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    Hi Strawberry! First of; we are all here for you! You are not alone in this! I think you gave the explanation to what's happening in your post: You are in the middle of an anxiety episode, that in itself is hard enough! Plus you see your parents happy with your new sibling and feel isolated because you are suffering! I promise you, if you wouldn't suffer from anxiety you would not feel like this right now. It's the anxiety trying to get to you with all it's tricks. You won't need to kill yourself in the future, by that time you will be much better and live a life filled with joy and ease! It just takes time, patience and commitment! Anxiety will tell you many times, ah, you can't do this! Let's check out of this. Don't give in. Accept the thoughts as they are but don't act on them. Know inside of you it will be better and there is hope! Please open up to your parents and get a doctors/counseling appointment. Sometimes this stuff is too much for us. I'm older than you but I could not have done it without medical help/counseling! Your parents will be glad to help you, maybe they don't react like you need it right away but they will take care of you! So first step; Accept it as it is right now but rest assured it won't stay this way. A thought is just a thought, a thought does not describe our destiny. Thoughts come and go, what we attach to them is more the problem. The meaning we give them. Anyway, second step talk to your parents and go see a doctor as soon as you can! Third step: Stay on AC and talk to us, you can PM me anytime you feel like it. Huge cyberhug to you! Things WILL be better, believe me, please. If you can't right now I will believe for you
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    You have dropped into the old anxiety cycle. As soon as one symptom is explained, another crops up. This happens to so many anxiety sufferers. It's because of the mindset you're in. It's introspective, it's analytical and it's source is planted in fearful anticipation. As soon as you feel a new symptom, anxiety launches and jumps on it, the first thought is a catastrophised statement, the worst case scenario which a negative mindset instantly creates a belief of. The searching for answers then starts. It runs like clockwork. The thinking errors occur around the reaction to the symptom and the self diagnostics you give yourself. You then need this belief to be disproved by someone but if you look back to the beginning, nothing has been diagnosed, you create your own traction based on a normal everyday sensation. The pain in your inner thigh will certainly be a tweaked muscle but your mind has diagnosed cancer (that's the usual conclusion) You need to work on the initial reaction to the symptom as thats where this all stems from.
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    Dear Health Anxiety, I know you're trying to terrify me with thoughts of neuro-degenerative diseases, heart dysfunctions, and ovarian and/or cervical cancer based on my symptoms right now, but listen. I'm not going to consult "Doctor Google" for the foreseeable future. Hear me? No way, no how. Remember when we did this back in 2012 and I ended up believing my symptoms meant I had everything from ALS to a brain tumor to colon cancer? I even went to the hospital unemployed with just $100 to my name and was admitted for seven hours as I waited for results from five vials worth of various blood tests and a CT scan. And what was the diagnosis? Extreme health anxiety. The ER doctor even wrote me a script to get back on Fluoxetine, and they don't normally do that! (By the way, those unpaid medical bills are still on my credit report.) Instead, I will try to be at peace with the notion that despite what you insist, I actually feel mostly physically sound. And because I feel mostly physically sound (i.e., not in immediate danger), I will also try to accept that if anything serious actually is going on–such as DVT or MS or cancer or whathaveyou–it's already happening. And regardless of however terrified you try to make me, no amount of anxiety re: the possibilities will make me feel better OR make any health problems I may actually have go away. The only logical, helpful courses of action are to 1. schedule timely appointments with my various doctors and discuss my symptoms and concerns with them, and, 2. wait patiently for the appointments. Yes, yes, yes. I understand that Googling sometimes helps people find a diagnosis that their doctors miss. Yes, I completely get that you need reassurance, RIGHT NOW, on what the condition is/isn’t that my vague symptoms check off. Yes, I understand that some people do get the worst-case scenario too little too late. The funny thing is? I'm not a highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced health professional. I didn't go to school to study the human body or its pathologies of diseases and conditions. (I went for Sociology... that degree that I'm not utilizing). AND I KNOW IT! I know I actually have little business seriously trying to reason, "ok, well symptoms 1+4.3+9+??? could probably... no, DEFINITELY = heart failure or cancer or neuro-degeneration." If you ever want to talk about Emile Durkheim's theory of social stratification or theories about Protestantism giving rise to Capitalist socio-economic structures, sure! Knock yourself out! But until then, please. Let's leave anything beyond run of the mill health issues to my doctors for now. However, I will thank you for doing what you thought was right. I know you ultimately mean me no harm, but what you're trying to make me feel right now is definitely NOT helping. Furthermore, the reassurance you think I'll get that