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  2. Terror of doctors

    I have to wonder how doctors whose job is to understand one system of the human body can be so clueless about it! I've been doing acupuncture, cupping, and herbal pills. I think they do help with the anxiety but I'm not sure they're helping with the symptoms, if that makes sense. I find the acupuncture and cupping very relaxing and a bit cathartic sometimes. By the way, I've been reading around these forums and I am so impressed by the courage these anxious people have in facing their fears. It's inspiring!
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  4. Armpit and breast pain

    Hi flower girl. Im pretty sure you are fine. Pain itself is not a symptom of bc. I do get some pain on my left breast everynow and then. In my case i have a lump but on the opposite side not where it aches but on the same breast
  5. My surgery is scheduled for 12/13

    Hugs. Been praying for you. Hope to hear good news soon.
  6. Breast Cancer

    Hello =). Thank you all for your kind words and advise. I feel better but the fear of having C keeps running in the background. I have lumps all over my body but thankfully i will have insurance next month and will get a bunch of sonograms that i have pending. Hopefuly it is not too late. How are you girls feeling?
  7. Right Arm Feels "Off"

    I know how you feel...having my own fears after an unknown dog licked my mouth. I am itchy and tingly in various places, the itchiness on my cheek which is too close for comfort. I wish I was able to remember how often my face itches. But, because of this wretched HA, all I can perceive is that this is not normal for me.
  8. Right Arm Feels "Off"

    I seriously doubt rabies. If a bat bit you you would have large marks from the bite that you wouldn't miss.
  9. advice on how to help myself?

    There is a very very very very very extremely small chance that a brand new puppy has I would bet my money that you don't have rabies. Sometimes when we get small punctures to our skin the blood rushes to that area to try to heal it and provide nutrients. Your blood is actually pretty warm, so when it comes to the surface like that the area will often look red, a little puffy, and warm and even sometimes itchy. But it is very normal.
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  11. I am so sorry you're going through this. I genuinely am sorry. It's a really crappy feeling that lurks over you like a cloud everywhere you go. I too struggle with extreme anxiety. I find that mine goes in waves meaning I'll go a few months with anxiety then a few months without it and so on. Therapy has helped me, but the biggest thing that has helped my HA is just rationalizing through the scenarios. For instance, my most recent episodes was about a car accident I was in a few days ago. I got rear ended and had whiplash. My neck was very sore the day afterward. I was so paranoid that I have a slipped disk or a concussion or something. But I had to step back from my own thoughts and think "well, if you're neck was damaged that bad than you would be in extrutiating pain, and you didn't even hit your head or experience a headache so why would you have a concussion?" Thats how I try to talk myself through things. I'm pretty familiar with biology and medicine so if you have any concerns ask me. I'm also currently in a clinical psychology doctorate program and would love to help anyone I can! Please feel better soon.
  12. Hi guys! Jay.E your story sounds much like mine and many others. You're being sensible by the sound of it. You're able to step back from yourself and see that things aren't right. While you may recognize these thoughts aren't normally your habit, you still can't stop the thoughts from happening in the first place! I know how that feels! I tried being logical, when a thought would come telling me "I'm sick" or "there's something wrong with me" I would challenge it with logic or common sense. I'd have to talk myself down from the anxiety and constantly remind and reassure myself that it was just anxiety causing a symptom and not likely to be anything more. But this gets tiring! Constanlty battling with your thoughts and trying to stay calm! Trying to ignore symptoms and not jump to conclusions omg, it's tiring! And it doesn't always work. I could sometimes laugh at myself and the things I'd come up with. Like if I got a cramp in my leg, my brain would straight away think "omg it's a stroke!". Then I'd laugh at myself and think sarcastically "of course it is you idiot, of course it's a stroke". We always jump to the worst possible conclusion. Therapy can help. It depends on the therapist though. I think a therapist who knows cognitive behaviour therapy is best. CBT teaches you to sort your thoughts out. It teaches you to challenge the thoughts and stay logical. It teaches you to analyse the likelihood and consequence of a symptom being harmful or not and whether the consequence is worth you worrying about. I totally agree with JungleJulia about Dr Claire Weekes. Her books are amazing and explained very well. A great investment. Lastly, learn mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches you to stay in the present moment and stop worrying about what may or may not happen. It teaches you to ask the question "is what I'm worried about actually happening right now?". Because we spend an awful lot of time worrying about things that aren't actually happening! And they most likely won't happen. Mindfullness when used everyday actually rewires your brain to be present more often and the habit of thinking anxiously stops being the norm. I found this out when I called a help line. I told the therapist that I could handle the thoughts, I could talk myself down from anxiety, but I was tired and angry that I had to do that in the first place, when everyone else is just going about their day happily, I spent almost every minute mentally calming myself down and trying to stay logical. I asked "why can't I be like everyone else? Why do I have these thoughts in the first place?". That's when she told me that after time with anxiety, these thoughts become our habit. It's our natural thought process. But by practicing mindfulness, it has been proven to rewire the brain to think in a different, more positive and present way. But she said don't do it for a few days and think "nothing's happening" and give up. You have to do it everyday. Like working out a muscle. You won't build a muscle in a few days, it takes dedication. And she was right. I kept at it and after a while I noticed that anxious, questioning voice in my head went away and I think diffently now. So Google mindfulness. It's hard to explain and each website or YouTube vid explains it differently. Find something that makes sense to you and try it.
  13. Panicked but Relieved

