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  2. It's common for health care professionals and especially medical school students to at some point develop HA. It's likely that the person you report to at your job has had experience with others in the same boat as you. Maybe he/she can help if you confide in them? I guess you can go into podiatry; can't think of any scary things there, but I'm sure there must be, like melanoma of the toe, which struck Bob Marley :-(
  3. I bet the iron can do that. If you take iron and it darkens the stool the clearly if you stop taking it, it can be lighter. Also what you are eating plays a roll. Eat some spinach 😀
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  5. Sorry about this TMI post but I was just curious if anyone has experienced yellowish stool while dealing with their anxiety? I've read anxiety can definitely make your stool yellow but I think I would feel more at ease if I could hear directly from people who deal with anxiety and have experienced this! They're normal bowel movements-no diarrhoea or anything. Just yellowish in colour. It may have even been something I ate the other day- who knows! I've also just recently stopped taking my iron pills (4th day today) they were only needed for 6 months and as you can imagine my stools were always really dark while taking those. I wonder if not having so much iron is playing a roll in this colour change? I've also stopped eating dairy and gluten but I can't really see that turning stool yellow. Again, sorry for the TMI!
  6. I'm pretty sure if you're having diarrhoea a few times a day it might be worth checking out but there are days when I have a bowel movement 2-3 times. I enjoy it though because I often have issues with constipation. I've actually read before that the most healthiest bodies will have a bowel movement after every single meal they consume. (mind you there are SO not many people in this world who have such incredible bodies!) So I wouldn't worry about having more than one bowel movement a day. Especially if they seem healthy otherwise -normal colour, normal texture. I don't think you have anything to worry about
  7. I just had the mammogram. I started reading after about increased risk of breast cancer for younger women after a mammogram and now I'm even more anxious than before. When does it stop...
  8. So I just did my salt rinse for the morning and sure enough there was some blood. Then I went to brush my teeth and more blood. Seems to be gone now, so that has to mean it's coming from my mouth right? Can salt water draw out blood? I woke up with a headache and now I'm getting stabbing pains in my head. I got my period yesterday. My son is home sick with a fever and my husband is travelling. I feel like I'm going to cry. I do have a picture of the inside of my nasty mouth if anyone wants to look and give other ideas.
  9. Thanks Diane. Maybe it was decay. Didn't think of that. No, I didn't know that they still use silver fillings in kids. With my kids, the dentist (they see a pediatric dentist ) has never given me the option. Always the white filling.
  10. It might be connected to your taste buds, especially if you have oral thrush or some type of sinus issue, or even if you burned your tongue. One of the very first symptoms of stress I had was a burning tongue, it lasted 3-4 months and believe me it drove me crazy, my doctors couldn't figure it out and in an attempt to solve it gave me a bunch of meds, antacids, antibiotics, antifungal, anti everything. Nothing worked then one day it just went away. I'm not sure if I made it worse, I tried all types of mouthwashes and anything I could think of, to get rid of that awful taste, I resorted to suckingice pops every night for some relief. Eating I was fine, but if I drank water or anything with a not strong taste all I had was that horrible bitter salty taste, it's nasty I can relate. I think my tongue may have gotten a little burned, then I got paranoid and obsessed. It never did happen again. I didn't know at the time that most of the taste buds in our mouths are salty/sour/bitter. The tip is the only sweet taste buds, if they are a little frazzled or you burned/poked your tongue you get a nasty taste.
  11. I do have some pain around my right eye and what feels like my upper jaw. She said my ears are full but they arent bothering me.
  12. I just can't get this awful taste out of my mouth. I woke up this morning and my mouth tasted fine, then when I drank water it was immediate awful salt, bile taste. I spit in the sink and nothing came out. I think I may have oral thrush too. I'm going to do a salt rinse in a few minutes after my coffee.
  13. I'm a software engineer and I've worked in the healthcare industry for the past three years. While I don't work with patients in any way, ever, I do see diagnosed, ICD10 codes, insurance stuff, etc. When health anxiety was a problem for me, it made me anxious to see those things.
  14. Should say "relieved" sorry for the typo
  15. Good luck Blu. It really sounds like things went as good as the could have. I'm sure the possible fibroid or polyp is nothing to worry about but easier said than done. When I had my colonoscopy 3 year ago and the GI told me she found 1 polyp I was so relived yet so worried. I was relived because no advanced cancer was found but so worried about the polyp. The wait for the biopsy results were hard but it only took 3 days and hearing the nurse say it was BENIGN over the phone was like an 100000 pound weight being lifted off of me. Rest in knowing polyps and fibroids and almost ALWAYS benign. please update us once you have your results.
  16. You know those aren't accurate?

  17. Hi, Had a panic attack on the bus this morning. It was really busy and I only managed one stop and had to get off. Feel like a failure. Getting the bus is something I really struggle with. I think it's the lack of control about when I can and can't get off. Although I'm bad in cars too. I don't get trains at all. I haven't been on holiday for years because I can't get on a plane. Feeling a bit low because I'd been doing ok on the bus and this really threw me. I find it hard to accept that this will happen from time to time. I don't feel too well today so that may have been a reason I was more anxious and worked up and I do have things going on at work that are worrying me too. Anyone else have times like this? X
  18. I am the same with my dog and its triggering. I just cant imagine life without him. I'm constantly worried about him going in the highway and getting hit, etc. Let us know how it goes!
