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  2. One sided headaches

    No doctor but it sounds like migraine. One sided headache. Confusion during and after, sensitivity to light and and sounds, unbalance, nausea and some more are common symptoms of migraine...If you have been checked i wouldnt worry about tumors =)
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  4. Hoping Today - Updated with results

    I've had atypical moles. It's good you'll get it removed. I have a family history of melanoma, so the doctors are extra careful. I could probably tell them to remove a leg and they'd do it.
  5. Still Sick....

    I have a sore throat (red, blood vessels galore, and swollen little nubbins in the very back) straight from hell right now, along with a headache, runny nose, and slight aches in ears and other body parts. Pretty sure mine's a cold. Pain relievers aren't helping. I hope you get answers soon.
  6. Still Sick....

    There is viral strep. That’s why they swab for strep, they only prescribe antibiotics for bacterial strep A. If it’s viral then meds won’t help and you just have to power thru until your body can fight off the virus. Advil or other pain relievers can help, they can also prescribe an oral solution of lidocaine to help with the pain. My son just had bacterial strep last week and they gave him that as well as penicillin.
  7. Still Sick....

    Just an Update: Tonight I have severe pain in the right side of my mouth. It seems to travel up my glands towards my ear. My tonsils and mouth are completely red and there seems to be pus coming from the tonsils. Blood vessels can be seen all across my tonsils. Even a little blood. I am really freaking out tonight and can barely swallow. Tomorrow I may go back to an Urgent care and get swabbed. It’s just hard to believe this is viral D’:
  8. Twitching leg

    I actually have MS, and the way you describe your symptoms does not sound like MS at all. If you are really worried, see your dr and see what they think. If they really feel it is necessary, they will order an MRI, but I doubt they will
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  10. Hoping Today - Updated with results

    Our dog has moveable lumps and they are fat deposits. Can happen in older dogs, ours is 12. You are doing everything right by getting checked often and having suspicious moles removed.
  11. One sided headaches

    That to me sounds like sinus problems, perhaps due to allergies or after effects of a cold.
  12. Starting to think there is no such thing

    It is absolutely normal to experience weird symptoms from time to time, without any apparent reason. Yes, some just worry about it and others don't. That's the nature of anxiety. Anxiety skews perception and clouds judgment. For example, before I became a heart worrier, panic attacks were just "another thing" for me. I could power through them and have an otherwise normal day, no matter how severe it was. But as soon as I started fearing heart problems, panic attacks - even less severe - make me feel 10x worse than I used to.
  13. Abnormal EKG, chest pain, shortness of breath

    Abnormalities on an EKG are sometimes false positives as well, so that's worth keeping in mind.
  14. Just a vent - not health related

    Haha i agree with that. =) Well first you have to accept and forgive. Like things happen most of the time for a reason and something good can come from it.. Also try not to give it much thought. Like at least for me it gets easier if i accept that there is nothing i can do or that im doing or have done whats possible so giving it more thought wont help me regardless. In my case that allows me to move on, turn the page. As for the moving part if you think there is no way you are moving try to make the best of it. Like i said dont think about how things were or could have been and use that energy to create what can be. Find a hobby you like or make it a goal to try something new every now and then even if its by yourself. You mentioned quite a few things that are going on with your husband have you tried talking it with him? Because at least that part can be change without moving again and maybe thats all you need. I hope you guys can work things out. If you need someone to talk to send me a message i can give you my kik or something to talk. =)
  15. Hoping Today - Updated with results

    Sorry it's not the results that you wanted to hear, but I am certainly glad that you're getting it taken care of. Far too many senseless deaths can be prevented by getting the appropriate skin cancer screening! Mad for your dog, I will be praying! Hopefully it's just a cyst, which it usually is most of the cases.
  16. Does Crying help anyone?

