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  1. hey let's all wish the great man @DFeuerstein a happy birthday.

  2. I've legit wanted to write about this for a @nffcNYC blog for while. Hell I'm really wanting to do some forest stuff https://t.co/jVNo8FTQQ8

  3. RT @piersmorgan: If Spurs win the League & Wenger signs a new contract, I will have to leave the country.

  4. @bigsoccerheadNY https://t.co/u9zkcVFHMQ

  5. @C_V_News https://t.co/RmaNXsvr4X

  6. RT @NonLeagueUSA: Non League America, In association with @Peacelivinfilms and @BearfightFC, is proud to present: Punk Football. https://t…

  7. RT @HofstraU: Newly published ebook by @Politicultura & @StanPugliese65. #HofstraExperts https://t.co/a082bycn2S

  8. someone has to have a gif of George doing that scene. https://t.co/AZNfwhBbvB

  9. @JonathanMolik ?

  10. @stevewin74 https://t.co/4ybPCSoXwp

  11. hey @BrianDunseth whose the best four defenders in USMNT regardless of age

  12. @IolandeMelody is fun to look at :D

  13. @BrianDunseth want me to call you at the time

  14. Yes https://t.co/N6qciMqQ7u

  15. Got it for the station a decade ago https://t.co/OO8DwOnnev