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    Like @Mocha1 has said. It's a good question and it's also very hard to answer. If you factor in a few things then you can try to isolate what is anxiety from what is not. 1)When did this symptom start? 2)How long has this symptom lasted for unchanged? 3)Does this symptom vary in strength? 4)Is this symptom only present when you're thinking about it? Does it pop back up once your mind tracks back to it? 5)Have you had this symptom before? 6)Do you fear this symptom? 7)Does this symptom have a physical appearance and is it changeable? 8)Does this symptom 'feel' like it's bad? So 1)When did this symptom start? If it's a new symptom then it's too early to tell so probability dictates anxiety. Wait a little longer before considering a doctor. If it's a symptom that has continued for a while, weigh it up against the other questions above. 2)How long has this symptom lasted for unchanged? If the symptom remains the same and has not changed in a while, probability dictates anxiety. If it's getting worse then the Dr's could be an option. 3)Does this symptom vary in strength? If there is no variation or if the symptom varies between there and not, that it's most likely an anxiety symptom. If it continues to get worse, the consider a Dr's opinion. 4)Is this symptom only present when you're thinking about it? Does it pop back up once your mind tracks back to it? If the symptom disappears when there is no focus on it, it's 99.99% anxiety. If the symptom is there no matter where your mind and attention is ie it keeps drawing your attention back to it in a painful way etc, then Dr's is an option (note: sometimes anxiety can work in the unconscious so this can be a problematic question) 5)Have you had this symptom before? If this is a reoccurring symptom that has had no negative effect on your body other than your anxiety before, it's highly likely anxiety. If it's a new symptom, refer to question 1. 6)Do you fear this symptom? If you were already scared of this symptom before it arrived, it IS anxiety. If the symptom arrived then triggered anxiety, it's highly likely anxiety but refer to question 1. 7)Does this symptom have a physical appearance and is it changeable? If you can actually see the symptom then it's physical and if it's changeable or gets worse, then a Dr's opinion is a good option. If it's just a bruise or something recognizable and is not getting worse, refer to question 1. 8)Does this symptom 'feel' like it's bad? If the symptom is internal and you just have a feeling that it's bad, thats anxiety speaking so the probability is that your symptom is anxiety based and created by your fear of it being bad. Refer to question 1 and 2. Thats a brief checklist you could use to at least try to separate. Anxiety is very tricky because it is the best mimic you will ever know. Time is always helpful in these situations and i know time is something we do not allow ourselves. So, tricky question, hard to separate but if you apply rationality into it, you can help with your decision making.
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    Abe, you're 24 dude! your prostate is fine. Prostate shouldn't even be in your vocabulary for another 25 years! Anxiety and urination go hand in hand (sorry for the visual). Bob
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    To Mark's point, my wife works as a primary school teacher and even after 8+ years of teaching, she still gets sick more often than the rest of the family. Those adorable kids are little germ factories. Daily vitamins, especially vitamin C, is certainly good for you. Personally, I think 30 minutes of exercise a day also helps me keep the colds and flu at bay.