  19. Do any of you work in the medical field in any capacity? I do and it makes me feel crazy that I am so anxious over my health. I can't seem to use my medical knowledge to reassure myself. It's easy for me to reassure others (and I believe what I say) when they ask me health questions. I guess maybe its because i see all the bad things that *can* happen, not matter how rare. And all the abnormal presentations, etc. But I'm to the point I am starting to be really bothered by all the things I see and deal with at work. I hide it well & it doesnt affect my work but sure messes with my mind. Maybe a speciality change will help. I almost feel embarrassed over this. Ugh
  20. When I first started Zoloft it really affected my sleep. I had to get on sleeping pills but it eventually got better. Hopefully last night was just a bad night/ isolated incident and you will be ok. Zoloft has been a life saver for me. Hope it works just as well for you
  21. Had the biopsy done this morning. Took 1 percocet an hour prior. The dr gave me a prescription for 2 pills of percocet. I won't lie, it hurt, a lot, though it didn't last very long at all...maybe 4 or 5 min if that. She had no issues going through my cervix, it was the sampling of the lining that hurt the most, almost jumped off the table but dealt with it. She did it twice, she took a sampling then said she wanted to do it again. Barely any spotting afterwards, wearing a pad but I probably only need a panty liner. She told me as she was inserting the tube to take the sample that it feels like I might have a fibroid in there. I asked her about this, she said it felt like a fibroid because it felt smooth & not jagged or rough & it was in the way when she inserted the tube, or curette, whatever it's called. She told me I'd also need an ultrasound (back to the ultrasound) to see if it is in fact a fibroid which of course gave me something new to worry over aside from worrying about getting the results of the biopsy. She said it could be a fibroid or polyp but she thinks it's a fibroid and then said "or it could just be the shape of your uterus", she said not to worry & that she wasn't concerned. My husband was in there with me so he was my 2nd set of ears, he heard what she said & he told me not to worry....easier said than done. I was ordered not to Google anything and I haven't, of course I wanted to google fibroids which I know nothing about, same for polyps though I thought I heard those can turn cancerous. My fear is they'll find something bad on either the biopsy and/or ultrasound. If the biopsyscomes back good then I have to wait for the ultrasound and then wait again to get the results of that back.....tired of waiting & being anxious & worried. I thought she said something like if it were a fibroid or polyp I'd be having heavy bleeding issues which I'm not other than the one time brown spotting & my periods are average. My last period was slightly heavy but it was also 11 days late....still not out of the woods yet, still worrying but at least the biopsy is over. Crampy today, took the 2nd percocet in the afternoon so since I had nothing left I took 2 Tramadol that I have here later at night & that's where I am now, trying to keep myself from Googling & trying not to jump every tie the phone rings for the next week worrying about what this biopsy will find. It's the waiting for results that's the absolute worst.
  22. I have always had the same problem and still do. When I was younger I would never sleep over anyone's house because I would get horrible anxiety when it was time to go to bed and I would find myself awake and freaking out while everyone else was fast asleep. Even now, when I go somewhere like a hotel or something I will get anxiety before bed. It usually helps me if I talk to myself that there is nothing wrong and tell myself that the faster I go to sleep the faster tomorrow will come to where I will be fine. I also will watch Netflix on my phone until I'm so tired I fall asleep while watching a show. Sometimes it also helps to close my eyes and pretend I'm at my house and think of where everything in my room located. Hope that makes sense. Glad you got through it. The more we do things that make us anxious, the less anxious we become about it
  23. I agree with liveitup, absolutely tell the Counselor everything, if for no other reason they are someone who will understand what you are experiencing and they cannot fully help without the complete picture. Keep us posted. Best wishes.
  24. Update: Just finished my first week of transition. Went from 60mg of Prozac to 40mg and added 25mg of Zoloft. Tomorrow I go to 50mg of Zoloft with the same 40 mg of Prozac. Then Sunday the Prozac drops to 20 for a week and then gone. Overall, the first week was an improvement, but having a particularly bad day. Woke up rather violently last night for no apparent reason, and thought about that during the day. Had a brief chest pain at the end of the day in a meeting followed by a sort of cold rushing feeling straight down my body. This of course put me in panic mode and haven't felt well all night. Stress, med change, panic disorder, weather change, who knows. Just not a good night. Again, week 1 was an overall improvement, hoping week 2 gets even better. Best wishes. Hope everyone is well.
  25. So, I am with friends, at the mother church of country music (The Ryman Auditorium) in Nashville, at intermission, waiting on Brandi Carlile to come back on. And you are right, I have not felt a twitch or tingle all night. So, yes . . . telling. And your post was very helpful. Thank you. And to all the wise counsel here. Ya'll are so helpful!!!!!
  26. wow SMT, my symptoms are EXACTLY the same, had anxiety all my life and a month or two ago i got a nasty tummy bug that triggered me something shocking! I am totally feeling for you!
  27. At least you now know what it is. Best wishes.
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