will come with obsessively Googling symptoms and pathologies isn't going to help me either. In fact, I have years of experience that says it'll do the exact opposite: it’s ULTIMATELY NOT REASSURING TO SOMEONE WHO HAS A TENDENCY TO RUMINATE ON HEALTH PROBLEMS. (Yes, I also understand that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to be worry and scared. But it’s not normal to be petrified to the point where you can’t enjoy or live your life for weeks). So please. Just sit by and let me do my thing and my doctors their thing. I promise I'll acknowledge you, however, it won't be with charged reactions. It'll be more something like, "Oh hello there. I see you're back. I hear you loud and clear, and I know what you mean, but I'm not going to judge your words and am now going to let what you're saying float on by, now. If you're really adamant that I take you seriously, I've allotted some time later on for worrying. Meet me then!" Capiche? Best Regards, Me
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    I had breast cancer and MS at the same time, after that I had meningitis, then a brain tumor, then sarcoma, and now I'm on MS again See that vicious circle? It has gone full circle and a good example of how it works right there. With anxiety, you never have a specific self diagnosis for too long.. it weakens as nothing else happens. It takes a lot of mental energy to keep up these thought reactions and as anxiety is reactionary based, the idea fades with time. Anxiety then abandons it and goes searching for another ailment, an ailment that will produce more fear. Eventually you simply run out of ailments that you have knowledge and anxiety reverts back to the first ailment which by this time, has ramped up more potential fear as it has not been thought about for a while. Over the last couple weeks I've developed a spot on my foot that feels like it's vibrating and then tenses up. That sounds like a knot or trigger point firing. I have one on my shoulder blade that i have had on and off since i can remember. I also have random sharp pains in side and pain in my hip. They are all on the left side which is an odd coincidence I know exactly what you're thinking regarding that, abandon the thought, it's wrong. Every time I post I feel better for a couple days but I always find myself in a slump again. This is normal, it's the same when you visit a doctor and he tells you that you're ok. It's the reassurance that gives you temporary relief. Then the doubt starts right? Your own reassurance is the way to go and an area you can work on.
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    A lot of people have health anxiety obviously but I don't think it matters whether we are highly intelligent, Christian's, etc. Some things just "are", so to speak. I'm happy to admit I am a Christian, but my health anxiety stems from getting Triple Negative Breast Cancer four and a half years ago at age 36. I also had C Diff three times during treatment. I was devastated because I ate healthy, exercised, etc., so we don't cause certain illnesses to happen despite what the internet tells us. I can't tell you how many young women I met during and after treatment that had it and they were all "healthy"! I'll touch on my faith a little bit and will tell you one misconception about Christians is that they never worry about anything or fear anything. It's not that I'm afraid of death but I am scared of the pain it would cause my loved ones if that were to happen. Plus I am selfish and like everyone here I don't want to die anytime soon! For those that fear getting old I can't tell you how much I hope and pray to make it to "old"!! I know nobody means anything personal by saying that but for those of us who have had deadly illnesses at a young age, it's kind of disrespectful. Although with that said, nobody, no matter old young or old is guaranteed tomorrow! I'm 41 and chemo does age you so on the inside I am older than 41. My Oncologist headed a study and they came to the conclusion that chemo ages you by about 15 years. But that's ok with me because I probably wouldn't be here if I didn't take the treatment! Also remember it's been said that you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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    One of my greatest "gifts" of turning 40+ from Mother Nature is the mysterious muscle pull/spasm. While in my 20s I had the "mystery bruise" (usually after a night of over-consumption) that usually indicated a "look at me ma!" stunt gone wrong. These days I enjoy the mystery muscle strain..."why does my shoulder hurt? I only went to the grocery store!!" Last night was a great evening with family friends. A wonderful summer night sitting and talking on the back porch. That night, while lying in bed, what was a minor back pain becomes more and more intense as it radiates up and down my left side. Then pain in my shoulder and in my arm. So bad that I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to stretch and use a roller. But the worst was the anxiety that went with it - it was out of control. I went from cancer, to heart issue, to stroke, to cancer again, to God knows what all in the span of minutes. Trying to stay off Google and breathe through it was the toughest thing I've done in a while. After a couple hours of doing everything to distract myself in the wee hours of the morning, I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, all the pain was gone. All that worry and strain over a giant nothingburger. I know now that the back pain was most certainly amplified by my mind racing. I wonder if I will ever remember the feeling I feel once the anxiety is over when the anxiety is going on. Thought I would share.