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    Hey liv07, The most recent epidimielogical study has the incidence of ALS at about 2 per 100,000. Thats about 6,000 cases per year. Even if you double the rate of ALS, colon cancer is still 10 times more common than ALS. ALS is very rare. If you are under 40 the rate is .5 per 100,000 and most of those are the hereditary variety. Some people may know 4 people that have had it. However, I know 0 people that have had it and I don't even know anyone who knows anyone who has had it. It is quite rare, and bulbar is the least common variety of a very rare disease. If you can touch your talk to the roof of your mouth and do not have drastically slurred speech, find something else to fear. I am coming up in year of ALS anxiety and I finally have the upper hand on it. I have fought like hell to get here. I still twitch. Somedays I twitch a lot. Somedays hardly at all. Eveynow and then Ill get a twitch and it the fear will pop up, but it quickly goes away. My advice: do not google anymore, you have to starve the anxiety. You will always find a stories on the internet that play to your fears. Go to your doctor, tell them your symptoms and fear and then trust what they say. Stay of the internet and stay off forums. Until today, I haven't posted on a forum in a long time. They are amazing when your gaining through the worst, but they keep fear alive. Bottom line, if you can walk, talk and hold a coffee cup you do not have ALS. Best wishes
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    I had to get my meds (PPI and beta blocker) refilled. And after my high BP reading yesterday of 150/90, I figured it was a good time to ask about that as well, seeing as how I checked it at a pharmacy kiosk and they're not the greatest for accuracy. I told the doc about my panic episode that happened Tuesday night as well. All is well. BP was 128/86. Oftentimes it runs a bit lower, but going to the doc still makes me subtly anxious sometimes. I don't know why; I love the doc, and the staff at the practice are awesome! I know this is a normal occurrence, and it happens even to people who otherwise don't have anxiety. Still, I was relieved to see the normal BP, although I expected it. She didn't really say anything about the panic episode. Again, not surprising. She knows, and I know since coming down, that what I experienced was "normal" for panic. I need to call and schedule a physical, primarily to check cholesterol numbers again, and talk about options - lifestyle, statins, etc. At this point, I will do medication for it. It's better than risking a heart attack in the future, especially given the family history. I had labs done in Feb for a physical, but I never got around to scheduling the actual exam, due to things getting crazy (a good crazy) around here. Things are more calm now, and it's time to get it done! I just thought I'd let you all know how things went. I'm feeling better this evening, though the anticipation of a panic attack is still in the back of my mind. This is not unusual, at least for me. It happens every time. It takes a few days to fully recover. Thank you all, again, for your support. I hope you're doing well.
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    Also, remember that there isn't always an obvious connection between "feeling" anxious and the body being anxious. You might recall reading from numerous posters how they had a panic attack not when they were freaking out, but while they were calm. Also, migraine sufferers frequently get their headaches hours or days after some stressful events. Delayed action. the body is so complex.
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    Stumbling across horror stories and seeing symptom sets on Google don't trigger panic for me anymore. Seeing "this is a symptom of X or Y disease" doesn't scare me anymore. Why should it? It's Google. Haha. Despite the lack of anxiety/fear, or triggers, Google still sucks. Oftentimes I'm searching for a very basic explanation of very common symptoms. For example, while I haven't confirmed with my doc yet, I believe I occasionally experience ulnar nerve compression. It took a while to sift through the BS to realize ulnar nerve compression is what I think I'm experiencing. Why? Well, because Google wanted to say that tingling or subtle numbness, and pain/tingling in the elbow, is a sign of an active heart attack. The more likely answers were buried pretty deep. Since Google started the whole thing of showing possible causes of symptoms at the very top, it's even more difficult to find what you're looking for. The conditions listed at the top are very rarely the most likely, as they're usually the most extreme. Why? I don't know. Maybe they just don't want to be responsible for someone thinking "oh, that's all it is" and it end up being serious. Maybe? I don't know. I just know that's why I hate Google. If my old triggers still existed, I think it would be significantly worse than it was before. Just a thought. If Google triggers you, you're not alone. I know how it feels. And even without being triggered, Google sucks. LoL. Hope you're all doing well. For any members in/around FL, stay safe.
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    Regular posters might know that my mom has a very suspicious growth that is likely to be ovarian cancer. I know it's a very common worry people here have - I've had that fear myself! (Luckily mine turned out to be a benign endometrioma though!) - partly because it's hard to detect and partly because ovarian cancer is seen as this automatic death sentence unless you catch it immediately. When I was leaving the doctor's office, she stopped me and said "I know people think of ovarian cancer as this huge death sentence. But it's not any more." Treatments have come a long way, and it's become something manageable if not outright curable. For many patients it can be a chronic condition of sorts - you treat it, it comes back in a while, so you treat it again, etc. And some people are cured now. This doctor we saw went to Yale medical school, has a list of publications, credentials and awards that it'd take me an hour to list in full, and she currently works at one of the best oncology hospitals in the country. If she doesn't know what she's talking about, no one does. And she's saying that if you have ovarian cancer, there's a good chance that you can live with it. And make no mistake, I'm sure none of you actually have it! My mother is 74; she's at an age where sadly her cancer risk is higher than that of the general population's. But if you're into that fear zone, it might make you feel better to know that the certain death you're picturing is no longer the reality. (And she was telling her hairdresser all this - because the cliches are all true about women and their hairdressers! - and it turns out he had non-Hodgkins lymphoma a decade ago. We were both shocked because there's NOTHING about him that would make you think "Gee, this guy was really sick once." He's perfectly healthy. He has more energy than I'll ever have in my life. He's continued to be tremendously successful professionally and still has a life he loves. Even if you do get some form of cancer, there's life beyond it!) Anyway. I thought that might help some of you because I know it's a common fear and part of why it's so scary is because Googling it makes it seem totally hopeless. And that's just not true.
