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  2. Love My Fitness Pal and use it daily!
  3. I had all the same symptoms as you. Friggin kills. Get it pulled. Also, at Walmart or rite Aid there is medicine that's called toothache. It kills the pain instantly. Get that in the meantime
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  5. Thanks Stephanie! Umm hard to say. I for sure don’t have it all the time and it’s very mild. The things that gets me is that it definitely acts up when I use my arm or climb up the stairs or even think more about it. Sometimes it may disappear Why did you say that since my strength is ok, I shouldn’t worry?
  6. Funny, I had colon cancer fears at one time but given I'm not old enough for that and no other present symptoms, I got over it quick. I'm just going to say I'm a little backed up and once I stop focusing on it and thinking I have to meet a poop quota, I'll be fine.
  7. I notice a small burp after drinking, and even when I'mnot sometimes. And I too have throat issues. But probably because I focus on it and wholeheartedly believe I have issues due to confirmation from my larynologist who scoped my throat and found acid reflux damage on my vocal chords. Boy does my Health Anxiety, LOVEEEEE that diagnosis. Lol. So what exacerbates our notice of our throat issues? 1. I have allergies to which contribute through post nasal drip. 2. Sleep apnea/snoring 3. I look down at my phone often, especially at work where I complete service and work requests on it all day. 4. Chub around my chin which I'm sure depresses onto my Adam's apple. Need to lose weight or buy a chin strap to hold up my extra chins 😉 5. Hyper awareness as a HA sufferer. I notice everything and anything in my body and ultimately assume the worst. 6. I have GERD. 7. Constant throat clearing that irritates it even more throughout the day. I think a combination of those things daily or every other day contribute to the sensations in my throat. My hype awareness concentrates on it. And my HA tells me its ALLLLLLLL cancer. Lol. But its not. Could be you have a plethora of things going on with you as well. Welcome to the uphill battle my friend! Here's your rifle soldier, now charge up this same hill we're all trying to get over!🤣👍 I'm not a doctor but your symptoms are identical to mine and could be related to your issues in any or none of what I numbered and listed above. Just one thing. Don't be scared. Does absolutely nothing for you.
  8. Anxiety does all kinds of things to your guts. I had a 4 month episode of watery diarrhea due to anxiety. Then when I finally got anxiety relief from setting up an appointment, come time for the doctors visit and my BM's were back to normal. Do you know how mad I was at all that wasted time I spent worrying only to realize once I stopped worrying, the diarrhea went away? The doctor told me anxiety can have all sorts of physiological effects on our bodies. My bowel movements are normal now. Especially after he told me to eat more fiber, drink more water and eat healthier. So much of this stuff is completely in our heads. I was CONVINCED I had colon cancer, crying about it alone and hiding my fears from my wife so as not to upset her with my HA issues. Just relax. Give these things time. Take some deep breaths, accept your condition and see if it heals. If you get worst, it doesn't mean you're dying. It just means have it checked out at an urgent care or your PCP. But give it a little time to go away. Increase your non-gassy veggie intake. And Relax
  9. One thing about going through anxiety and depression is no matter how well you get you will always have the memory of it. So when you have a bad day it is easier to sink back into the despair. It is just memory tricking you though and you got out once before so you can do it again! I would suggest cutting out caffeine though. It's very bad for anxiety suffering. It sounds like you got over stressed (and over caffienated) and it drummed up the memory of depression/anxiety/panic and you started worrying. You made a mistake and were not taking proper care of yourself. We are all human and we all do this from time to time. Just get back to your healthier ways and you will start feeling better again. Anxiety will pass but only if you let it. Relax into it knowing that once you start making the right choices again and start taking care of yourself that it will eventually lift. You got this! You have beaten it before and you will again!
  10. Hi all, A few times in the past few years (2 times giving blood, 1 time at an urgent care while I was waiting for flu swab results), I had a vasovagal reflex (near-fainting) reaction with the typical "preamble" - vision going white, feeling really hot, hearing going, etc. I'm now currently having issues in large groups, on the plane, etc. because I fear of having another episode in public. I know it's typically associated with giving blood/needles, but the urgent care episode has me really worried. The doctor seemed to think it was related to my feeling hot and probably dehydration (I had eaten two canned soups the night before which are high in sodium, and hadn't had much to drink the next day). I just don't know how to deal with these anxious thoughts that I'm going to pass out and inconvenience/worry everyone/have to hurry out of the room to lie down.
