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  2. not sure about the induction. Sorry.
  3. I guess my periods are just every two weeks now?

    I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. Try to take everything one day at a time and deal with it as it comes. You CAN get through this and you will.
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  5. **Possible trigger** Might not be anxiety after all

    What a great performance! I love Led Zeppelin but I especially love love love Neil Young. I think I vaguely remember this too - were they both being inducted that year?? I know Young was... They are recommending a lumbar puncture but only if the MRI doesn't lead to a diagnosis. The thought (and hope!) is that I have intracranial hypertension which would be diagnosed by the LP. By all accounts the LP could even potentially be somewhat therapeutic if that is what I have. It's incredible how many of my symptoms have disappeared since the clear CT scan. I haven't noticed any twitching today and much less clumsiness/jitteriness. Which is, of course, good for me and my doctors in getting a clear picture of what I'm experiencing for a more accurate diagnosis. I did get really sick and dizzy today and had to lay down. I feel more confident reporting that to my Dr when I next and won't hem and haw about, "but maybe it's anxiety/depression". I will get there again. I was there at the beginning of this year. I felt good and healthy and wasn't scared all the time. I am storing away all your good advice and I'm going to move through this and live my life. Soon ☺️
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  7. Lump worry still in my mind

    I don't think any of us are, it's just in how we approach and think about illnesses. If you have only had the lump 8 days, again, using probability, the chances of it being around in the next few weeks are really slim especially as the doctors have ruled that there are no issues there. Also, if the doctor has said that this lump may stay and may go, they are unconcerned so the probability of it growing into something else is also very very slim.
  8. Lump worry still in my mind

    I sure hope so Mark. If only disease in the world was a common flu i would be so happy Xp im not good dealing with health issues out of the ordinary.
  9. Lump worry still in my mind

    The lump Has been there for around 8 days. Doctor also mentioned it may never go away. As of now since i went to the er like 2 days ago im just waiting to see if it goes away or grows. If it gets bigger ill def go to a more specialized doctor asap.
  10. Lump worry still in my mind

    He pointed out a swelling from your ligament by the sounds of it. Totally benign and will heal on it's own.
  11. Lump worry still in my mind

    The doctor touched it and said ligament probably i hitted myself. When the xray was dome he pointed at a lil bump and said you see.i was and still am a lil confused . I asked him a few times is this cancer, should i worry about cancer and he said no. Thing is if xray results said no lystic or sclerotic lession found what did the doctor pointed out. I just wish this bump would dissapear
  12. Lump worry still in my mind

    I have been going through this myself. All I can say is, if you feel a lump, get it checked out. Xrays can not see soft tissue masses. I have a soft tissue mass in my toe, and I had to have MRI. In the knee, a CT might be recommended, as different imaging is needed for different parts of the body. Your lump could very well be a normal part of knee anatomy. But, imo, a lump that sticks around a while is something to get investigated properly. Go to an orthopedist, if you have not already. They will be well versed in soft tissue and will know the right tests, in the way an ER doc or GP might not.
  13. Hi @enidoreilley I'm sorry to hear you had to go through a major panic attack. I have been there and it's not a fun experience. But with all setbacks and everything we live through, it is proof we do come out on the other side ok! Unfortunately anxiety feeds on all our behaviors, stressors and our strong attachment to over-worry and obsessing. Eventually the levee breaks and the panic attack arrives. That puts us in a frenzy and makes us long for more health explanations. It's a cycle and it's up to us interrupt it. If you can't right now that's totally ok. Just remember you will one day! If that means you need more health screenings, so be it but there comes the day we all have to face what is happening to us and how to be ok with it. I'm not talking down to you or anything nor do I think you do anything wrong, I totally understand how it is. Just keep the faith that you will be fine in the end even if it's hard to believe right now. Not to scare you but I'm wondering also if the lumbar puncture is something the MD wants. My uncle had MS and he had it done years ago, and it is rather uncomfortable procedure but I'm sure things have changed since since then. Don't know your preference in music but music is a great healing tool in my opinion.
  14. I love that! Great advise.
  15. Lump worry still in my mind