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    Brain fog has a name and it's called derealisation. Its the result of depletion of mental energy due to stress and anxiety. When you are not anxious, your consciousness runs purely unnoticed and accepted as normal, it's after all, who you are. When anxiety hits, we start to analyse our own conscious and become consciously aware of consciousness. This takes massive amounts of energy and interferes with things. This introspection is the reason for the fog. Chemical changes can also cause the same sensations as Holls mentioned and the chemical make up of the brain changes and conscious interpretations alter. There is nothing untoward going on, i promise you.
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    Being irritated is actually a good thing. Just say I've had enough!!! I won't live like this anymore. Anxiety here I am do what you want. I know it's hard but it's a start. My mom terrified me of everything. There's pretty much nothing I'm not scared of . But you know what the cbt therapy is helping me see I can over come this. Acceptance is the key. We can all get through this.
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    When I worry about a health issue I focus so intently on it.. sort of like you and your mole. Then you start thinking worse case scenarios. What's that saying 99% if the stuff we worry about never happens. I have tons of moles.. mine change a little here and there as I age. I just took my son (he's 14) to the derm two weeks ago for a huge raised mole on his back.. the derm wasn't concerned one bit but he said we could biopsy it if we wanted. I said no since the Dr was not concerned. I'm sure your mole is fine but your MIND is the one telling you other wise. I'm not sure of your location but sometimes there is a wait to see a derm so maybe see if you can just set up the appt and go from there. Waiting and anxiety are a rough combo ... I suggest every time your mind starts going to the worse case thoughts just shut them down.. acknowledge they are just thoughts and they aren't real.
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    Well said, there is an audio book called The Worry Cure that your letter reminds me of some points you covered. It stated that our worries are like watchdogs that bark when there is danger. But as worriers with HA, our watchdogs are super sensitive and bark at everything. We have to appreciate that our worries are trying to alert us to take action, but if there is no action to take that is helpful, then we must let the worry go, don't fight it or resist it, just float with it and let it pass. I probably butchered the explanation, the book does a way better job lol
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    You feel better, for a short time, when you post because you get your thoughts and fears out, and you also get reassurance. Typical of HA - that was me for a long time. Nearly everyone who posts regularly here has the same problem. You're finding temporary but measurable relief in posting. Instead of running to the forum, can you try journaling? Write your fears down in a personal notebook, and don't post them on the forum. We are more than happy to help, but avoiding posting for a while, and instead "posting" in a private journal, will likely provide much of the same relief. Write down what you fear, and why. Then write down why you *shouldn't* fear it. Reassure yourself. Then, later on when that same fear returns, to back to the journal and read every entry about that fear. You won't even need to write about it anymore; you'll just find relief in reading your past thoughts.
