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  1. Oh ang that sounds icky, sorry to hear! Hope you heal and get better soon!
  2. I've been twitching, buzzing and tingling since 2010. It's anxiety. It has gone away at times, some days it comes back full throttle but it goes away again. Sometimes there is a physical trigger, it can be minor like an extra hot day where you sweat more than normal, a big stressful day, a lazy week where you're more inactive than normal etc. For us ladies, HORMONES. So many contributory factors. Everyone twitches from time to time, if you didn't have any anxiety you wouldn't pay it any attention, the anxiety is what makes it worse and longer. I think the only place on my entire body I haven't twitched is my chest. Scalp twitches are very bizarre and butt twitches are kinda fun. I've been watching TV after a hard day and playing a game on my phone and my entire arm jerks, almost punched myself once. I've seen videos on youtube of peoples calf twitches, it looks like snakes under the skin and I tried to video mine a few times, of course what do they do? They stop... If you can shake the fear, they aren't so bad. I sometimes hum a tune to mine and dance it off. Personally, exercise and epsom salt baths have helped me the most to stop twitching/tingling/buzzing but it has never truly gone away 100%. Gone away for weeks or months at a time yes but not completely gone. I'm ok with that I have anxiety and a pretty stressful life. I've proven to myself physically I'm strong and if I had a neurological disease that certainly would NOT be the case.
  3. My Mum and Dad used to tell me a story that they both thought was hilarious. Mum sent Dad to the butchers for some Pork LOIN and Dad went in and asked for some LION. Yesterday instead of taking my omeprazole before dinner I took my evening primrose oil. Hadn't even noticed until I went to take my night time meds... I have a million more of these. You don't give them an ounce of thought unless you are worrying about a neurological issue.. which I have done, yep I've been there.
  4. I do yes and this happens to me too. Hand eye coordination sometimes trips out, when you're tired or stressed or even fine, it happens. If your anxiety latches onto that it will just freak you out.
  5. Hi tomaca. Amitriptyline is the only medication I have taken. It was prescribed to me last year to help me sleep when my husband died. I noticed it helped my anxiety too. I was only taking 10mg, once a day. I could take 2 if needed but never tried. I stopped taking it after a few weeks as I didn't need the help sleeping so much but I noticed it helped with my jaw pain I get from TMJ so my doc says I can take it as needed now, for TMJ flare ups. I have taken it a few times for a week or 2. I know I never took if for as long as you but I didn't experience any sypmtoms of withdrawal or any worsening of my anxiety stopping it. I don't take any other anxiety medication, I was prescribed citalopram several years ago but never took it, the side effects scared me. I do know many others who have taken it with success though, as well as Sertraline (zoloft) they seem the 2 most common ones in the UK, along with maybe fluoxetine (prozac) How long did you try the citalopram for before you had to stop? It's very common for SSRI's to make you nauseous or give you an upset stomach in the first few weeks, this is because of the increase in serotonin in the gut, it usually passes as your body adjusts. I did CBT and had therapy, take vitamins and meditate and go for walks as often as I can and take epsom salt baths. Do you have EDS? I have Crohns myself and osteoperosis, it's difficult managing a health condition as well as anxiety, I feel you. I have a friend that has EDS.
  6. I've been there, this does not have to last forever. Make a plan and be kind to yourself, take it all one step at a time. Have you had any counselling or therapy as well as the meds? Medication can be a great help but it doesn't always work for everyone, especially if the root of the anxiety isn't addressed. There is hope, please believe that!
  7. Don't feel bad, trusting doctors is difficult to do when you have anxiety, we doubt doubt doubt, nature of the beast. Headaches are very common, I had a pressure headache like you describe for weeks one time. Have a read of this list
  8. Aww sailor you made me cry, do you really think that of me? That is so nice, and so kind. I never feel strong, quite the opposite. You know you are pretty damn awesome yourself right?? Maybe replace that strong with stubborn, stubborn I most definitely am I have always been a glass half full person, don't like to complain and having a bit of a hard time expressing how I feel because I have a fair bit to complain about really lol "It must be hard to juggle an actual medical problem like crohn's and anxiety. To decipher which is a crohns symptom and what is anxiety. Do you find this?" Yes, yes most definitely it is. It's confusing too. Having it since I was so young I was always asked by my doctors about symptoms and pain and the frequency and consistency of my BM's, so you monitor yourself constantly and that habit is very very very hard to break. I have only had 2 flare ups of Crohns since my anxiety began, and the first one in 2002 when I had my last surgery was what kicked my anxiety up into full gear. The symptoms then could not possibly be mistaken for anxiety (I had a 2 inch hole on my stomach) but ever since? Oh yeah! I got diagnosed with IBS in, I think about 2007. The PTSD complicates matters a lot because any type of stomach pain, alterations in poop BOOM panic takes over. I HAD gotten to the point where I was able to not freak out but write in my diary about it and trust my regular testing, then last year happened and now... the though of getting sick overwhelms me. Having an ileostomy too isn't easy, I can get bad trapped gas, foods can block the stoma and the bugger can sometimes get so sore, can't itch it like an itchy butt lol I gotta be careful what I eat. It's a balancing act. It's funny but I have accepted anxiety, but after 33 years I don't think I have ever accepted Crohns.... it has taken so much from me but if I didn't have it I would never have met Stephen, I used to be ok with that but now I'm angry, the deal was not for just 18 years dammit. The driving lesson went great! My instructor was so pleased that I was able to pick up where I left off. She says I seem to be the type of person that learns quick and it sticks, unlike the usual 17 yr olds she is used to teaching. I feel good today *fingers crossed* Did I tell you about being on TV? I have been emailing with a producer and also had a skype convo with him. It's about websleuths, they are making a documentary about it and I was asked to be involved. My maps are gonna be on the telly (I make interactive case maps for missing people and murder cases) That's pretty exciting right?
