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  2. a few days ago I got some ear ringing and I couldnt sleep because of it, so I immediately consulted dr google, and now I am left with stomach turning anxiety after I read about tinnitus and heard what people on tinnitus forums say I ran to a real doc and he told me I have an ear inflammation and gave me ear drops. But now I cant accept what he says, it feels like he does not know or like an inflammation does not explain it. I wish big time the doc is right but my anxiety wont let me settle
  3. Hi everyone Just thought I would come on here for some advice or support as I quite literally think I might go insane from all this stress! I am sure some of you are aware that I have a chronic cough in the night time, waking me, Dr has given me a high dose of PPI's which helped the cough for a bit but it has started all over again over the last few evenings. During the day my throat is scratchy and just tight so I am not feeling wonderful, more annoyed than anything else really... BUT, yesterday I went to Emergency as the left side of leg under the knee protruding to the right side has a swell or puffiness if you like, the DR reckons its probably fluid retention but to make sure she did a serious of DVT pathway blood tests including kidney. liver and FBC (I have had several DVT's and PE's), the D-Dimer test was normal and everything was basically normal however I noticed my WBC on the screen which has shot up from 7.2 (reading in December 2016) to 8.9 yesterday WTF is going on? Can anyone shed some light? I am now 100% convinced I have lung cancer or some cancer growing else where!!!!!! I am going back to the Dr next week..... Can you please help me calm down Thank you
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  5. Hi Pink socks, I had some of the symptoms that you mentioned above - body aches overthinking and sleep issues. I also have problem focusing on tasks and I drifted in and out of them. IT could be thing as simple as grocery shopping. I could be staring at my list and the items just did not register in my mind. Eventually, I went to see a therapist who specialised in EMDR whom addressed the root of my problems. Did you see a doctor or a therapist about this? Depending on how severe your anxiety, your doctor or therapist will be able to advice or prescription medication that help you to cope. Hope this helps! Take care and be well. Praying for you. God bless!
  6. Went to my doctor about 3 weeks ago he said "most people don't realize palpatations in most cases are stress related." You are suffering anxiety which is a form of stress. Palpatations moved me to go to the ER and cost me thousands of dollars since I was between insurance. If you're truly concerned visit a PCP who can check and reassure your. Even if you don't have insurance it's better to spend a couple hundred dollars than a few thousand like I did.
  7. Are you in the States? What makes it difficult to find a doc where you are?
  8. I agree, @Holls. Well said. It is definitely very common, and the docs don't judge you for it. It's their job to take care of you and ensure you're in good health. And it sounds like that's exactly what they are doing. Don't be ashamed and don't feel "disgusting and dirty", if you can help it. You're not; you're just human. But then again, I think as humans we can be pretty sick sometimes. LoL. Hang in there and take care. You'll be fine.
  9. Also start writing a gratitude list every day. Write down something you are thankful for and that makes you happy, 5 things daily. I do it and it helps me stay more positive and thankful for what I do have, not what I have lost. Good wishes to you.
  10. I hear your pain, wish I could help. I have gone back to the past many a time too and wished I could change things and also have the fun and enjoyment of the good old days. That's history and we can't change it so now I try to live just one day at a time and that's not always easy either. I tend to worry about things I need to do tomorrow, or a month away, or a year from now. That's not good either, I may not be here to even worry about things. Living one day at a time isn't easy but one thing I do is I have a gratitude journal where I write down 5 things I'm thankful for or happy about and I do it every day. That's a huge help to me. I am on Lexipro and Xanax as I have had at times extreme anxiety and some depression as well. I'm 74 and have gone through a lot of personal loss in my life, things that I cannot change. Try writing down your feelings and do the gratitude list too, see a therapist and get on the right medication if you need it. You're not alone, many of us here can relate I'm sure. Hang in there, make tomorrow a good day.