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    Hello, welcome to AC, This is absolutely anxiety. What you're feeling is the effects of adrenalin and sensitised nerves fuelled by introspective gazing. These seemingly come out of the blue but they are triggered by your anticipation of it happening. When you are locked on to 'checking in' on yourself, you use a lot of mental energy which can drain you and can lead to these types of sensations. You may also feel like your not really there or that you're in a bubble looking out. That is called de-realisation and is the result of a tired, stressed out mind. If you have been checked by the doctor and all seems well, then that is almost certainly what it is.
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    I also worry so much about leaving my family. My ha got worse after the birth of my last child 28 years ago. She and I are so close I can't imagine being apart from her. I really truly feel everyone with health anxiety fear death. If we could get past that fear our health anxiety would end. Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I think.
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    I read way way way too much on ALS. I even went to their forum..big advice here.. do not go there it will only add to your anxiety. Tingling, buzzing, numbness all points away from ALS. ALS is failing not feeling. Perceived weakness is not clinical weakness. Meaning if you can do what you did yesterday without fail you do not have clinical weakness. Your mind is going to ALS and trust me you can drive yourself mad going this route. I did it for almost six months. I was in a bad bad place. Put ALS out of your mind.. you went to the dr, trust him and get ALS off your mind.
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    Oh that is great news!!! You are absolutely fine and have nothing to worry about!! Believe me, I know that feeling of doubt, as I'm also a skin worrier! And after my skin checks with a physician' assistant I still have a sense of doubt. But, we have to remind ourselves and trust that these are trained professionals who conduct thousands of skin exams on a regular basis, day in and day out! If anything at all was vaguely suspicious, he would have conducted a biopsy. I've recently had skin exams with a PA at my derms office which also felt somewhat cursory. I thereafter took advantage of TWO free "SPOT ME" skin cancer screenings hosted by local hospitals which is sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology (you can sign up on line for notifications when one is being held by you). At each of those two checks I had actual physicians (which made me happy), and they as well found nothing concerning....exact same result as what the PA had said (even for the lesions which I was still doubting). To this day, I still struggle with the existing spots and new ones I see that pop up daily. But we have to learn to accept that we've been checked by the professionals, and it is fine. Trust me Adult, you are fine and I am so happy for you to hear that your spot is NOT worrisome!
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    Yes there is no betrayal going on. Your body is reacting to signals it receives, it's doing its job. The feeling of betreyal is a negative emotion so has its roots in fear and anxiety loves fear as we know. If you could accept that your body is ok, it's having a tough time but it's doing its best, then your emotion from it does not come from fear and hinders anxieties process.
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    Fighting, fighting will not get you out of it, fighting keeps you in it. Anxiety loves a good fight as it keep anxiety fuel up and ready to keep going. Resistance against anxiety seems to be the right thing to do doesn't it, but it's exactly what anxiety relies on. As you know, anxiety is fear based, it's roots and foundation emanate from fear. Fighting is also a fear based response and all the energy expelled in fighting 'it' goes straight to 'it'. Anxiety can only exists if fear exists. A predisposition to it is one of the ingredients needed for anxiety to thrive, my granddad was an anxious person and most of my family have had it also to varying degrees. This does not mean however that anxiety cannot be recovered from. A predisposition is only an ingredient of probability and not the main trigger of anxiety. but have difficulty following my own advice Very true indeed
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    Ugh, ALS/MS fears ran particularly high last night. I think I often do this before a drs appt, because I feel like I need to self-examine and accurately report symptoms, and not potentially miss a crucial symptom. Grrrr. So woke up in a sweat with high anxiety in the middle of the night. Haven't done that in a while since having been on medication. But at least the visit with PCP went well today...she did not run away She conducted a neurological exam in office, which was normal. She does think I have a compressed/irritated ulnar nerve, likely at the elbow, causing the more pronounced symptoms in my left hand ring and pinkie fingers and palm (numbness, tingling, prickling, and slight weakness/lesser dexterity when typing). However, she thinks it is mild, and I basically have to avoid putting my elbow on hard surfaces, like at my desk, arm chair, etc. Of course I get numbness and tingling/burning in other places too, but those are likely classic anxiety. She told me very definitively I do not have ALS. Of course, I asked what the symptoms would be, and she said, I'm not telling you, because then you will surely start experience them Right she is! She did order a brain MRI, but made sure to emphasize that she does not think I have MS either, but wants to definitively rule it out by an objective test to give me peace of mind. She thinks the worrying about it is a barrier to my recovery from anxiety, and it most definitely is. However, I do feel quite a bit better with a normal neurological exam and a good explanation for my left hand symptoms, so hoping for a pleasant evening/night.