    Try this site Panic end. I've recommended it so many times now people must think I'm affiliated to it but I'm not! It's just a super helpful site. It helps explain panic attacks, why they happen and how to stop them. Even though I'm much better these days, I still refer back to it from time to time.
  14. Suffering from panic attacks

    Hi Asher I've tried acupuncture for back problems but not anxiety. I believe it helped a little bit. I too went off the pill to see whether my attacks improved and I don't think it made a difference. Though I definitely have noticed a difference with my hormones going back to normal. Check out Panic End. It's a great website that helped me with my panic attacks.
  15. Therapy did not really help me, and I tried multiple therapists... I go through periods like you are talking about, where I feel totally overwhelmed and convinced that there must be something wrong with me that the Dr's have missed. I end up kind of paralysed where I just sit around and cry or just do very very little. It feels like I'm missing my life during those times. But I have also had good periods where I got a handle on it and got on with life. I highly recommend getting the book 'Complete Self Help for Your Nerves' by Dr Claire Weekes, it talks about all the symptoms we feel and WHY we feel them when we are anxious people. It also gives a lot of case studies. Claire was a GP, not a psychologist, so it resonates more for people with HA in my opinion. It is very comforting to read when you are feeling frightened by your bodily sensations. The other thing that helped me was to attempt to not be afraid of my worst fears, like telling myself "FINE, if you're going to die, you're going to die!! For now, lets just get on with things, because sitting and waiting for death is pointless!". I know that might sound like the complete opposite of how you feel but it has sometimes helped me to try to simply squash the fear. If you aren't afraid of it, then you don't feel it so much. Anyway, I highly recommend the book, but in the meantime, just know that you aren't alone x
  16. Oh I can cosign the majority of what you said. I feel like crap, every day ALL DAY 😔 I can try my best to not allow it to get the best of me. It just takes over my life and everything I do. I have become it!! I just hope for better and brother days ahead for us all. I did some therapy. And things were going great for a couple of years and then here comes HA back again. Bigger and Badder this time around. I am just trying to maintain like we all are. No secret. Just doing my best to live with it and not allow it to get the TOTAL best of me. It can be so draining and scary. But we are still here. Thank Goodness!!! Good Luck!! Xo
  17. Ladies Help!

    If you are due or overdue of course they would send you for one. It's not because they think something is wrong.
  18. Terror of doctors

    That's how the neurologist was with me. I said can't anxiety cause twitching and he looked at me like I was an idiot. He said not unless you are hyperventilating. He was a jerk and a half lol. I'm glad you posted about the Chinese dr. That is something I've been interested in.. have you done any acupuncture???
  19. advice on how to help myself?

    No! Your mind is really running with all these worst case senerios.. recognize that and then let it go.. remember to our thoughts aren't real.
  20. advice on how to help myself?

    So he doesn't have rabies then?? I' worried about that the most
  21. advice on how to help myself?

    No, I have four week old Puppies and it's so normal for bite and naw on everything!!! They bite and naw on my kids and I don't worry one bit. Enjoy the puppy, don't be afraid of it!
  22. Terror of doctors

    Thank you for responding. I'm so glad you've found a doctor you trust! That is a huge blessing. I thought I liked my guy but I had never been open with him about health anxiety. He had no patience for it, the jerk! So yeah, I do need to find a new person.
  23. advice on how to help myself?

    I' even more nervous now. I was playing with my puppy (he' not had any vacinnations yet) and he's just bit me hard to the point his teeth have gone through my skin!! I' Worried because my hand feels really hot. Is this dangerous???
  24. Armpit and breast pain

    I have the mirena and I still spot every month but I don't find it to go together because right now it's bothering me and I'm not in the cycle week.
  25. Armpit and breast pain

    Do you get it on just one side? Mibe is always on my left.
  26. Lower left pelvic pain

    So for the past couple of days I've been getting an off and on lower pelvic pain. Almost like a cramp. Not due for my period for another week but could be related? Idk. Its not too painful just a dull ache. Just on one side. I don't have my Dr's appoitment till January 2nd but ill bring it up. But until then its just annoying... In just scaring myself. In sure if its an emergency the pain would be worse right?
  27. Car accident.

    I absolutely understand! It's how our anxious minds work if you are extremely worried you can always go to an urgent care or stand alone e.r. just for piece of mind. I think the person's ins should cover that? Not sure how that part works.
  28. Terror of doctors

    I'm sorry you are anxious and welcome to the forum. Gilly is an amazing woman and she helped me through my darkest days. I went to a neuro that wanted to do an emg too. I was having calf twitches. Strength test and reflex test came back normal so I was shocked as to why he would do such an invasive test. My fear was als. I went to my PCP and she said no, you don't have ALS so I cancelled my emg. Your symptoms sound like anxiety and it could also be a pinched nerve.. your Chinese Dr should be able to help you with that or a chiropractor. I go to my PCP first then let her tell me where to go... If I need to. Since your go wasn't friendly find a new one. Shop around. I love and trust my PCP and that's what it's all about.
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