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    Hey guys. My kids are out for summeerrrr!!!!! We have a lot of plans this summer. Mainly because last yr my anxiety kept getting in the way and I missed so much with my kids. Oh I was there but my mind was checked out. I'm excited to be there this yr. I don't want to risk getting triggered by a post that is my fear. I'm writing this because I consider y'all my friends and when someone leaves the forum I always hope they are ok and doing good. I hate seeing posts that go unanswered. I know that feeling of almost desperation when you post and you need an answer. I wish the site had someone that would answer to everyone.. even if to say I understand you are worried etc... And to give some *hugs* Thank y'all for always being there. This is the best community. Hugs everyone!! I hope we all have a great worry free summer and no hurricanes would be good this year too lol. One last thing... I see a lot of y'all struggling on the forum. Anxiety is hard. I have posted before that doing techniques to lower your anxiety really do help. Try them all, what do you have to lose??? Find what works and stick with that baby! Please use this as a sign to no longer stay still... There is a post on the general anxiety board from lone sailor.. it's called the shut off switch. Read her post, it helped me a lot. I hate seeing y'all worry.. please take your life back. Hugs!
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    Hi friends - I tried out a new thing today and wanted to share in case it helps anyone. I know physical checking is a big part of many of our health anxieties. For example -- I poke and prod at the dime size lymph nodes on either side of my neck that I perceive as swollen sometimes hundreds of times a day. I look in the mirror and I also look at other people's necks to compare. It's become a problem. So today, my wife suggested a little game. She asked me to make a tally during the day of how many times I checked my neck to see if her number that she guessed was higher or if my final tally was higher. She guessed that I would check 146 times. I only checked 11 times. Small victories, eh? The tallying held me accountable. I didn't want to make another line and every time I did, I vowed to do better. And I did. A lot better. Now, my anxiety is still pretty out of control. But the little things add up! Just wanted to share.
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    Lmao yes anything to take your mind away from well your mind. I do this design game on my phone. I'm addicted lol love it!!! Hugs. You got this.
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    Best of luck, Bin! I don't know about the evaluation stage (I live in Canada so we don't have this) but in my intake appointment, the doctor just asked me what I wanted to get out of therapy and asked what concerns I had about my mental health/wellness. That was when she decided CBT might be the right intervention for me -- which I totally agree with. We didn't start any actual talk therapy at that point, but it was a good start! I hope yours goes great (I know it's a couple weeks away but still exciting and a big step).
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    Hey.. it's ok. We all have set backs.. but you are doing good. You are aware and trying to make it better. Hugs. I'm sorry you had a rough day. Tomorrow will be better.
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    Well, friends, I've done very poorly today with 67 checks. I had a breakdown on the bathroom floor crying about earaches and throat pain and swollen glands. I've since calmed myself down and want to smack myself silly. But I'm eating apple sauce and watching TV instead. Better luck tomorrow to me!
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    Do you have any reason to be scared about heart issues? Drinker? Smoker? Drug user? Family history? Overweight? High blood pressure? If not, have you been evaluated at any point got heart issues, either by your primary doc or a cardiologist? I get that you're scared. I worry, too, and have some risk factors. If your heart health has been evaluated recently, try not to worry so much. Even if not, I seriously doubt that's the case.
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    Lol i would do it. Ima see if i can count it and update you after a day. Warning my case is bad and i also try to check other people to compare.
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    That makes me feel immensely better! I like my odds & am glad I passed on that cigarette offered when I was in 3rd grade 😊 thank you so much! This is such a welcoming community.
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    Congrats, @armeade25. Please feel free to share future updates as well. Thanks for sharing this update, and I hope you feel well soon.
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    Hello everyone, I hope you've all been doing well. I first came to this forum about 6 months ago in complete and utter panic. I suddenly started having body wide twitching in October 2017, and of course after googling those same symptoms, I became afraid that I might be dying of ALS. After seeing a neurologist and doing an EMG, I was cleared of the illness I feared. However, even with that reassuring news, I continued to have a lot of anxiety about this disease, and the continued twitching did nothing to calm my fears. I was super lucky to meet a lot of great and supportive people on this forum who helped me through the worse bouts of my anxiety. I decided to begin therapy as well to deal with the HA and the constant hyperawareness. I've never been in therapy before, so this is all new to me. I'm not sure if my therapist is really getting me or taking my issues seriously. I often feel defeated after a session, and just end up crying in the bathroom. I don't know if I'm being impatient (it's only been 3 1/2 months), or if I should be seeing some results by now. I understand that I will most likely have to deal with HA for the remainder of my life, but I just want the hyperawareness to stop. My hyperawareness these days extends to my family members as well. Every time my mother chokes on her food/drink or drops the remote control, my heartbeat spikes and dark thoughts of this terrible disease resurface, where I know wonder if she has it. I have turned into a complete basket case. Have any of you heard anything about hypnotherapy being useful in helping with health anxiety? Is there anything else other than therapy that helped you in overcoming HA? Thanks in advance folks,
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    Hello Holls, YES! I wish I never became aware of this disease or read so much on it in the beginning. I have full blown OCD behaviour now, and it is exhausting. I realize what I'm doing and why, but I just can't seem to be able to snap out of it. Sending you lost of warm hugs
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    Yes and yessss!!!!! Your Dr would know if you had something like that going on... Sounds like you are still googling 😯😥 my Dr told me NO more googling.. I stopped after that. It's hurting not helping you. Yes my anxiety jumps too and it all feels real. Your therapist will be good.