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    I haven't been around often at all as of late. No worries, all is well. I just wanted to pop in and say hi, and I hope you're all doing well. Following is a quick update on life. Work has been crazy. Not stressful, but very busy/unusual, compared to the norm. We're kicking butt though, and all is well. I've accomplished a few things lately that I'm quite proud of. Life is great. I have no anxiety. I haven't had a panic/anxiety attack in a long while now, which I'm very happy about. I do need to go to the doc and get my physical. I went in Feb for a routine appointment, and they did the labs, but things got crazy and I didn't go back for the actual exam. I'll need a med refill in a few weeks, so maybe I'll just schedule the whole thing for the same time. My physical anxiety symptoms have also drastically decreased in frequency. They're virtually nil. However, it seems a lot of my symptoms were never anxiety symptoms - just general "human things" that I attributed to anxiety. I no longer self-check, I don't have intrusive thoughts, and I can't recall the last time a thought crossed my mind and triggered the "now I can't stop thinking about it" process. I'm in the process of getting full physical custody of my oldest daughter. Our first court date is September 1. Her mother is in agreement with her being with me instead, but she doesn't seem to understand that doing it via court is the best way. Long story short, she's f--cking crazy - no joke. But it's all good. I'm very happy about it, and my daughter has lived with us for two months now. She's enrolled in school here, and she's far happier. She talks to her mother almost every day, and she sees her once a month (mother lives a couple hours away). So I'm very excited about this, too. This is a huge deal, as I've wanted custody of her for years, due to lack of stability (physical, financial and mental) when she's with her mother. She's turning 12 in a few weeks. My youngest will be 3 on September 25. My son will be 8 on November 23. They're all getting so big, and I'm taking every opportunity to enjoy their youth, because I know they'll be grown before I know it! Luckily, I'm only 30, so I can really enjoy their youth with them! LoL. Anyhow, all is well here! We're living with my girlfriend's mom at the moment, as of June 1. We're saving money to buy a house, probably next summer if everything continues going as planned, financially. So far, we're on track for that. The housing market here has exploded in the past few years, so prices are higher, and homes are selling very quickly. Living here, we can take our time finding the right first home of our own, so no worries. I hope you all are doing well. I still pop in from time to time, but I haven't replied to anything lately. When things settle down at work and I'm not so tired all the time, maybe I'll be more active again. In the meantime, take care, friends!
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    I just got home. It was a fast fast test. It was uncomfortable but so glad it's over. The Dr said he tested my urine yesterday for cancer cells and it was negative.. they did a straight Cath this morning and I did have blood. He said the blood in my urine yesterday was a false positive that there was nothing under the microscope. He did the scope and said now that is a perfect bladder, no tumors. He might have been in there for a minute. It was so fast. He also said I will probably always test with a trace of blood in the urine and it's ok. Omg!!! Wow I'm so glad this is behind me. Fast test for such big relief!!!! Thank y'all all so much for helping me through this. I have missed y'all all so much. Hugs!!!
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    First of all, I'm so sorry for what happened when you were a kid. Those sorts of things can be really traumatic and hard to overcome. I've been through the ALS fears for sure. One good thing to keep in mind is that there is a big difference between "feeling weak" and actually BEING weak. I feel weak a lot. And anxiety makes me shaky and clumsy and more prone to tripping. But those are different than actually not being able to perform tasks because you have a physical issue with your body and not one brought on by anxious thoughts. You anxiety can make your leg FEEL weak, but it's not actually getting weaker. (unless you used to be a runner and your anxiety stops you from running...well, then, yes, you legs will get weaker, but only because you've stopped running ;-)) Basically, anxiety can give you REAL physical symptoms -- you're going to FEEL weak, tired, dizzy, shaky, in pain, etc. However, these physical symptoms are a result of your anxiety and not your imagined disease and they are not harmful to you other than making you distressed! Does that make any sense at all? I feel like I rambled a bit.