  9. I think even a minor hairline fracture of the femur would hurt a real lot. I've never broken a major bone but I did break the bone in my little toe on a water slide once, oh boy did that hurt!!! Put some ice on your thigh and rest it a couple days, and stay away from google. I'm sure its ok abe
  10. Maybe it will help if you look at it differently. All in the head is not a good way to describe it and a doctor should know better. Somatization is physical manifestations of stress and anxiety, they are VERY REAL. Just the cause is not organic, in the sense it is not a disease causing them but chemicals our bodies produce under duress (stress, strain worries and anxiety) Adrenaline and cortisol. I have twitched all over my body like you, it starts in one place then moves all over. This is called body wide twitching and the number 1 cause? Stress. Body wide twitching is not a sign of any serious disease. Stay away from google, trust the doctors that studied for years for their medical degree and know the body better than any of us, or google. Do what you can to relax your mind and body, light exercise can make you twitch more but in the long run will help. Potassium and magnesium will help, avoid caffeine and stimulants, the twitching will subside with time and patience. You're gonne be ok!
  11. Oh sailor! I've been doing the same things.. I decided yesterday to try and put focus on the positives. I have a driving lesson today, the first one since January and I'm trying to focus on that. I've been up and down the past month or so, pretty down at times, ok very down at times. I was doing ok but then my doctor put me on iron tabets for minor low ferritin. I took them for 3 weeks but they upset my stomach and set of my anxiety, so I stopped. I saw my doctor about 2 weeks after for a follow up and as my stomach had recovered fine, my anxiety over it improved I agreed to try them again, at a lower dose. It happened again, after a few days and it was worse this time. Sigh. I've stopped them again but the anxiety has been even worse. My blood stored are good, I'm not anaemic so.. I'l try and get iron the natural way. I've been convinced my crohns is flaring up, that it will be horrible and that I won't make it alone, I've been an absolute train wreck of worry and fear, with an upset stomach, which before the iron tablets was A-OK. Next Monday, the 22nd is a year since Stephen died. I'm sure that is playing a major part in all this, yet the old anxiety is not convinced. What a bitch! It can be convinced by fantastical fears but not truths! It's not so easily convinced by truths, damn debbie doubter! I felt awful on Sunday so took myself out for a 3 mile walk in the sunshine, and showed it who is boss! (or tried to lol)
  12. It's the beets, I have an ileostomy (I poop in a bag) so I see everything that I eat as it passes, I don't have a choice. Beets do that. Oreos make it black, tomatoes and red sweet peppers often look like blood in the stool, blueberries and black olives = black specks in stool, anything blue, like blue raspberry powerade or slushie = green poop. If everything looked and felt fine on examination then don't worry, it wouldn't if there was something nasty going on, believe me
  13. It can be quite normal for a lot of people. I was prescribed Citalopram (celexa) and my doctor actually said it may make my anxiety worse, before it makes it better and that just totally put me off so I never took them. My anxiety was so bad I couldn't handle the thought of worse. Doctors here are very reluctant to prescribe benzos for anxiety so that option was out. I just hung in there until I had therapy. Using benzos to get through that period is often recommended so don't feel bad or anything, when your body adjusts to the med it should settle.
  14. That's great, don't be freaked out if you experience more twitches or more intense ones from exercise, that is completely normal but it's great you are physically active, that will help the ol' brain 'get it', that you are ok. I struggle with meditating too, my mind wanders and I can't keep still long but I found a REALLY copl guy who has a lot of videos and I really like his voice too. Give him a try and see how it goes
  15. Hi Anne, welcome to AC Thank you for sharing, I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through and have had to endure. I have agoraphobia too, I completely understand. No judgement here! We try to encourage and support each other. CBT helped me, but I took it very, very slowly and gradually. I didn't and still don't take any medication. I have a complicated history and life hasn't got much easier either, my husband died last year and I am now alone, everything got harder but I also have gotten more motivated too. I still have my limits but I have pushed my boundaries. I have lived where I live for 15 years and before this past year I had never once been able to walk to the city center, I couldn't walk across the street at one time. I can now walk into the city center without anxiety and fear, ok that is not always entirely true, sometimes I still have some 'what if's that make me want to turn around and come back home but I have not, yet. Baby steps, and hope. Have hope. Support and encouragement is so important and I hope we can help you with some of that! No matter how bad it is, and how long it has been you really can overcome, I promise