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    Well, ladies and gents, I'm back to crazy anxiety. I've had pain, shooting in my hands and feet for the past few days and the head pain when my body temp rises has been awful lately. I'm so confused about this one but I found something called Scleroderma online with a horrid life expectancy and I'm nervous. But I try to remember what Holls says always. "Doctors are looking for things you don't even know about". My rheumatologist likely already knows about this one so I'm hoping it's not that. Also, a lesson to be learned here is that I have extreme anxiety that jumps from worry to worry. One minute it's lymphoma, the next it's scleroderma, the next Barrett's disease. It's a sort of forever cycle but so grateful I only have to wait one more day for therapy.
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    Thanks!! I’m excited about the essential oils. I’ve heard lots of good things about them. I believe they work too. My former pastor’s wife uses them and she has come off several medicines after using the oils.
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    I do that too regarding my als fears.. my husband tripped while we were walking the other day and I started thinking oh no it's als. I think we do that Bec we read so much on it and we have an ocd about it. I too have wondered if hypnosis would work. I wish I could erase ever hearing that word. I hope other people post, it's a great topic. Hugs!!! 😘😍
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    Thanks for sharing. I don't think therapy is what I need. I used to think so, but I'm past the obsessive compulsive health fears, for the most part. I react just fine to any "symptoms" I may have. My problem is the sporadic panic attacks. We'll see though. Thank you for sharing! I expect it to be different for everyone, just trying to see what commonalities may exist for everyone. If nothing else, I think therapy *and* medication will be best for me, if not just medication. I saw a counselor/therapist for the first time recently, and she suggested seeing a psych about medication, then come back to her a couple weeks after starting a med to see where things still stand. Of course, I can go before then if need be, but I'm betting medication is really what I need.
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    😂 no one! But regular processing of physical symptoms would be nice, and having a chill mentality of death. Yeah you’re right but like I’ve said it’s my anxiety that brings it all back to “it’s a sign” or “impending death” without freaken any effort. (Stuck on repeat no way out of it). Now if I can only get the ability to bring in riches and happiness in the same manner I bring in those thoughts. I would of been in a science lab telling the scientists “take my riches! Just find a cure for this anxiety and panic attacks!”
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    Hi. You sound like you are doing good. Hugs. I'm happy to hear it. 😘😍
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    I actually stumbled across an article that talked about some of the issues I am/was having and after reading it, it helped a lot. Fingers crossed my brain can stay this way at least for a little while longer.
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    Awee, it's not stupid. It's just how anxiety works. It likes you to doubt. I would go back and re-read what your online drs told you. I did that for days after when the doubt would try to sneak back in. At Least you know that your bday is a trigger for you. So tell your anxiety, this isn't about parasites that aren't there, this is about my bday.
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    I love this. My husband would have loved to play with me.. I checked so much and was doing "tests" all day. This is a great way to show yourself how much you are doing. I'm glad it helped you and I love your wife cares and wants to help!!
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    I absolutely agree with Iugrad. What is "normal", anyhow? Why do you *want* to be normal? But seriously, it's the anxiety talking, 100%. Everything you've said sounds like my own experiences with anxiety. The what ifs, the racing thoughts, the intrusive thoughts about "impending heart attack", the thought that all these things are "a sign." Life doesn't work that way; anxiety does.
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    Yes!!! I was holiding on the walls to get to the bathroom. Luckily it was a weekend so no driving for me that day. Idk if it was allergy related, hormonal, just a dizzy day lol. I know when I drink a lot of caffeine I will do it.
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    Awwe. Thank you. I can say the same for your posts. You definitely helped me a ton last yr when I was in a spiral. I'm forever grateful 😘😍