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  2. Palpitations often cause an adrenaline rush. For me, the more forceful palpitations sometimes send what feels like a heat wave through my body very quickly. I used to panic, but I don't anymore. Do not react to them. Acknowledge that they happen, then go on about your day. The more you think about it and the more you react, the worse the panic will be. The panic is often caused by not only your anxious tendencies, but also the adrenaline rush. Are these new to you in any way? If so, it's best to see a doc (preferably a cardiologist) in order to evaluate them thoroughly. Play it safe. However, if these are not new/different, and especially if you've been cleared by a medical professional, it's best to just ignore them.
  3. App

    Really? Are you not in the US? I thought apps where a wood wide thing. Didn't know it went by country
  4. Spiralling - Decrease in appetite

    Thank you. It's rough!
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  6. How many MRI's have you had?

    I've had multiple MRI scans. Only concern I've ever had was a claustrophobic feeling once I'm in the tube. If you have a feeling of claustrophobia, look for an open MRI.
  7. How many MRI's have you had?

    I've had two in the 90's. One had the contrast agent. No adverse effects.
  8. Rant....when you hate your brain

    Dude, same here. Everytime someone says 'you look tired' I immediately jump to 'I must have [insert favorite terminal illness]' Last saturday night I went to a comedy show with the GF and my daughter and dozed a little during the show. We went home and I couldn't stay awake for another half hour during a Sienfeld episode. I was anxious that I was now 'sick'. Never mind the half bottle of red wine I had earlier that evening with dinner. That had nothing to do with it!
  9. Rant....when you hate your brain

    Woke up this morning tired. Not exhausted "I can't take another step" tired, just tired. On the way to work my wife says "you ok? Your face looks red." of course my HA brain starts pairing the two and provides the conclusion that I am obviously dying. Even though I couldn't see a redness on my face, I'm dying. Even though I generally feel fine aside from being tired, I'm dying. Seriously, what the #?!*^ is wrong with my thinking?
  10. Hey all! I'm worrying about my heart again. I say again. It's been a pretty constant anxiety attack for the past month, it just starts to get better and then it'll all come back. I'm just wondering what skipped beats feel like to everyone else. Basically trying to make sure that's actually what's going on. Trying to reassure myself from thinking something horrible is happening. I seem to be getting about one skipped beat a day at the minute. For me, I'll be fine, then all of a sudden I'll feel a flutter, what I think is a skipped beat, I'll get an instant wave of butterflies and my hands will tingle for a few seconds, then everything will be kind of back to normal, except for I'll suddenly be panicing and my heart rate will have gone up. Does anyone else react like that? is it different for anyone? Thanks!
  11. I swear it is always something....

    Thank you all for your responses -- I really appreciate it! I did seem to notice a very slight irritation when I switched deodorants but that was some time ago when I switched (using Aluminum free deodorant as it is supposed to be better for you) so maybe that is the underlying cause of this irritation. Since this weekend though - I have stopped using the deodorant until I can get fully rid of this irritation. And yes since my blood work is good and no swollen lymph nodes that makes me feel better. The dermatologist didn't even mention lymphoma - that is my crazy HA reaction -- and I didn't mention it to him as I didn't want him to think I am crazy. He just stated since the hydrocortisone cream has not fully cleared it up -- he wanted to figure out by doing the biopsy what it is so we can treat it...he mentioned that it could be - allergic reaction, bacteria or fungus. And from what I read about skin lymphoma or lymphoma is that folks had extreme itchiness with a rash all over. This hasn't itched at all and just feels a little irritated -- more so after I take a shower or after I work out. Hope to get some answers soon!
  12. Brothers liver results

    Since the scan was normal but his liver enzymes are a bit elevated it sounds like the doctor wants to have a specialist check your brother out to see what is going on. Your brothers liver looks normal so that's encouraging. The specialist should be able to give a clearer picture of what is going on. Take care.
  13. I swear it is always something....