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    Twitching is not an early symptom of ALS. Weakness is. Clinical weakness. You literally cannot turn a key; you literally cannot hold a coffee mug. You cannot get up from a chair as the muscles have wasted. ALS is one of those diseases that when someone is actually beginning to experience it, it is obvious there is a major problem. There have been hundreds of "twitchers" post here and on similar sites. Go search these and you'll see. A lot of great responses.
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    It's strange isn't it. You KNOW yet it still happens. The issue arises when the thought is interacted with and consistently validated as being an actual threat by your limbic system. So that KNOWING turns into "I KNOW BUT..WHAT IF". Relief for you will arise when you learn to let these thoughts be, let them fly about but just observe, DONT' react. To lose the fear that these thoughts are there and take away their validation. You habituate to the thoughts which disarms them and turns them into just thoughts, harmless thoughts.
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    Be direct. Tell your parents what is going on. Don't hold back, don't walk away from the conversation with anything left unsaid. If you need a trip to the dermatologist, tell them - but also tell them about your anxiety episode. It will not diminish their happiness. I guarantee! As a parent myself, I want to be there for ALL of my kids when they need me. You will not be a burden! Being able to help our kids is our #1 job!
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    Please tell your parent's! They'll want to help you! MsLLL gave you great advice and I can't think of anything better to add. I will say if you're ever diagnosed with cancer or anything for that matter, you ARE stronger than you think! I've been there myself, and when being strong and fighting are the only choices you have, you WILL dig deep and find the courage to tackle your illness and the treatments for it! Yes, I have health anxiety, but it mostly stems from C Diff which I had from antibiotics after my mastectomy and more antibiotics while I was taking chemo. Hang in there and please tell your folks about this so they can get you some help. We are also here for you! (((((HUGS)))))
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    Yesss!!!! I was super busy yesterday cleaning the yard, planting some flowers. Got a beautiful new bench with some pillows.. went to dinner with my mom and sisters. (Without hubby or the kids!!! That never happens lol) I didn't worry all day. Today I'm getting my little ones haircut and going to the in laws for dinner. I usually just stay home all the time because I'm always in a health crisis. I've been reading Marks posts here on the forum and I've told my anxiety you are just thoughts.. you aren't real and bam that is working magic for me. I move on and do stuff!!!! hugs everyone!!
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    They just "are" Perfect, totally perfect. That thought comes from your being level and not your intellect. It's the intellect that provides the room for anxiety to flourish. To just 'be' is the calmest and most stable mindset you can possibly have.
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    It's not what this site is about. This is not a medical forum in that sense to push medical jargon.