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    Sort of. There is always a reason for it, usually a congenital defect or heart disease that is unknown/untreated. My mom went into sudden cardiac arrest (heart just stops suddenly) last November at 54 years old. While heart disease is prominent on her side of the family, she had no prior heart attacks or other complications herself (at least not that any of us know of). Luckily, she's one of the 1% to survive that type of event, and she's doing okay. However, she's been on a statin for several years for high cholesterol (the genetic defect). She is sedentary, works a desk job, doesn't exercise, long time smoker, and would drink several sodas per day with practically no water. Her diet isn't the greatest either. There is always a reason. It doesn't have to be obvious or previously known, though that is quite rare. If you stay on top of your checkups and report any unusual/new symptoms to your doc, you shouldn't worry much, if at all. If you have a congenital heart defect or you're otherwise at higher risk, be sure to have more regular cardiac checkups.
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    Rice from the fridge always comes out hard and dry for me. put a little (not much) water in the wrap and microwave for 30 seconds. Good as new! Generally, the rule for leftovers is 3 days for most food - 2 days for seafood and highly perishable items. Rice could probably go longer than 3 days. You're good.
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    Firstly, stop Googling, you're not going to find answers there, only more fear. You work in a school and lots of children reside in schools too right? Kids carry all sorts of bugs and colds etc and when they're all grouped together, colds and bugs spread. The fact you get a cold whenever you go back to school suggests that you're picking up bugs from the school and as that stress and anxiety you feel lowers your immune system, it not surprising that your picking up these things. Relax, it's nothing bad, schools are bug ridden places at times. Working on your anxiety will do far more than vitamin tablets can.
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    Dehydration @Beliza, definitely dehydration. Get some water in and relax.
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    Liv, today I was trying to give some concrete reasons that you do not have ALS based on what I've seen. I truly didn't mean to scare you or anyone else, I'm sorry if I did. That said, I really believe in my heart that you are ok. ox
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    I am going to agree with Holls there is no way to cause a pregnancy from making out with clothing on. Your anxiety over this possible pregnancy is causing your symptoms. I am very sorry your mother is treating you the way she is and this is also a huge reason you are so anxious. it is not right of your mother to accuse you of sleeping around. Your sexual choice are non of her business.
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    Ask anything!!! I don't mind. My breast get incredibly sore before menstrual cycles. I have three children. My breast not only were tender but they trippled in size probably about a week before I missed my period. If it's time for your menstrual it is probably just that. If you and your boyfriend made out with your clothes on.. no matter if he finished or not.. you absolutely can not be pregnant. I understand when you are young, the thought of getting pregnant can stress you out so so much that even when you know there is no way you can be pregnant your mind tries to convince you other wise. Sorry you are going through this. It's going to be ok.
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    That's a great point, Doxie. I am worrying about a rare presentation (twitches first) of a rare onset (bulbar) of an already rare disease (ALS), aren't I?
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    Really good point. There is no way that the morning after pill is better for your reproductive health system than a regular birth control pill. I'm honestly shocked that her doctor told her such nonsense. It borders on malpractice.
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    "It just feels like" is the worst thing for anxiety. "feel" and real are 2 very different things. I think if there was something actually wrong, you wouldn't "feel like" something is wrong - you would know it. Now, don't go trying to convince yourself its a real thing because I said this. Its not a real thing. Its anxiety.
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    You're fine. I get tension headaches fairly often. Most times, sleep takes them away, but not always. If I wake up and I still have the headache, I just let it be and it resolves in due time, usually once the tension is gone. Tension headaches suck.
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    I'm sorry if I scared you, not exactly sure what I said that struck a nerve but scaring you to your "inner core" was not my intention. You just went through this scare 3 weeks ago, it's time you get some reliable birth control. Saying you're not going to have sex anymore is silly. Go back and read last month's thread. Going through this every month isn't healthy for you.
