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  2. Can anxiety really cause pvcs every single day all day long like I have now been to the hospital er four times this week and every time they same the same thing I ekg and heart look just fine but even on the monitor they put me on in the hospital it showed me having high pvcs like when these things happen I can’t breath it feels like my heart is beating out of rhythm and is just gonna stop beating any minute it’s all day long I’m so so so scared that any minute my heart is just gonna stop beating and I’m gonna go into cardiac arrest I’m telling you this isn’t right am I just gonna drop dead should I go to the er again I’m losing my life over this crap someone please help me ASAP please
  3. Mandy123

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Let me know if the increase dosage helps at all. I noticed once when I got real panicky that my ear got super red and warm. I’ve been doing physical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain and it’s been helping. They tried something called dry needling today, we’ll see if it works. Hope you feel better! Hugs!
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  5. It could have been from anyone who was in contact with a person who had it. There’s no telling where you got it. Especially if you were in a hospital. Definitely not something to worry about though. It will pass in no time.
  6. Awe Silas...I hope you feel better soon! Wow, to think we may have actually diagnosed you correctly when we’re on average 100% incorrect with our self-diagnoses!
  7. Bobnnat

    Got my EMG bumped up to tomorrow...

    I've had the test. I'd call it uncomfortable but not awful. When you get the normal result, or something really minor though, you'll wonder why you subjected yourself to all the misery and pain
  8. bin_tenn


    Therapy is a great option. My therapist has considered me "advanced" from the beginning (began seeing her in August) because of all my past research and self help, but it's still been very beneficial. It really helps put things into perspective, and it helps drill down to the root cause of anxiety. And of course it teaches you the tools you need to combat it. It sounds like you're on the right path. Just take what the therapist says seriously, and do your best to employ the techniques they teach you. I understand DP because I used to suffer severe cases of it, quite regularly, when my anxiety first to bad about 13 years ago. It's a terrible feeling, and quite odd.
  9. Just noticed a couple spots on my foot --sure looking like hand, foot and mouth disease now. How I ended up with this I have no idea. I've been visiting my father in the hospital lately, so maybe it happened there?
  10. Tbaldwin7


    Thank you i have severe anxiety with depersonilization, best of both worlds, started therapy today, hope all is well with you as well!
  11. bin_tenn


    Anxiety clouds the mind, simple as that. If the anxiety is severe, confusion and grogginess will likely be present. Happens to me any time I get overly anxious.
  12. PennyPanic

    Increase Anxiety In the Winter

    I actually feel better in the winter overall, but I think that is because I live in Florida and the summers here are full of heat, humidity and hurricanes...dreadful hurricanes. However, the time change does REALLY affect my energy levels. I hate definitely makes me more tired and I always feel better after we move that hour back in the other direction. Also, Florida winters are fact, usually if it's cold here it's super the bluest of blue skies ever with no clouds. It's unusual to have a really really cold day in Florida without a blue sky. Of course, I mean less than 60 degrees when I'm talking about a very cold Florida day. LOL. I do think there is a seasonality to this because I'm definitely better in the winter. But for more northern people, I'm sure we've all heard of "SAD" seasonal affective disorder (spelling) where people feel more depressed and tired during the winter. I have a friend who lives in Kentucky and he and his family have special lights to help combat winter depression.
  13. Tbaldwin7


    Ive had super bad confusion lately, thinking in general is not a thing I can do, but talking and etc is normal
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi all, I’m going through a really bad patch with my anxiety at the minute an I was just wondering if anybody else ever hears and feels their heart beating in their ear? It only happens when I’m lying down but tonight it’s making my anxiety worse. Thank you in advance 😊
  16. PennyPanic

    Update on my tooth, ear and jaw pain

    Great news @Missy2626❤️
  17. Leah1976

    Got my EMG bumped up to tomorrow...

    I don't know that test, but good luck I pray that everything will be good for you.
  18. It's me again with my ALS fears... I was originally supposed to have my nerve study/EMG on December 11th, but there was a cancellation, so I am going tomorrow at 9AM. Still have the same symptoms and then some... Just ready to get this over with. Knowing my luck it will be ambiguous or inconclusive or something... I've heard horror stories about how painful EMGs are. Any words of encouragement/reassurance?
  19. Leah1976

    Should I ask for a Brain MRI?????

    Well she said that she is not sure if those are related to mood disorder but she upped my dose of lexapro to 20 mg and gave me a muscle relaxant.... I don't know how I feel about this. I explained in the second note that my face and ears get warm when I feel panicky or nervous and that I have neck and shoulder pain, getting headaches... I asked her if that sounds like anxiety.
  20. Kindra

    Odd smells periodically

    I had this the other day!! Whenever I breathed in I would smell pipe tobacco! I have no idea why I’d smell that! It lasted all day but was gone when I woke up the next morning. Very strange and freaked me out!
  21. Yes I think it can work. The mind is an incredibly powerful organ. Many people have healed themselves using the power of their will.
  22. I have a colonoscopy on Thursday and I’m terrified they will find something. Even the thought of finding a harmless polyp is causing me some extreme anxiety. I’ve had a sigmoidoscopy done about a year and a half ago and was only diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids. The plan was to have the colonoscopy but I found out 3 weeks before the procedure that I was pregnant, so the doctor elected for the sigmoidoscopy without any sedation instead. He mentioned that if my symptoms persisted or occurred again to come back for the colonoscopy. And here I am. They returned about 9 months after I had my baby. I think what scares me the most is he said the last time I was there, to expect the hemorrhoids to act up and get worse throughout my pregnancy as I got bigger. That NEVER happened. Both my parents have had polyps removed every routine colonoscopy but they never experienced the symptoms I’ve been experiencing. I am also having a endoscopy due to severe heartburn. I suffer from it every single day and can’t go a day without taking Zantac. But for some strange reason I’m less worried about that, than the colonoscopy. On the plus side.....all this is taking my mind off of the fact that I think I have heart disease. Blah! Sorry for the long post. I just needed to let my anxiety out somewhere! Someone please tell me I’m over worrying.
  23. Angelica Schuyler

    Not sure what is wrong with me --getting scared

    I was thinking hand, foot, and mouth, as well. I've been hearing about a lot of adults getting it recently, including professional athletes! I heard it can be miserable but clears up quickly.
  24. My hands came first, my feet were a lot later. My throat was last. My wife was in a different order but she had all the same things. All with differing severity. It is honestly a very weird little sickness. It is nothing to be concerned about though.
  25. I’m sure there are cases in which you don’t necessarily have spots or blisters on your feet!
  26. I was thinking that was a possibility, although I only have spots on my hands (so far) and my throat (red spots on roof, and it even looks like a blister in the back)
  27. It sounds exactly like Hand, Foot, and Mouth. It is very common and very contagious but usually found in children. My wife and I got it from our toddler about 6 months ago. It sucks the worst for about 3 days, then you get over it. The good thing about it is, once you have it you can't get it again. Viruses work like that. I had spots all over my hands and feet, even under the nails making a few grow weird. My throat was coated in blisters, ACTUAL BLISTERS, for about a week. It went away eventually and everything disappeared. I would say it is HIGHLY likely that this is what it is. Very common. Not deadly or dangerous. Just sucks for a little while.
  28. I agree with Missy. I was curious so I Googled and all I saw was Hand, Foot and Mouth which is, as Missy says, harmless. Not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth disease, unless you're a highly functioning cow. :-)
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