh how will I ever know if it's real or in my head. As I lay here I can feel every heart beat, subconsciously making sure it feels normal, my legs feel numb and I can't fall asleep because every time I start to I feel like I'm going to stop breathing (that's a new fun one does that happen to anyone?) ahh anxiety you make my body do the weirdest things.
  10. Middle Back Tingles

    Hi guys I know I'm a little late coming in on this one but I have had this on and off for about 3 years and I frequently see it as a massage therapist. I find that it usually is a result of poor posture or rounded shoulders (which most people suffer from!). Are muscles and nerves are all so tightly packed together and a little finicky that when anything moves or tightens it can easily cause pain or numbness. Try not to worry about this one!
  11. Heart Failure?

    Are you feeling pretty anxious? I know that when I go into the dr office they will take my bp twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. There's always a huge difference because I'm so anxious at the beginning of my appointment! This could be causing your high bp. As far as heart failure, is your girlfriend at all concerned? I struggle with heart worries as well, but I'm only 24. My dr told me once that it was extremely unlikely that I would have heart issues being so young. But if in the morning you are still feeling uneasy, it never hurts to have a dr tell you themself that it's all in your head usually helps me every time, for a little while anyways.
  12. Some things to help anxiety

    Oh my gosh hilarious! Just thought it was something to throw out there for people who haven't thought of it and want to add something new to their anxiety arsenal.
  13. My week trying CBD

    I'm anxious just thinking about taking this because I've had such bad anxiety attacks with marijuana before. But there is no chance of that with this?
  14. colds and lymph nodes

    Those are most likely your axillary or super trochlear lymph nodes and technically yes it is possible they are swollen because of a cold. Lymph nodes swell when your body is fighting something like being sick or infection. Are they swollen around your neck as well? This is the most common place for them to swell during a cold. Did you possibly cut yourself even small anywhere around your arm chest shoulder stomach area? The other thing we should remember is sometimes lymph nodes are fighting something we can't even feel because our body is doing such a good job The thing you want to watch out for is if they are very painful, and if so has the pain been severe for more then a couple weeks or a month with no sign of letting up? That is when you should see another dr.
  15. I post on here quite a bit but mostly when I am feeling high anxiety it helps for me. so since I am feeling high anxiety currently as I'm home by myself and worrying here are some things I have done that tend to help me get out of an anxiety attack -ice pack on any part of me especially my neck -massage (self massage, applied by someone else, professional) -focusing on another task, cooking, cleaning, organizing -adult coloring books so great! -sexual release (admin please delete if not allowed but I swear this works either by yourself or with a trusted partner i am surprised no one has ever mentioned it on here before) -pinching, skin pulling (this one is odd, someone else who has heart/pains anxiety taught me to gently pull skin or pinch not painfully in different parts around your body making sure you move around to different limbs and spots. It almost tricks my brain into thinking about those spots) Hope this helps even just one person!