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    I'm afraid it will never end and it scares me There is the issue which creates that habitual, everyday morning anxiety. As soon as you wake, you anticipate it's return either consciously or unconsciously, the anxiety is given the go ahead to appear which it ALWAYS does under that mind set. You then fear that this anxiety will never leave this time. But.. it always does doesn't it? The next morning you wake and the cycle repeats. I too look back on the good old days and fear for the future The good old days have happened and you have taken the positives from them yet future has not happened yet. There is absolutely no way of knowing what the future holds so any anticipatory future thoughts are entirely futile. Your mindset has created a belief system which stipulates that the future MUST be bad, full of anxiety and unpleasant. Yet, how do you know that? Your belief is taken from the fear you feel now (as with most beliefs) The only thing you have control of is the here and now. What you're doing right this minute and that’s where your mindset needs to move to and from the erroneous future thinking. The future could be just as good as the past, it could even be better and what can start this process is to change the mindset and how you react to these thought patterns. I plan each day but have a hard time doing some of the things on my short list and that concerns me too Concern = moderate fear. More anxiety fuel. If you have a hard time doing all that you want, so be it!, do what you can and be comfortable with what you have done, not what you COULD do. Don't set targets. Write down what you would LIKE to do each day and do as much as you feel comfortable with WITHOUT beating yourself up if you don't accomplish it all. Be a friend to yourself, take it easy and try to accept that some things you can do and some things you can't. The more relaxed and calm you are, the more anxiety looses it's grip and the more you can ACTUALLY do.
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    With all due respect WhatsAnAdult, I've done a lot of neurotic googling of skin cancer myself, and I find that much of what you have said is not accurate. I'm a work in progress when it comes to restraining myself from consulting Dr. Google, as all of us here know how misleading and inflammatory it is (in fact, Microsoft funded a study on "cyberchondria" and the escalation from a simple and benign symptom search into pages of deadly diseases). As I'm sure all of my fellow HA sufferers would agree, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, particularly when taken out of context. You could read every piece of health information online, both articles written for the layman and medical journal articles, but nothing can replace a clinical exam (and any lab tests and studies recommended thereafter) with an educated and experienced medical provider.
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    UPDATE!! So, my brain fog symptoms just kept getting worse and worse. By early May, it was to the point that I was starting to have trouble doing my job and my girlfriend was worried I was getting legitimately depressed. So, I ended up going and getting some blood work done. Lo and behold, it all turned out to be a vitamin D deficiency (which came as no surprise after the fact, given that I work the evening shift in an office and rarely see the sun). Got started on heavy supplements almost 2 months ago and I'm probably running at about 90% now.
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    Ok there is a difference between feeling calm and being calm. I suspect you felt outwardly calm but just under the surface, in the subconscious where anxiety lives, the fear bubbles away still. One flare up of the symptom would instantly bring that fear back with all the frustration attached. The fact you continue to feel it suggests that the introspective gaze has not a baited. Anxiety symptoms root source comes from the subconscious and is enabled by intense focus on symptoms or parts of the body. It becomes automatic to lock on and stay locked on constantly. You then of course have the underlying doubt that this is even anxiety, "how could something like this be created by anxiety?" Anxiety can very successfully create any symptom to any condition and if you lock on and believe an attached self diagnosis to it, it makes it more 'real'. The reason I can be so certain that this is anxiety created is that you have been tested and have been cleared of any illness. I have felt this pain and buzzing in other parts of my body which were anxiety created and I have advised many people all feeling these symptoms which all turn out to be anxiety created also. It takes time to recover but I'm certain you can.
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    I'm really sorry that you're going through this. The anxiety has consumed you, especially now you have self diagnosed yourself with cancer. The self diagnosis satisfies anxiety and gives it all the fuel it needs to continue punishing you (Fear). My advice is two fold. The first would be to go and at least speak with a doctor to put your mind at ease, the chances of this being anything untoward is extremely slim yet you will be acting and reacting as if it were true. The second piece of advice is to begin the process of understanding why you feel the way you do. Ok, your spotting.. that is the ONLY fact you know. Everything else you are experiencing is the process of reacting to thought patterns as if they were true. The second 'false' fact is the diagnosis you have given yourself. This diagnosis is not a diagnosis, it's an anxiety driven fear response. You are not medically trained and i presume the only information you have gained about your symptom is what the dreaded Dr Google have given you. Dr Google is not a doctor, it's a profit driven fear machine designed to scare anxious people, after all, we keep going back and being exposed to advertising. The ONLY professionals are the doctors. Your response to thought is where recovery from anxiety lies. Please feel free to PM me if you would like to talk more in depth about this. You will be ok, i promise.