    If your blood work is good and you don't have swollen lymph nodes then it isn't lymphoma. I think the biopsy was ordered because you tried the hydrocortisone and it didn't go away so they are looking to see what is going on so they can give you the right things to treat it with. I can understand the fear because there are diseases that look like one another and that start out as minor things, but If the dermatologist isn't too concerned about lymphoma I wouldn't be. That is one thing I do to help manage my HA....if my doctor doesn't seem concerned then there shouldn't be a reason for me to be. Take care.
  14. Dark stool

    The foods you ate can definitely cause dark stool!! Tuna is pretty rich in iron. It’s rich but on the lower side of the spectrum... which is probably why it wasn’t quite as dark when you took iron supplements. Chocolate cake can turn it dark as well, and cause soft stool or diarrhea. Alcohol can also cause soft stool/diarrhea. And if the wine was red it can also contribute to the color. I totally get the concern tho. I went through a horrible bought of HA over my bowel movements a couple years ago, for no reason really. So, I get the concern from your previous happenstance. Easier said than done, but you will be fine!
  15. Spiralling - Decrease in appetite

    I'm so sorry your anxiety is so high. Hugs!!!!!! I've been there too.. even the thought of eating made me gag.. I notice to that even after your anxiety calms and you feel good.. I still have a hard time eating.. it takes awhile for it all to get back to normal.
  16. I swear it is always something....

    Agree with everything Tarasa said
  17. I swear it is always something....

    I’m definitely not an expert, but anything I have read about the lymphoma rash, it’s more of an all over rash type of thing, especially with itching all over...I’ve had rashes under my pits before, as well. Sweat can cause rashes, and I think it is similar to jock itch, actually. Again, not an expert.. I actually do get swollen lymph nodes a lot under my pits, but it’s usually after I shave my armpits and get an ingrown hair. Sorry for all the TMI details! I hope that helps a little! I do not think you have lymphoma!
  18. App

    I tried to get this app and it's not available here I guess. Bummer
  19. How many MRI's have you had?

    Nope, never heard of anyone getting cancer from an MRI.
  20. I swear it is always something....

    I’ve been battling an armpit rash. Not worried at all- I think it’s my deodorant and dry skin from the weather changing. Armpit skin is surprisingly sensitive and even just shaving irritates it for me. You’ll be fine.
  21. Still Trying to Overcome my Lung

    Ok.. I think what you said earlier it really all comes down to, trusting your drs. I sometimes doubt my tests but in the end they are trained to read the x Ray's and we are not. I'm sorry that you are worried. I think you are ok and even though I don't personally know your drs. I do trust what they are doing for you and I feel that if they thought you needed more testing you would be getting it. I've said this before but my friend and four co-workers had cancer and when they went in with their concerns they went straight to CT scans, MRIs etc... There was no wait and see... It was you have to have this now. I hope you find some relief in that. Hugs.
  22. Spiralling - Decrease in appetite

    I'm having to force feed myself right now because of anxiety. It is a common symptom of anxiety. Just the smell of food cooking makes me gag. Everyone around me is having to force me to take bites of something/anything. I hate it. at least I'm losing weight, I guess.
  23. Dark stool

    Thank you. I'm trying to convince myself it's just an upset stomach but of course my mind is on the worst case scenario. Now I'm afraid to eat because it might happen again. So far just 1 BM today. If this was diarrhea, shouldn't I be running to the loo non-stop even if I've had nothing to eat for the day yet? My stool too is soft and mushy, not watery. I hope it stays that way. ☹ The good thing though is there's no visible blood similar to what I used to see. But my stool being slightly on the dark side- blacki-ish but not tarry- makes me really worried as well. When I flushed the toilet the water became slightly dark. I can't say it's black black. Not even close to what my BM would look like when I used to take iron supplements.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Still Trying to Overcome my Lung

    You know, Holls...I think I would feel better getting a CT although I don't want the radiation. I might feel better if someone would just look over the xray with me and see that there are no shadows....I haven't been able to get that from my regular doc (she says she's not qualified) or the pulmonologist.
  26. I have had an app on my phone forever and haven't used it in forever until o saw I needed an update today. It's called Happify and it has free games to help you meditate or just get your mind off of anxiety and breathing exercises. It is a community of people who you can talk to also. There are also areas to keep track of how you feel and write down what you are thankful and other things. Check it out. It might help someone here so I thought I would share. I really need to remember it's in my phone and use it when I'm anxious.
  27. Dark stool

    It sounds like you just had an upset bowl and that's why you first had the soft yellowish movement and chocolate cake can absolutely cause dark stools. I had diverticulitis so I worry a little about my stools. So I got those test strips from Walgreens. You throw them in your toliet after your have a bowl movement and it tests for blood. It def eases your fears and it's a cheap easy reliable test.
  28. Still Trying to Overcome my Lung

    You have a clear x-ray and I think that alone is great ! The googling is doing you zero good... All those stories is only adding stress and anxiety. I hope you stop doing that. It's hard but it will help to stop. As far as not trusting the Dr... If you have been to a few and they aren't worried I think that should ease your fears. What test do you need for you to be at complete rest from this fear?
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