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    140/90 is also not "high", according to my doc as well as the ER when I had a visit over a year ago, same for the cardiologist I saw after the hospital admission. Not only is it not awful, it's also very common in a medical office. If it was 140/90, and then 130/83 a short time later, it's not "high blood pressure". Chronic high BP is what one should be more concerned with, meaning the numbers are consistently elevated no matter how many times you take it, or how relaxed you are. Stay positive - that helps to get through it. Applause for you being proactive in going for yearly checkups, even if they make you anxious. Good luck, and I'm sure things will be fine.
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    Thanks Jennie and Holls. As advertised, today was a new mindset and I was out at the gym early. We will see what happens with the numbers, but for the meantime your positive words were a great help. Thanks again!
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    My BP is always high when they first take it at the doctor's office and then later on towards the end of the visit the doctor will take it again and it is always much lower. Don't get discouraged and your blood test may not be so bad -- keep eating good and exercising!
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    Excellent stuff, bottle this feeling for it's the feeling I hope everyone on the forum feels once they have their eureka moments and things click in to place. Your anxiety has been exposed and your endorphins are the result of your great progress and excitement that a panic attack did absolutely nothing. It's all bluff.
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    You got it spot on @bin_tenn it's the mind on an anticipatory tilt following yesterday's attempted attack. You're more aware today. Calmy accept the feeling and continue. Anxiety is losing its strength 😀
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    Well said, @Mark G. "Anxiety is a thinking disorder so how you react to the thoughts that are coming in to your mind are the catalyst for how you feel right now." - This is absolutely true!
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    Hello, I'm sorry that the dreaded HA has found a way in to your mind. We all have various triggers or illness fears with anxiety, mine is the heart, yours is cancer fears. These fears are the power cells that keep anxiety at it's heightened state and all of the symptoms you're feeling are the result of the anxiety and the adrenalin it's telling your mind to release. Anxiety is a thinking disorder so how you react to the thoughts that are coming in to your mind are the catalyst for how you feel right now. Notice how when taking the medication, you can relax and the symptoms fade away? Now if there were an actual physical illness at play, the symptoms would remain so that validates that anxiety is playing it's games and that you do NOT have cancer. Anxiety can creep up on you even though you think you feel relaxed and this is because anxiety sits in your unconscious mind as well, in the deeper thought patterns so if something triggers, you will start feeling anxious for apparently no reason.. there is ALWAYS a reason. You've found a good forum here so have a good read through some of the posts here and please let us know if you need more help
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    I know the feeling bob..When my HA acts up I need to see MY doctor as he understands me the best....When he was in his old office the nurses got me in to see him asap...usually the same day or a day or 2 later at the latest. He recently moved offices and the new receptionists are awful...there is no leeway with them...they will not try to get me a quick appt....now its at least a month wait if i call in.....fortunately he gave me his office extension number so I can call and leave a message if I really need to see him....I will make sure I dont abuse that as I dont want to get fired as a patient.
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    Thanks ladies! So far I haven't had it today. Oh and Holls, no worries! What you said wasn't TMI! Haha! I'll let you know what my doc says next week. Thanks again!
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    Sorry if this is too much info here.. but my husband does not finish inside me and I have exactly what you are talking about... I'll have it for probably that entire day.. I always just thought if it as my own lubricant.. if it has a normal odor and color it's all normal. I agree, sometimes when it's been awhile you forget you bodies normal functions!! Let us know what the Dr says.. I'd like to know what exactly it is lol.. like I said I have it too. All the time.
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    This is your second scare, you really should consider another form of birth control or abstaining until it's less scary for you. Its very, very unlikely you're pregnant. Don't worry, buy a test and then actually take it (when it's close enough to your period to be accurate). That will give you peace of mind. I hope that doesn't come across as too blunt but pregnancy is preventable! Why go through this anxiety every month?