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    Thank you. I went over my day again.. and I did do something that could have caused it.. we missed trash day three times in a row so I had to get the trash out of my garage.. I packed my car with the trash and took it to an near by dumpster. (So illegal yikes!) So I was hurrying before I got caught.. it must has been twenty bags I had to pack the car twice. The dumpsters we're pretty high so I was lifting the bags with my right arm and that motion makes my armpit sore and my right side by my ribs. I took Tylenol and put a heating pad on it and it doesn't hurt as bad as it did when I first woke up. Thanks y'all. I was about to Google and I thought no I should come here and get more common sense answers.
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    I do this too.. have all my life . I can remember thinking things like that when I was in jr high. I just think we have over active imaginations..and we think too damn much. I asked my husband once if he ever sat and worried about this or that and he said nope. Like it was that simple.. but for some it is, for us it's not.
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    I got this last night. Driving (yikes!) to go to dinner with my wife I had this sudden feeling like I might pass out - really lightheaded for about 5 seconds or less. I was also pretty hungry (this is a good restaurant - and I am on a diet - so I starved myself so I could eat!) and probably a little dehydrated. The episode had me completely freaked out and so I spent the next 30 minutes fighting off a panic attack while trying not to ruin the evening. Also pounded lots water and iced tea worried that I was dehydrated - spent the rest of the evening running back and forth to the mens room. Anyhow, I get these. Even when I am not anxious - I think anxiety turns up the volume on otherwise normal occurrences to much higher levels so that we feel the impacts much more than anyone else would on a normal occasion.
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    I am so sorry you're going through this. While it sounds like she has an excellent prognosis, going through such a major operation of course is going to make you wonder and worry. I don't have any experience except to say that mastectomies are completely routine and I'm sure her doc has lots of experience. Complications can happen, of course, but there's little reason to worry about them in advance. People with HA have like zero ability to just take things as they come, but that's really what we all need to do. When you start worrying, find a substitute activity that really engages you so you deprive your brain of the worry it craves. Wishing you both the best!
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    Thank you SO much ladies.... all your support almost bring me into tears. It's so nice to know there are others that understand this terrible condition. Thanks again for your support and I will keep you posted!!!
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    Jupiter, all of us here have fallen off that horse!! We're all only human after all, so don't be hard on yourself! I've fallen off that horse in a big way over the course of the last year and am slowly working my way back on. I'm going to consider this past year as a learning and growing experience (albeit an extraordinarily mentally and emotionally draining one), and continue to work toward the achievement you just mentioned! You are clearly an extremely intelligent and insightful person and I wish you all the best! Hang in there...we can all make it through this and emerge as better and atronger versions of ourselves!
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    This kind of self-observation is the kind that you just have to scold yourself when you feel yourself going down that road. At a certain point, enough is enough, and you can tell your brain to SHUT UP.
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    I took my son to a dermatologist this week and he looked over his body so fast and all the huge scary ones he said we're absolutely fine. I trusted what he said. They know what to look for, even a p.a. it's your thoughts making you think other wise. You got great news!!!
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    This is called desensitisation and its very simply the result of a tired, stressed, anxious mind. Constant preoccupation creates it and the anxiety creates the misinterpretation that it's something dangerous. The anxiety cycle starts. All you need do is see how aware you are of all your bodily functions to realise that this is the case. Introspection, analysis, interpretation, checking in. If you were able to let go of the analysis, your mind would have time to recover. Your anxiety is most likely interfering with your sleep pattern which is prohibiting good rest. Freaking out is thought reaction, fear based reaction. That is where the recovery lies, the removal of fear.
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    I have bad health anxiety. I get twitches and buzzing/vibrating when my anxiety is high. It takes a very long time for them to subside.. even when I am calm it can take days later.