  11. I drink a protein shake in the mornings I have to work. They are called premier protein they are low sugar (only 1 gram). I get them at Sam's club. I am sure there are other alternatives available but I have found these ones to be the best tasting while having low sugar. Lots of flavors available too cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry cream, etc On mornings that I don't work or work from home I usually switch it up and have eggs. There are also brands of waffles that have extra protein added. I will have them occasionally. But they are typically high in carbs which isn't good if you are watching your weight and sugar intake. It's important to switch it up though from time to time or you will get sick of the same thing everyday.
  12. You make a lot of excellent points. I think the hernia fears have subsided as nothing really feels out of the ordinary, I'm more concerned about constipation and nausea and I know fixating on those things will only strengthen them, but it's the gas bloating that sets me off. EDIT: Just had a BM, but I still feel a little bloated from gas.
  13. So, a couple things. I had a botched dental job about 9 years back. I had one bad molar and the dentist convinced me to get a bridge. I had no idea what a bridge was and let them do it, instead of doing the smart thing and just having them screw a fake tooth to my jaw. I Was not aware they had to destroy 2 perfectly good teeth on either side to anchor down the bridge and close the gap from the bad tooth they removed completely. In the years to come, bacteria got underneath those two ruined teeth beneath the crown/bridge they put on. My breath smelled like rot, no matter how much I brushed or flossed or swished. Eventually 2 years ago. I had it removed and now i have a 2 molar gap there I may get filled someday with fake teeth. Rotten food had been packing into the hole where broken bits of rotted molar where left for years. Unable to be reached or cleaned by any other method other than removal. The dentist said IT WILL COST $14,000 DOLLARS!. Of course you can imagine how angry this made me. Two fake teeth screwed to my jaw? 14k? I said "eff it" and use my gums to chew soft food and the otherside of my teeth for harder things like nuts, etc and just have a gap there until I win the lottery or something. 1. Your symptoms are the result of your HA scares so calm down. You aren't dying or are going to die. I'm overweight, not the best shape. Had this rotten tooth for 5 - 6 years. Didn't die from it. But my opinion? Get it fixed. Don't leave that bacteria pumping machine in there, while you're swallowing all day. At a minimum, just have it removed completely ($150 - 300) or take the several thousand dollar route (7k, I believe) and have them put in a fake tooth. Ultimately overtime (long time, like I said. 5 years of rot tooth for me over here. So don't freak out) it can lead to health effects. No one wants an open sore in their mouth. Get it addressed. Plus, once that rot breath was gone and my oral hygiene improved, I felt a lot better. That's not BS. I generally (mood wise) went up about 10 - 15% in feeling better and happier and healthier despite missing two molars at 36 years old.
  14. Hi, I am new here. I have always had problems with health anxiety, and the current one is a real classic. Long story short, I had MS worries with numbness and tingling, then read about ALS and day after bodywide twitching and you know the rest. Its been about 1,5 months now and twitching has actually gotten a lot better. Ony now I have developed worries over bulbar symptoms. Firstly, I have always had chronic throat clearing issues, heartburn, dry cough and many things resembling GERD or LPR. What I wanted to ask is, has anyone noticed needing to burb a little after drinking anything? It feels like air gets trapped in the throat and I believe it is something called supragastric belching that I experience. It is supposedly related to swallowing airm but I cannot see how i'm all of the sudden drinking differently than I used to. Also, what could it mean that I need to clear my thoat (only very slightly) after having a sip of lets say water? I am always clearing my throat, but havent noticed this particular connection. I am definitely not aspirating (water or food going to wrong pipe) as there is no choking episodes apart from ocasional minor ones we all get. Also, swallowing saliva feels somehow "tight" or that it doesn't go down properly. Very unspecific feeling, but enough to make me worry about dysphagia. I am just asking, because these problems seem to be common in people with health anxiety.