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    Hi Brit, I remember this feeling very well. I too was terrified on my first day, especially when my parents left me in my new room all by myself. Initiating conversation on the first day was tricky, but the ball really started to roll on the second, and within the week I was making loads of friends! Maybe you've heard this a lot already, but remember that everybody there is 'in the same boat'. Sure, there will be some for whom making new friends is not a challenge, but there will be many others also scared of the challenge of doing so. But you'll also find that as a whole, the student body is more tolerant of different people types, which makes it easier to talk to people for the first time. I also remember in the first week, at least in my university, nobody had a problem with a complete stranger coming over to say hello! But I also want to say well done for taking this brave step doing something that is often so difficult for us socially anxious people. It's a perfect example of how we can stick up our middle finger at the fear inside us and not let it stand in the way of our progress in life. I wish you all the best. Enjoy it!
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    no I don't have gerd issues. I think now that it may be bronchitis and my chest and throat hurts from the post nasal drip maybe...it doesn't hurt any other time other than coughing. so idk..i guess if I get a fever ill go the the dr...
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    Hello, I have had some visual issues this year including seeing rays of light coming out of street lights and rear car lights, scattered vision when looking at things like Spotify playlists (high contrast) and pain over left eye. I had a ton of blood tests, clean MRI, went to 2 eye doctors, etc... I even went to balance therapy for the disequilibrium I am experiencing. Just like you I have anxiety, but also have physical symptoms, so it's hard to accept your anxiety when you are experiencing undiagnosed symptoms. I also had/have all the symptoms you have mentioned below: Dizziness, tingling in my extremities, extreme fatigue, brain fog, headaches on the back of the head, neck stiffness. Finally, I also have the same sort of HA as you where I insist on getting more tests done and have requested additional labs, etc... All have come back clean. So instead of digging more at this time, I have focused my efforts on fixing the one thing I have been diagnosed with and absolutely know I have, which is my anxiety. That said, things like therapy, anxiety medication, yoga, exercise, and certain supplements such as Adrenal fatigue supplements have aided me to work on my anxiety. Now that I have been working on my anxiety I have noticed a reduction in my symptoms, all of them in fact. If it would ease your mind to ask your doctor about idiopathic intracranial hypertension, I would. But as for the LP, perhaps telling him/her about your HA and how it affects you before you request an LP would be maybe more beneficial for you. The reason I say that is because my GP knows I have HA and seems to have a different/better understanding of how to work with me since he knows my anxiety triggers. So if he thinks a test will ease my mind he will do it, but if something is invasive that he knows won't be helpful for me, he will explain clearly why it's not needed. I hope that helps.
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    I just saw this. Thank you... I'm glad to hear that the CT can pick up something that small.. they Dr at the e.r. said he was looking for kidney stones as a possibility.. My bladder scope went great, no tumors. Don't have an explanation of why I have blood in the urine but it's nothing to worry about the Dr said good enough answer for me lol.
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    Do not worry abut this, anxiety does not do any lasting damage. Once it fades, you body recovers very fast indeed. The Adrenal fatigue also recovers. Your body is an amazing bit of kit, anxiety does not hold anything on it. Anxiety lurks mostly in our minds and not in our bodies. The physical symptoms are relatively small in comparison. This is a great sign Holls, i can feel that determination emanating from you. Good luck with your scope, i'm sure it will all be fine.