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    You don't say what your symptoms are, but if you mean things like tingling, numbness, burning, pins/needles, muscle twitches, etc. in various parts of the body, I would say YES. I've gotten all of these for many days at a time. Sometimes even when I'm not particularly anxious, but just think about it or notice a sensation. I'm sure others will be along.
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    If you were walking down the street and someone said to you "you cant walk, something is wrong with your walk" you would think they were misinformed or crazy, right? If you had no problems breathing before he said that (and don't second guess yourself, if you did you would have known it) and he suddenly says you're having a problem breathing - why would you think he hears something you didn't? As a rule, a person with his head on your chest is NOT going to have a huge insight to your breathing health that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Feeling like you cant breathe (at least for me) is a classic anxiety/panic symptom. I agree with Mark. If the phlegm issue is a concern for you, go see your GP. But I wouldn't worry about it either.
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    Seriously, remove Google, it's taking you down all of these avenues and you're self diagnosing. Break the cycle. I just am puzzled how anxiety can make me have a burning and itchy feeling all over for a good portion of the day I will explain. All sensation are initially felt by nerve endings and are then interpreted by the brain. All nerves are connected and all work to a set of parameters. These parameters under the anxiety mindset are messed up and the nerves begin to fire sporadically (much like when you wake from sleeping on your arm all night). The misfiring nerves send constant signals to the brain which again, under the influence of anxiety, are misinterpreted and the sensation of buzzing, burning and itching occur. Introspection (constant mental awareness) of the affected area continues the cycle as you pump more fear into it. Don't forget that the buzzing you feel is not coming from that area at all, it's coming from your brains interpretation of a signal.
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    What's the first mistake you have done Cowboy?
  45. 2 points
    It was a crazy time intro! I remember chatting and seeing you about on AZ. GG banned any talk of anyone who was banned, my name for some reason was censored, as was Teeps. I literally did nothing wrong at all but was just cut off along with others. I went to bed a member, woke up banned and Teeps had created a new site and put it in my name. I never wanted, or intended to leave AZ. I think it's ridiculous to be honest, how he didn't allow use of other sites or talk of them. Like the internet isn't HUGE. It became evident what was going on when about 30 members were banned annually, and they would trickle in and explain what happened, all too familiar. He was controlling the flow of membership for cost purposes. Not the worst thing in the world, just when your members suffer anxiety and can rely on it, it seems a bit sucky.
  46. 2 points
    It absolutely works, after all, anxiety is a thinking disorder so when you don't react to anxious thoughts, anxiety has nowhere to go.
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    Now the burning sensation is due to nerve ending misfire. It happens because your subconsciously locked on to the area and testing for sensation. The nerves become to agitated to respond correctly and the brain interprets the signal it receives, incorrectly. The more hopeless you feel, the more anxiety likes it. Next time you feel the sensation, just try to allow the fearful reactive though to go through your mind unchallenged. Make a conscious effort to leave the thought be and instead, get up from your seat and make a drink. These little steps can start to create a different foundation in the mind. It's not easy and it takes time but the key to recovery is to start to leave the thoughts be.
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    just want to give you a virtual hug. I think we will be okay. This is our health anxiety taking over us
  49. 2 points
    Health anxiety was always cyclical for me. I would often feel like I was ignoring the bad thoughts, but it would always return eventually. I hadn't learned acceptance yet; it was just anxiety taking a break. Now, after practicing acceptance and mindfulness for a while, I couldn't care less if anxiety wants to take a break or come at me full force - it simply has no place in my head anymore. You'll get there, just keep at it.
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    That's great news!! Sometimes we just need to seek out that reassurance, which is such a big part of health anxiety. I think the key is that once we get that reassurance for our "current" health fear, we need to break the cycle right there and then, no more worrying or googling, just stop it in its tracks while we're in a good place. Think of each day that passes thereafter as a day of getting stronger mentally and emotionally. Thanks for sharing what your doctor said about google...all of us here with health anxiety need to be reminded of that! Rest easy, and stay in your good place...you can do it!!!