  15. So stop prodding the area. If you're constipated and backed up and filled with fecal matter till the point you're intestines are gonna burst from a hernia, you're going to feel a little more than slightly nauseous or some abdominal pain...I'd be pretty sure. I'm not a doctor but I'd rationally assume if I wasn't pooping normal after a few days I'd be more than just a little unsure. I wore my cpap last night for the longest I've ever worn it (it's so uncomfortable, woke up like 6 or 7 times through the night). After 7hrs and 16 minutes I woke with slight pain in my left eardrum, probably from the pressure of the face mask. However I was emptying my email yesterday and saw a fear mongering clickbait email entitled: "Tinnitus is a sign the brain is dying" that was just begging me to open it and buy whatever bs they were peddling. Can you guess what happened this morning as a result of remembering that email? Because its 5am as I'm typing this. My heart practically shot through my chest, and my fingers are shaking as I type this now and come down off that fear and adrenaline. This is the stuff we do to ourselves. This is why some people take medication for awhile (prescribed by their therapist responsibly of course) so they don't have these random episodes. But for those that don't want to be medicated (me) or can't afford it because of our countries abysmal healthcare system (me, pretty often as well)...we come on here searching for validation. Validation that obviously, you don't completely believe in. Nor do any of us, as we continue to come back with new worries (me included, but I've tried to refrain from posting about my worries to avoid seeking validation I'm ultimately going to struggle to believe in). And you're not to blame, because I do this to my wife constantly to the point it was starting to affect her so I sought out professional help. As I go through the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) regimen with my therapist in the months to come, hopefully each week I can post useful information on here that may or may not completely help someone. Ultimately you're going to have to either trust your instincts and rationalize and believe nothing is wrong with you, or seek a doctor to make the educated decision for you. Based on your symptoms and stories a lot of people here believe you're okay. And that your fears are exacerbating your issues. Ultimately it's up to you, whether or not you choose to believe it.
  16. A while back ago I had a 1/4 of a molar tooth break off. Bread I had bitten into was a hard baguette, so when I bit down it jab into my gum. And it was just cracked, a few days later I realized it had broken off, but just like 1/4 of it. Then recently I noticed more had chipped off so I am down to half a molar. And lately I’ve been having super sensitivity with cold/hot, and sweets. I can’t go to the dentist !! when I had an issue a while back for another tooth is was 400$ to get it fixed and with all the issues we are having right now I don’t know how I should do this (financially). Then last night I saw on reddit someone posted a pic about someone loosing half their face due to a badly infected tooth. I’m scared. I read through the comments some person claimed to be a doctor, said we should all not run and be scared that a toothache will become necrotic, because everybody’s body is different and this person could have had a domino effect and had multiple things going on to lead to the infection being that bad. Okay it calmed me down a bit. But the fact that I just remembered the other day I was eating something which dug into my gum, and it hurt the tooth really bad: something’s stuck and it has me scared I damaged it more and that that’s why I’m dealing with the tooth being infected. Top it off recently I was sick, Which makes me think I have a weaker immune system. And the fact that right now I have a rash going on around my neck, which for septic infection that’s one of the symptoms. It’s the last molar way in the back, and from there to one of the teeth in the front it’s sore and it feels itchy. I’ve been brushing my teeth, I have been using medicated mouth wash and regular mouth wash followed by hydrogen peroxide. Right now just breathing in the cold air hurts my teeth. what if it becomes septic/ necrotic? I am scared. We have insurance and we still have to pay huge out of pocket it doesn’t even make freakin sense. And the dentist around here don’t even want to touch you unless you have some sort of payment done first. My whole mouth feels itchy right now. I am having extreme anxiety. And at points I feel like my heart goes wild randomly and that that’s my bodies way of telling the infection has reached my bloodstream. I’m scared and feeling out guys. Why the heck is it so hard to go to the dentist? The whole system is really screwed up. I was reading up on the comments in that reddit post on how tons of them had been putting off going to the dentist for the financial reason but after seeing what could happen they were going to be willing to go broke/homeless in order to get their teeth fixed. More issues are happening as I type this. My throat feels likes it’s closing up and my eye on the side of the toothache is watery and stinging. Jaw hurts now. And cheek feels numb. Vision is blurry on that eye too. Hearing is clogged. Is it survival of the richest now? This is ridiculous! I’m afraid to go to the dentist for the freakin financial burden I will lay on my family. This is BS! And we have insurance! And to still freak out about that? It’s just unbelievable.