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    Hello, my name is Brooke and I just recently joined anxiety central because I was in search of some advice regarding my health anxiety. It all started with the bottoms of my toes and feet feeling numb after one of my long walks. A couple days had gone by and the numbness was still there and that's when I decided to look online to understand why I was feeling this numbness and I came across all of these awful things that could be wrong with me and that's when I got scared and my anxiety started. From then on I had been in a state of constant anxiety and each day I would feel worse and I had a tightness in my chest, a lump in my throat, an upset stomach and tingling calves which worried me even more that something was wrong with me. It's when I finally made a post on here about what I was experiencing that I learned that all those things I was feeling was because of my anxiety and once I learned that, the things I was feeling started to get better and for the most part, go away. I'm still dealing with my health anxiety and am being hopeful that it will get better soon. Aside from health anxiety I also suffer from social anxiety and occasional anxiety due to stressful events. I feel writing this right now helps with my anxiety and I also feel that discussing anxiety with other users that may be going through something similar would be helpful too. If anyone would like to share any similar experiences or has any opinions or comments to add, please feel free to do so
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    I discovered a powerful antidote to my health anxiety. Let's face it, many of us are fundamentally self-absorbed people. I would normally call us "narcissistic" but our extreme health anxiety is really a kind of self-loathing rather than a self-love. We are so fixated on health and yet we are convinced on some subconscious level that we are not good enough to be healthy and that something fundamental must be wrong with us. So let me tell you what happened to me today. I was sitting on the couch, sitting out a hurricane in Houston, watching tennis channel in my pajamas. I was feeling my hands and waiting for subtle signs of my latest health obsession, rheumatoid arthritis to surface. I was watching RA videos on my Ipad, patient stories, alternative therapy approaches, etc. Then a commercial came on the tennis channel for the Shriner's Children's Hospital. I was literally in tears after the commercial. The sweet children in the commercial showed so much natural joy for life and good will despite the horrible afflictions and disabilities that they suffer, and here I am, a normally healthy and active 40-year-old with a doctoral degree and a good job lying around feeling my fingers and fretting. I spent a good 2-3 minutes crying. I NEVER do that. I wasn't crying for myself but for the predicament of so many in this world who never got a fair shake in life. I immediately donated to this charity and feel that this is the first step towards a major paradigm shift. I think we could all benefit from getting out of our own heads and trying to help those far less fortunate than us--those who suffer REAL rather than largely imagined hardship.
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    I completely understand. I've been to the ER several times with anxiety. I try to remember that it won't solve anything. I've been before and nothing has changed -- it's not a long term solution. I've certainly seen my pupils different sizes. In fact, almost every morning because when I face the mirror in my bedroom the sunlight streams right at the left side of my face and the right side is in the dark! If you had dramatically different pupil sizes PLUS major symptoms, that might be a cause to get something checked out. But our bodies do not operate on a binary. Things are not either perfect OR catastrophic. Everyone floats somewhere in the middle with things happening inside and outside ourselves all the time. Bodies, after all, are living things;-) Stuff shifts around and changes all the time, and it's when we are hyper-aware of everything that's going on that we notice each tiny change. But these tiny changes do not mean we are about to drop to the floor. Hang in there:-)
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    I wanted to update everyone. I haven't been on here because in general my specific health anxiety has been better. I am being treated well by a neuro and an opthalmologist. I had a clear CT and a clear MRI and lots of normal lab work. My neurologist sent the MRI off for a second opinion "just to cross his t's and dot his i's". Of course, this made me slightly panicky. I actually ran the idea that he is lying to me about it looking clear to him and he really just wants a new Dr. to deliver the bad news to me. So far the only concrete things they have found is my papilledema and an abnormal visual field test consistent with my nerve swelling. So I really truly do have nerve swelling and likely damage in my right optic nerve. So far that is all they know. The neuro and the opthalmologist want to confer with one another before recommending a next step. Getting answers has been good. And like I said, I have a good neurologist who seems to know how to talk to people like me. I was visibly stressed at my appointment and he told me, "The good news is, you don't have to worry about what you have anymore, I will worry about that for you." Somehow that has made me feel a little better. There actually are people out there working on it. A tiny part of my health anxiety may come from a control issue that I have. I have still had a fair amount of anxiety. I couldn't sleep the other night because I was obsessively thinking about cooking oils. I listened to the last episode of Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast and he talked on that about linoleic acid. So I started comparing linoleic acid content with smoke points and saturated fat content and polyunsaturated fat content. I kept thinking about it but trying not to think about it too much because I could tell I was getting obsessive but when I went to bed I had to keep resisting the urge to get up and start organizing my information in a table. It is a weird thing to obsess about but in the absence of an imagined illness, I tend to do this. Climate change is usually my go-to. This week; cooking oils. I have been having some success moving from moments of high anxiety and obsessive thinking to a calmer mindset with grounding techniques and a weird bastardized kind of meditation that works for me. Does anyone else do any kind of grounding exercises that work for them? I like to just to the sensory check where I consciously note what all of my senses are doing right now and repeat that until I am calmer.