  11. Stay on the forum, it really helps. Your doctors got you, they are doing all the right things and then some.
  12. Thank you Holls...I feel so lost right now..but you have helped me tremendously. God bless you...sincerely.
  13. Sweetie, Don't even think that .. I had two partners and I have hpv also. I found out about mine when my pap came back abnormal. (This was 14yrs ago) I have not had an issue since. It is a very, very common std. I was nervous about mine but I love my gyno and she took so much time to talk to me.. sounds like yours did also and believe me if they were concerned they wouldn't let you believe everything was fine.
  14. I don't have any doctors. Looking but haven't found one.
  15. So I was diagnosed with genital warts. Realize that I have been married and faithful for the past 26 years. My husband has been faithful as well. My gyn told me that the warts could have been dormant/latent all of this time, coming out now...I've been in a period of extreme life stress. She removed the warts and sent them to biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. However, not all of them could be removed because one of them is large and flat and couldn't just be easily cut without needing to cut the skin and stitches whatever. Also there is another area that she thinks are possibly just skin tags and not warts at all. Her recommendation was to freeze whatever is remainng off. I got a copy of my pathology report and sent them to a dematologist who is not only a dermotologist and but also a pathologist and she thought that the report was correct. So why am I freaking out about this? (1) What if this other "rogue" wart is not a wart at all and something more sinister. (2) I feel so disgusting and dirty. (3) this literally popped out of no where (no pun intended) and makes me realize that there is nothing solid that one can count on in life...nothing...and that freaks me out. I was never wild. I've always been a "good girl." I was with one man before my husband and I was engaged to him...we broke up for various reasons. Please if you have some words of encouragement at all...I'd really appreciate anything right now. I feel like I will never be happy again. I'm in a really dark place.
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  17. If this is a frequent occurrence, I'd highly recommend speaking with your doc. He/she can help you, or refer you for help, to get your life back. Sorry you're struggling, and it could always be worse, but it's still no way to live. Hope you feel well soon.
  18. I thought trying to push through would help take my mind off of it but it's just like this shadow or fog that's staying with me no matter what I do.
  19. It's ok, we all have days like this. Sometimes I wake up and have a million things planned then... I can't get going and the plans change.
  20. I don't know why. Yesterday and even this morning when I woke up I was doing good. Then after going back to sleep I woke up and now I'm struggling to keep doing what I need to do.
  21. I'm stuck in the past, all I think about and talk about is when I was a kid and teenager. I'm always listening to the music, watching the movies, looking up the styles, toys and popular things of that day, and I'm always googling trying to find old pictures of my home town, but instead of just giving me fond memories, it makes me very depressed to the point of literal tears just knowing that I'll never be able to go back to that and those days and things are gone. It's almost to the point to where I don't want to live anymore. I don't think I can handle life. Everything feels so overwhelming and all I want to do is crawl in a hole somewhere never to be seen again. I just don't know what to do. I was on Zoloft for 4 or 5 months and it didn't seem to help. Is there any advice anyone can give me? I'm a avid reader, is there any books on this subject? I've done research and it doesn't seem like a lot of people have went through this "Nostalgic mental illness" I haven't felt like myself in so many years and I only seem to be getting worse. I just want my life back.
  22. I really am trying to change my mindset, but I just feel so depressed and hopeless.
  23. Hey Holls, thank you for your reply. It's so insane how many "side effects" anxiety can have. I thought I had become a terrible person by thinking about ALS and people and hoping they didn't get it. I had the TV on and they had a profile on the former chairman of Travelers insurance who died of ALS about 10 months ago. As they were telling his story, how he was disgnosed etc. I started to panic but I was able to reason myself out of the fear. Very sad story for him but he did a lot to raise money foe ALS Research before his death. Does any of your fear ever come from the fact that it's also an expensive disease?
  24. Sometimes stress can come out of the blue and then it may be more difficult to control.
  25. should i do the online counselling thing? i can afford it!

  26. Hi MsLLL, hope really can find somethings useful here to overcome my agoraphobic.
  27. Hi Angks! Welcome to our wonderful community! You will find a lot of help here and people who are in the same boat! Take it one day at a time. All will be good:)
  28. Hi , i'm new here . i also suffer from Agoraphobic .... its Suxxxx
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