  17. Hi.. I feel like reaching out because I’m having a rough time this week. I’m 37, I’ve had health anxiety since my early 20s. Since having kids it’s been out of control at times. Just in the last few years I’ve had lots of tests.. all clear. Everything has always been clear. But.. I’m always convinced there’s been a mistake. My health anxiety comes in cycles- I’m usually ok for 6 weeks after a clear test or positive drs visit. Sometimes my weird symptoms just disappear and i’m fine! I'm driving my husband crazy.. and of course myself. I currently have shingles, I haven’t been to the dr because I’m phobic of pharmaceuticals plus I can’t get an appt. for 3 weeks. When I googled shingles (don’t) I was surprised to see how often cancer was mentioned! Yikes. Just this last year or so, I’ve been convinced I have colon cancer, ovarian cancer, heart attack/disease, breast cancer, brain tumour, blood cancer, bone cancer, lymphoma, lupus, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer, esophageal cancer... the list goes on and on. I need this to stop. I’m here so I don’t feel alone anymore. Thank you 😊
  18. But could our minds confuse u and make us think of something that's not there? I'm getting unnerved about this BM thing considering the most I did in the bathroom these past few hours is pee and pass gas in small amounts. My mind is making me think the worst and I feel around and poke and prod and make the area more sore
  19. You can by the dollar pasta sides. I like those. Or go to the deli and get sides. If you lack cooking skills you can't go wrong with a check breast seasoned and baked for 25 mins. At 350. Then veggies and like a side a potato or side pasta
  20. Maybe some eggs and fruit in the morning, salad or cold sandwich for lunch, nuts and veggies for snacks. For dinner maybe some lean meat or fish with a pasta side. Fried foods and Italian get me every time with acid reflux. Water gives me it bad like it does you. Flavored water helps but could be mental
  21. I ate a ton of sushi for dinner (lots of rice), followed by a sugary milkshake. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode. I was terrified I was going to have a heart attack which exacerbated my heart beat even more from anxiety. Then I rationalized with remembering what I ate. Taking medication, and then I go to pee and see I'm seriously dehydrated by its color. No wonder my heart was pounding so hard! My blood was probably thick as molasses from lack of water. The mind plays these tricks on us bro, and we think worst case scenario. Its taxing and I feel, understand and know your pain all too well. Always try to rationalize your fears when they get out of control. Rationalize and push the negative thoughts out each time they flood back in with more positive affirmations and confidence in your ability to rationalize.
  22. This is me daily. Sometimes I hear but just don't listen or it dosent interest me so my brain files it away. Off the top of my head I have zero idea what I had for dinner last night. But I can guarantee I remember every little thing my husband does to piss me off
  23. Looks like little bruises or trauma. Sometimes once a nail gets trauma those are always there or take forever to grow out
  24. I am too, still suffering from leftside back pain and chest pain as described in my posts before. I do suffer from (and take prescription pantoprazole for) GERD. It's also affecting my esophagus. I'm careful now to avoid trigger foods, over eating, and lying down or bending over after eating for at least 2 hours. In early June I'll be bringing this up to my PCP for a referral to a gastroenterologist. It may or may not be related. I'm not gonna obsess about it. Nor will I worry about it, with the understanding that I'm in the process of handling it and investigating the issues. Try to remain calm. Your fear exacerbates the issue by over inflating the sensations you feel. We aren't doctors and our diagnosis shouldn't be trusted. Neither should Googles or WebMD's. Take confidence in knowing you're addressing the issue.
  25. I love fruit leather. Grocery stores have them in the produce dept. The saying I have no clue about. Different generations and different parts of the country have different sayings. When I lived in Italy I remember my Italian friend being mortified when I said I will kill you if you do that. Had to explain it's an expression. I don't think she thought it was a good saying lol
  26. Okay update time: I don't have a hernia, but I feel I'm more conscious of my BMs and how often I go to the bathroom thinking it's related to the hernia scare.
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