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  2. I can't drink because of my medication but I have heard of this before. Both Bin and Lugrad have excellent points. Your brain isn't running on all cylinders during a hangover.
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  4. I don’t drink often, maybe 2-3 times a month. Usually only 1-2 glasses of red wine. If for some reason I have more than that I get the hanxiety. Mostly because I just feel blah the next day, which makes me lay around and not do much, which means my brain has time to think about all those things I worry about. When my brain is tired like with a hangover it seems to disable any sensible thinking abilities I have on a normal day.
  5. Some people tolerate alcohol well despite having anxiety. For others, the alcohol exacerbates/triggers anxiety. Yes, it's possible that one may have strong tolerance and eventually develop limited tolerance, as you're describing. Doctors often advise against using alcohol at all for someone with anxiety, and for good reason! If you wish to continue alcohol, that's entirely up to you, but my personal recommendation (I'm not a health care professional) would be to slow down and eventually stop.
  6. Hello everyone...Has anyone ever heard of, or experienced, "hangxiety"? This is a horrible feeling of anxiousness, or even full-blown panic, that comes with a hangover, in susceptible individuals, such as myself. This can also occur while drinking. I'm 43 years old, and I have only begun experiencing this in the last year. I, basically, have to give up drinking alcohol because of the negative effects. It's as if I've acquired an alcohol intolerance. An example of what happens, like clockwork, is that I will drink (more than two), eventually falling asleep. Then, in the middle of the night, usually within about two or three hours of falling asleep, I will wake up with anxiety symptoms, or a full-blown panic attack. That is to say, a racing heart, sweating, disorientation, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, depersonalization, and sometimes ending in a bout of diarrhea. Usually, it's just the racing heart, and it's difficult, to impossible, to fall back asleep. Thanks for any input!
  7. I actually do this all the time. I have a million and one things on my mind and my husband will tell me and show me on his phone his work schedule and the next day I'll ask him it and he will say , Holls we talked about it yesterday and I won't remember a second of it. I know I wasn't paying attention bec was probably making sure in my head the kids back packs were ready, lunches we're packed, clothes laid out for the next day.. my mind never stops. I think what you describe is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about.
  8. Indeed. Everything is about money these days, IMO, and what better way to get money than fear mongering and misleading (e.g. clickbait) headlines!
  9. Do you have any idea why this lapse in memory may cause such intense fear for you? This is absolutely normal and common in people of all ages. Nothing abnormal about it whatsoever. I'm 32 and my gf tells me things all the time, then 20 minutes later I'm like "hey, this would be a good idea!" And she's like "yeah, that's exactly what I said, stop trying to steal my ideas!" This isn't "memory loss" as in being caused by a disorder/disease. This is simple forgetfulness that, like I said, happens to people of all ages.
  10. It is a tough road! My issue is that I got hit with a multitude of things here and there, just over the span of 4-5 months, and I should be looking at them as separate issues on their own, but I keep thinking that maybe it’s part of a bigger disease and they all add up to it. I’m at the point where I just need a break from any new symptom. They’re driving me crazy, lol!
  11. Cancer, stroke and heart disease treatment can generate a lot of revenue, so it pays for hospitals to advertise.
  12. Love this. When I was going through my als rabbit hole I saw it every where. I couldn't get away from it. My husband said let's clear your phone, it's from all the searches you have been doing. Yes I also hear the cancer commercials on the radio and I quickly change the station. Hate that I can't seem to get away from the health scares. I don't even open up magazines anymore.
  13. I had something really freaky happen last night. My husband was boxing up some glasses it was like Me: "oh, did you sell them?" Him-" uh...yeah? I already told you I did yesterday." Me: "oh, I must not have been paying attention cause I don't remember" Him: "I showed you the transaction last night on my phone while we were in bed." I started hyperventilating and my husband tried to calm me down cause I was legit freaking out that I have dementia or some crazy brain disease. I am only 31 years old. Does this sound worrisome? Does anyone else have this happen? This isn't like...forgetting things ('forgot' where I left my keys, 'forgot' I already grabbed a glass...the kinds of things that once you are reminded then you go "oh right! Duh") this is like memory LOSS (I didn't 'realize' I did this, I don't 'recall' having pizza last night...(random examples)). Does anyone have this happen? Where someone ELSE reminds you of something you already did/said/saw that you still don't all? (and it isn't influenced by meds/drugs/or brain injury)?
  14. I think it's stress in my case. It's making me think I have a problem that's not really there. I'm just curious what some actual hernia signs are since Dr. Google says constipation and abdominal pain are causes for emergency
  15. I just posted a topic on here called "Fear Mongering Advertisements". As a fellow Health anxiety sufferer, and somebody that is afraid of lung cancer like you are, I noticed that a lot of my search results or ads would bring those sorts of news topics on my internet news feeds about celebrities or famous people that had died of various types of cancer. I was also getting flooded on various websites with advertisements based on my search history about cancer, preventive products, etc. It was creepy! Like I had a stalker. Lol. I would suggest you check out that post, prior to clicking that next topic in the future about somebody suffering from cancer. Sometimes it can feel as if our whole world becomes absorbed by these fears - especially when so much of our time is spent online or on our phones, TV. ETC. Don't let it pull your spirits down. You're strong and you can beat this fear. Let rationalization, facts and intelligent decisions be your chosen path to walk and maintain that healthy optimism. Not fear, probable misdiagnosis and depression.
  16. Thanks so much for your reply. It was very calming it seems the more i worry about it the worse it feels. I wish i didnt read that story about that woman. I refuse to get a ct scan of lungs. Why cant the chest xray have been enough for me. I will take your advice on the diet and walking. I also do healing meditations. .