    'Men don't cry'. 'Be a man, pull yourself together'. 'Only women cry'! ' It's so childish to cry'! I have heard it all and it's nonsense. Men do cry and they should do it more. This one does. I have cried my heart out when I had GAD. I'm glad I did; it helped a lot. I still do if I get emotional. Sad sights make me weep. NEVER bottle up emotions. A BIG mistake in anxiety. 'Jesus wept'. This was before he raised Lazarus. It was right at that moment that he should. He was feeling for the women involved in the death of Lazarus. His emotions overcame him and he wept. But he later did what was necessary! We must not weep for self pity. That is another big mistake. But the release of genuine emotion is good for you. To be told it's wrong is error. Never stop a child, especially a boy, from crying in genuine emotion. Crying 'for' someone is empathy. You feel their pain as if it were your own. Of course, you need to exercise control. No emotion however strong must be allowed to take you over. But emotions and feelings are energy, and that has to be released or, as in the law of physics, it will come out somewhere else, maybe in an anxiety attack.
  17. As feeling normal. Like everyone gets weird symptoms without any explanation other than is nothing. Because a lot of us feel the same weird things sometimes quite frenquently. Wonder if it just that some worrie others dont. Im also starting to be afraid of doctors a new way. Ive always been terrified of everything related to doctors, needles and induced pain. But as of recently im starting to not trust most doctors cuz ive seen too much complaints and stories about misdiagnosis and negligent deaths that im even scared that whatever they will do or give for one suppossed illness could kill me or have a very bad reaction. Reading that malpractice is the 3rd cause of death im really scared. Anyone in the same boat?
  18. Will be a better day...we too have been stuck inside the last few days with snow which always seem to create more anxiety when thrown off schedule. Hoping to hear something from dermatologist office on my biopsy results from small irregular mole on back. I called on Tuesday to check results and they said they were not in yet and that when they are in - they call the same day to give results - I had biopsy last Thursday afternoon. I'm trying to be patient and wait for them to call. Also - last night when my hubby was picking up our dog - who is a 14 year old Westie - felt a moveable mass on her chest area...soft and moveable but of course sent me over the edge with worry...he is taking her to the vet today to get it checked out. I am so ready for a break from all this anxiety that seems to be in full force lately. Update: Not the results that I wanted to get today from the dermatologist but at least I am no longer waiting. Biopsy came back as "atypical mole" and they will be removing it fully in a few weeks...I got the first available appointment as I want it removed as soon as possible. I was hoping for normal results and will definitely keep an eye out for any further moles that are changing or anything new that pops up. Atypical moles do have a chance of developing into a melanoma so feel somewhat relieved that the dermatologist saw this and biopsied it - I have to trust that with my monthly self checks and check ups with the dermatologist every six months that if there is something (like there was this time) that it will be caught and dealt with early. Now awaiting appointment for the dog at the veterinarian tomorrow and praying she will be ok. Asking for positive vibes.....
  19. Just a vent - not health related

    Holls..and that is why you are well on the way to defeating anxiety and having an excellent life. Be like Holls.
  20. Still Sick....

    Mono was rough on my little guy, that was several months ago though! My cousin, whom was 15-16, was sick with mono for a month before she was tested for it. She was miserable. Anyways, hope you and your son feel better soon!
  21. Just a vent - not health related

    I think that's something you might have to find on your own. For me, I lost my best friend that was like my sister.. then we moved and I was scared and nervous all the time. Anxiety 24/7. Afraid I would leave my kids like my friend did. What pushed me forward was my kids. They needed me to be the happy mom they had before anxiety. I never want them to see me anxious or sense something is wrong with Mommy. Small things make me incredibly happy now like going to the park after dinner. Helping out at the kids school.. you just have to find what is it that makes you happy and do it.
  22. One sided headaches

    This sounds like migraine. I have chronic migraine and they’re not always excruciating pain. Sometimes it’s just feeling off and weird and one sided pressure. I worried about brain tumors but now I see a a specialist and she told me with one quick exam that it was not a tumor. It might be worth seeing someone but don’t stress.
  23. 7 days until Opening Day! Last November, baseball lost one of the greatest pitchers of all-time. Here's a 140 secon…

  24. Just a vent - not health related

    I'm just not moving again. I have moved 3 times in 7 years and I'm done. What can I do to better myself and move forward?
  25. Does Crying help anyone?

    I'm not sure if crying actually helps me (I'm always exhausted after I cry), but it's definitely detrimental to my mental health if I don't cry. I used to try to "be adult" and suck it in and avoid being sad/having bad feelings, but I always ended up having a a bigger meltdown than I would have if I just let myself cry in the first place.
  26. Does Crying help anyone?

    I'm kind of the same. I haven't cried for 10-15 years I'm sure. Although for me, I do tend to get emotional, but I do that thing a lot of men do, supress it. Don't ever cry. Which a lot of people say isn't good for you anyway. Sounds like it works for some and not for others. And more so when you're actually frustraited and actually need to, rather than just trying to force out a cry in the hopes it'll help.
  27. Just a vent - not health related

    I think the first thing you need to do is forgive yourself. We all make choices and sometimes it turns out they're good decisions and other times not. Hey, the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Continuing to move forward as is, when you are miserable frankly makes no sense. Some changes are tough. And expensive. And time consuming. But, if you imagine the "prize" at the end of the process, you can hopefully tolerate the adversities that are involved in getting there. Don't underestimate what your children can tolerate. My 3 young children were able to deal with a move from Pennsylvania to Canada in 2012. Was it tough moving here? You better believe it. Did my oldest cry for his friends and grieve the loss of his surroundings. Yes. But in the end, everyone is happier. The very fact that you were able to get off your meds before your move back says volumes about what may need to be done. I know it's easier said than done, and especially if your husband doesn't buy into it. If not, perhaps he should accompany you to the therapist. Bob
  28. One sided headaches

    Everytime I have a headache it's always on my right side. Just recently I've been having these weird headaches everyday all day. It feel like a full ache pressure from my eye to my ear and neck. Just recently it has now turned into stabbing pains with a dull ache on the righr side. I'e been feel unbalanced and like confused for a while now and wondered if this could be all related to the headaches?? Really worried about brain tumours again
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