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    Are you in Houston?? Hope you're ok! My favorite #2 anxiety topic after my health and my family's health is climate change and I have found, like you with the Shriner's Hospital charity, that taking real action has made me feel less frightened and paralyzed by it. I joined a lobby here in my county. I also stopped reading the scary articles about climate change - something I don't feel 100% confident that I can do yet with health issues - and started pulling up the ones about the progress we make, and the options we have for changing. If you're able to take your fear and your anxiety and flip it for something positive, that is awesome and it does so much not only for ourselves and our own sense of empowerment and value, but we are also helping others. Good for you and thank you for sharing!
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    For me, distraction is the best medicine for anxiety. Any music from my teenage and 20's (1980s and 1990s) for me just has me singing along and forgetting spiraling thoughts.
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    Most of what I've read on the origins of hypochondria/health anxiety has indicated that one possible origin, in addition to childhood trauma or the loss of a relative, is actually a different kind of depression. According to the theory, HA stems from a subconscious feeling of inadequacy. Something about us is "wrong" and we can't possibly be healthy like normal people. I have never been depressed. On the contrary, I've always been a joyful person, but several family members suffer from depression, and I'm inclined to believe the theory that my acute HA is a way of that depressive tendency surfacing in me. And let's not overlook the fact that many of us are not 100% healthy physically. I don't have any diagnosed conditions but I'm sort of convinced that virtually no human is 100% healthy in all respects. Some of us may have underlying physical symptoms that, when viewed through the lens of HA, can become magnified into a major illness. Example: the sufferer of chronic migraines who is convinced that he/she has a brain tumor.
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    According to the SEER Cancer Database, for a child age 10 - 14 there are fewer than 16 cases in the entire database. That equates to an extremely low chance this is cancer.
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    Well, if sinuses/sinus inflammation aren't primarily playing a part (sinus issues can affect your eyes, even just one if the sinus above, next to, and/or right below that eye is wonky!), I'm going to echo what Mark said and say that the most likely plausible explanation is muscular and/or trigger point related. Sometimes when the back of my neck is tense (from tensing due to anxiety, being tense due to general stress, from sleeping wrong, having a crappy pillow, etc) and my cervical vertebrae feel tight since my neck won't pop (I have a couple subluxations), I sometimes get really intense, throbbing pains near the crown of my skull on one or both sides. And the tension headaches I sometimes get are awful and are very localized at the beginning (they can even manifest towards the front of my head even if the tension is at the back of my neck). Please don't completely discount the interconnectedness of your body. You can have tightness or knots in one place, meanwhile pain gets referred to another. Muscles-muscles and nerves-nerves you wouldn't think should be connected sometimes cause reactions in each other. Hang in there. The odds are in your favor.
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    Ok, this can be seen another way. Your rheumatologist is specialized in diagnostics so will have a good knowledge of conditions. The fact that they are perplexed signifies that the pain is not linked to the specific symptoms that match up with well known conditions. As brain tumors are well understood, they would have had to scan that in their mind as they search for possibilities. That actually rules in your favor and makes a tumor diagnoses even more slim that it already was. She is just going through the motions and i suspect that nothing will be found. You would have been a shining beaker to a rheumatologist had you been showing signs of a tumor. Its HIGHTLY unlikely. I'm still going down the deep muscular tension heightened by anxiety route.
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    This particular symptom you're having is the root of your anxiety by the looks of it. It's the one thing that keeps you in the fearful state and is resisting your attempts to accept. Your rationale has created a belief that anxiety can only produce symptoms in burst so it fades then reoccurs. In some cases that is true but the bursts coincide with your fear level either consciously or subconsciously plus factors like tiredness amplify it. As this is a real fear for you, you are producing enough introspective analysis and adrenalin to keep the twitching going indefinitely. Anxiety can easily do that, anxiety is connected to your mind and brain so has access to your entire interpretation of your life and everything in it. The tingling will continue for as long as the energy is there for it. A misconception with symptoms is that once you feel ok, the symptoms instantly stop. This is not necessarily true due to many different factors including the misfiring of nerve endings, your rested state, how long your mind has been locked into introspection, how much anxiety exists within your unconscious, whether your still in a reactionary state and many others. In my experience with this i'm almost certain that your twitching is anxiety based or it is there as a direct result of anxiety. You have been tested and cleared of issues which validates this.