    I know where you mean. I have all sorts of lumps and bumps around the tibial tuberosity. I think something to note about our tissue all over our body is, it's not perfectly smooth underneath, it is lumpy, it consists of various thicknesses with bumps and lumps none of which are anything other than normal non symmetrical anomalies. I would say (without seeing your hump) that it's just an area of normal thicker soft tissue and is nothing to be concerned over.
  16. Lump worry still in my mind

    I would say so. A little bit to the side. I would say under the tibial tuberosity
  17. Lump worry still in my mind

    Ok, is this lump solid and just below the bottom of the knee cap (about 2 inches)?
  18. **Possible trigger** Might not be anxiety after all

    Well it's good that tumors have been ruled out. This would support an inflammation theory in the eye which can be treated. No probability about this, it WAS anxiety, it's been sitting there soaking up all of your fear for a while so had lots of strength to hit you hard. It led to a CT scan which has ruled serious issues out so thats a positive, take it. Have they recommended lumbar puncture?
  19. **Possible trigger** Might not be anxiety after all

    I wanted to update everyone. I had a major panic attack and a serious headache in the back of my head which all brought me to the urgent care. I regret how (probably anxiety-based) I got there but I did get a head CT that came back normal. I am now pretty calmed down. I still need my MRI and if that is normal I get a lumbar puncture. I am anxious to find out what it is, but since tumors have been all-but ruled out, I feel a little more able to tackle the things I have to do.
  20. Hello everyone. As ive already posted i developed a lump about an inch or 2 so below my knee. I went to er and xray results said well preserve articulatiins, no fracture, lytic or sclerotic lession observed, no abnormal soft tissue calcification, no foreing body and no liquid. Sooo heres the thing if there is a lump (not ball more like a hump) on xray and i feel it on my leg what it is? Cuz results pretty much said nothing. Doctor at er said not cancer but still he prob knows little about that.
  21. I guess my periods are just every two weeks now?

    Thank you <3 Right now dealing with fears and heavy bleeding by trying to mostly ignore both.
  22. Could this be a Panic attack?

    Thank you very much! I feel much better right now. ♡
  23. Could this be a Panic attack?

    Thats the reason anxiety exists, the self doubt, the what if's. What ifs are anxiety speak. Nothing in the world is certain, absolute certainty is not available to anyone. So the next best thing is probability and the ability to be comfortable with uncertainty. Life is uncertain and if you accept that fact, you will take great strides in recovery. The probability based on what you're experiencing is 99% anxiety, all the hallmarks are there as are the thinking errors so the probability of it being something serious is less than 1%. Thats close certainty.
  24. Could this be a Panic attack?

    Hi Zelda, yup, that was a panic attack. Nothing more and nothing less. They are very unsettling to say the least but the good news is, once we know for sure what it is we can deal with it. And the 'what if's' slowly fade away cause they are not needed anymore. I too thought I was dying from a terrible disease, overlooked by the many doctors I consulted until one awesome doc said: I think you have anxiety sweetie! And that has helped so very much.
  25. My health and worries

    Do you have the option to see private psychiatrists and therapists? My last county clinic was abusive and I went private and got a case manager through insurance. I have no idea what your healthcare system is like though.
  26. Could this be a Panic attack?

    Thank you Mark. Its so scary. Especially the about to pass out feeling. And the what if s . I was on anxiety zond for a while. I forgot my password and kept getting an error but i eventually felt better. Havent been able to go out like i would like to but i was def feeling better i would ocassionaly have an episode but be back up quickly but there are some like the one i got yesterday that get the best of me. Its hard and sometimes i feel alone cuz neither doctors or the people around me seem to understand me. I do believe anxiety is a possibility but what if it isnt? I have to get a blood sugar tests and some others next week. I just wish i could be certain of whatever i have.
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