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  1. (I took care of the duplicate, don't sweat it)
  2. Keep walking, walk walk walk. You'll get there
  3. You know what I think Holls PERCEIVED weakness is not true weakness. I know you know that FEELING is a trick!
  4. Sounds like something is irritated, sure you'll be fine but let us know how you go, and we are here for you!
  5. OK, everyone take 5 minutes and a few deep breaths. Arguing, falling out and drama helps nobody. It ain't a competition, we're all here because we're suffering or want to help others because we have been there. Try and be mindful and respectful of each other. Thank you
  6. Digestion often is the cause of palps, the vagus nerve is what operates your heart rate as well as production of stomach acid, it also runs through the body very close to the stomach. I get more palps than ever when I'm gassy or if I ate too fast or too much. I used to get them every night as soon as I laid down to sleep, looking back I can see why being the late night snacker than I am but I only put the connection together when I reached for something to help in the dark and could only find antacids, in my panic I took one anyway. A minute or 2 later I let out the biggest burp and the palps and racing heart stopped. Just like that! I don't panic about them anymore. A lot of ladies might feel they get a lot of palps at that time of the month too, hormones and being bloated, the pressure on the tummy. Palps ahoy!
  7. Totally feel you Pythonain, it's not fair is it? That is what I feel like. For me it's my stomach and yeah.. a trillion reasons not one I can do anything about, no matter how many times I've 'been there' it always gets me, every time. All I can say is I understand and I'm sorry.
  8. Anxiety is an issue of course, google is just a search engine, like bing search and others. Having said that some websites and their content I'm not so sure about, and i'm quite cynical about motives. I'll tell you what got me into a lot of trouble, symptom checkers. I don't know if they are still about because it has been years but man, those things diagnosed me with about 30 different illnesses, 90% I had never heard of, when all I had was a tingling scalp and a stubborn tension headache. Then I found AZ and it was like ohhhhhh
  9. If anything they may not be as effective but they won't cause you any harm gemma. No need to worry.
  10. You're not going to die. Blood on the stool or specks of blood or blood on the TP is a sign of a hemmy or a tear or something minor. Take some deep breaths, have a talk to your doctor to see if they consider you a high risk. You have options here its not all out of your control, right now everything is OK. If you may be higher risk then you can have a more frequent colonoscopy. You'll turn yourself inside and out without a professional opinion. fwiw I had my entire colon removed when I was 25, I'm 45 now and I'm here and I'm still kicking and according to my gastro, healthy as can be.
  11. I can only relate from my own experience and in my own experience I can say a resounding yes. My symptoms lasted 2 years before I started to get decent relief from them, stress can contribute to prolonged symptoms and unfortunately I had a lot of stress...
  12. If we didn't have anxiety we wouldn't notice or panic when we got a random spell of dizziness that only lasted a few seconds or minutes. There are so many things that can cause it, yep hormones, blood sugar, eyes and ears, computer screens, weather, neck tension, caffeine. Anxiety makes us super sensitive and super aware. Those of us who have been on AC from the early days call any instance of fleeting dizziness of feeling off balance 'the lindas' it's affectionately named after one of our friends who had such a vast and colourful description for her dizzy spells. It does help to just say I have the lindas
  13. FunWithFive, you have created the panic by researching, please stop! You don't have any symptoms and the polyp was removed also. There is no reason to doubt the pathology other than what you have read online and you aren't qualified to understand the validity of what you are reading. I'm all for research and knowledge and understanding our bodies but you have to be very careful with HA not to fall into a deep dark rabbit hole.
  14. You are gorgeous Diane! Inside and out, truly!
  15. 'Fluffy' I like that! I'm fluffy Pear shaped for the win! I have a large botty and thunder thighs, eve when I was real sick and only weighed 70lbs they were still big. I'm 5'6" and I'm not sure what I weigh now but at my annual check up last August I was 156 lbs. I gained weight from agoraphobia and managed to lose 30 lbs a couple years ago but seem to have gotten stuck now. I'm fairly happy with my weight though, with my history I'd rather be overweight than underweight any day!