  17. I wanted to point this out (and bring it up again, as I'm sure its been covered before) because as data tracks our search history more and more, not only on our smartphones but on our computers or tablets or whatever device connects to the Internet, a lot of times your search results will bring up issues you've been worried about or Googling. For example a lot of my conversations and my typing lately has been bringing up ads related to lung cancer or any type of cancer either on YouTube, or Facebook or Amazon related products. Today I was in a CVS pharmacy and I hear an AD over the PA talking about the American Cancer Society and raising money for donations. But it starts out with fear mongering. "The number one killer-cancer, affects (enter number here) people a year and women are likely higher to get this diagnosis based on (blah blah "facts"). Please donate 1 or 3 dollars to the American Cancer Society...(blah blah blah)". Stark, ominous music playing with a woman using a creepy, serious tone. It was appalling! And made me so mad as a Health Anxiety sufferer to see the lengths they go to guilt or fear you, out of your hard-earned money. Just remember that this BS can begin to affect you mentally as your whole online world, and outside world can seem to be shrouded in "cancer, cancer cancer!" Scares. It doesn't mean you're more likely to get this illness nowadays, more than ever, but it just goes to show how fear mongering can potentially squeeze money out of you. It was probably an overlooked thought, concept or bug by Ad companies or these sites sharing your search results; as the potential for these internet Ad's to mentally affect those of us suffering from Health Anxiety when flooded with search engine results everyday through Ad's can be crippling. Ad's related to celebrities deaths due to cancer - start popping up on your news feed. You're scared and curious and go and read the infectious material, simply poisoning yourself even more. Sure, you're scared of lung cancer so as a way of apologizing for those stricken with a disease that terrifies you - you might find yourself donating $100 of dollars in hope's your "good graces" will keep you safe from ever getting the disease or sympathizing to the point you're hurting your own pockets, unsure of what else to do other than pray for someone when they're stricken by whatever disease terrifies you the most. Now I'm guilty of succumbing to this act myself, so its nothing to be ashamed of. In summary, while you should take concern for your health, there are productive and healthy ways to do it. Don't allow these fear mongering Ads to guilt trip you into tossing hundreds of dollars away and remember that your search results spawn advertisements throughout your many accounts. This isn't just cancer, but any related disease you begin trending or searching up on. The world around you is not just "Cancer, CANCER! EVERYONE HAS CANCER!" Or whatever disease your Ads are targeting towards you. It's simply the world your search results have immersed you in, unintentionally by your own curiosity. Stay positive and healthy, my fellow Health Anxiety sufferers! None of you are, alone in this fight!
  18. Typically when something comes and goes I attribute it to anxiety. It is either brought on by stress or my over analyzing sensations that I have at certain times, when I’m not occupied with something else usually.
  19. That's just it, I think it comes and goes which I suppose is good, and I managed to use the restroom earlier.
  20. My general rule if of thumb is give new sensations at least three weeks to resolve before seeking out reassurance from a doctor. Sometimes I wait even longer if it’s something that tends to come and go, as that almost always is my anxiety talking. Sometimes I seek help sooner, like last week when I knew I had a sinus infection I went in and got a prescription for antibiotics. But things that are not black and white like infection (aches, pains, etc) I will give some time before I look for help.
  21. I think anyone and everyone here is fearful since this is a HA forum. Lol. I also think though a lot of former HA sufferers come here and help us out, knowing how exhausting and terrifying HA is. I always say, give it time to heal itself. Relax, take some slow deep breaths. Take an easy 10 minute stretch break. Take a nice walk on a beautiful day, after work when you've got no significant priorities or responsibilities to address and clear your mind. Realize that the more significant addressable illness for you to overcome is your initial fear. You can address that yourself with meditation, acceptance of the injury and confidence in knowing that you're doing something about it by noticing it. And that it's not a death sentence. If you've had normal bm, then theres a good instance theres nothing wrong and that it's simply strained muscles (which is why I said an easy, gentle, light stretch break). I've had muscle pain I've misdiagnosed as "cancer" or something else (clots, aneurysms, etc). Try not to jump to conclusions that its always the worst thing you can think of
  22. I love your posts. They are all very calming and reassuring..I like how you practice acceptance. It's inspiring. I've been doing better but have had a little set back. Going back to therapy this week.. hugs. Even though I didn't make this post, your reply sums up many worries
  23. Let me add a "100 different non important things". Like maybe a stressed muscle spasm that's radiating that nerve pain throughout your head. Usually I have a specific muscle on the left side of my spine where it connects to my head. Whenever I looked down too much during the day at my work phone, that thing radiates pain throughout my entire skull. So once again just don't assume the very worst. Like we tend to do as health anxiety sufferers
  24. I would give it 2 weeks to a month. See if the pain returns during that period, in that exact manner. You could even make an appointment now for a month from now and cancel it 2 or 3 days before the visit (whichever length of time they don't charge you for canceling). Record dates and time that specific feeling occurred during that period. If it doesn't come back? I wouldn't bother with the doctor. My wife has had headaches her whole life. More recently since becoming susceptible to allergies here in the US she never interacted with back in China. Could be a hundred things that culminate into a headache. Try not to assume the worst.
  25. I have had many a headaches in my 40 years. Migraine, tension, you name it. But last night I had a new headache I had never had before and it scared the life out of me. It started in the entire back of my head, then concentrated ear level along the back. My neck was NOT included. I was so close to going to the ER, until my husband calmed me down. I’m still feeling very rattled today and now sure how to proceed. Should I call my doctor, should I call my neurologist, should I calm down and let it be?? Please help!!!
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