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  2. Brain tumor fears!

    I wish I could say they had. I still get sharp pains in the right side of my head/neck when my body temperature elevates. It goes away when I cool down almost immediately. I've been seeing a neurologist and she is perplexed. She says sometimes patterns just change.
  3. Brain tumor fears!

    Thank you - terrified.......I really cant think of anything else.....have your headaches resolved?
  4. Brain tumor fears!

    I don't think he thinks it's something sinister. My doctor referred me for a brain MRI when my headache pattern changed. It's pretty common medical protocol!
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  6. I take the Natures Calm gummies as needed and have found that they are fantastic for my anxiety & they taste like gumdrops.
  7. Tonsil Cancer Fears

    How do you calculate this? I am wondering if the statistic would ease my worries— I am a 30 year old female.
  8. Metastatic Cancer Fear

    i cycle through this fear every year but have never actually been to an ENT. I have one tonsil that is slightly larger than the other & always has been. I have always had trouble with the ear on that side as well. I am terrified to make an appointment because I am scared they will tell me I have metastatic stage iv tonsil cancer that has spread to my brain. I just had a baby and I don’t want to die. Having a child has really ramped up my anxiety levels. I am so scared that I waited too long to see a doctor & am doomed. Any tools or tricks to ease the anxiety? I am working on making an appointment with an ENT but may lose my mind in the meantime. Please help!
  9. Brain tumor fears!

    Thanks - had to go back to the Dr today for a blood pressure check from last week, BP is still slightly high but nothing concerning - he has though referred me for a brain MRI scan....WTF - really anxious and crying about it all now! he would not refer me if he did not think this was sinister
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  11. Brain tumor fears!

    Sure thing. Do share the results, if you don't mind. I'm sure we'd all like to know that you are well!
  12. Shooting pain in lymph nodes and all over body

    I've been messing with mine a lot - pressing on them, touching them, etc. so I think I've irritated them and at times I do get sharp/shooting pains. I'm sorry you're going through this but itll pass. <3
  13. Itchy hands - jumped to worse case

    Maybe dry skin?? I have horribly dry skin in those areas. They itch as well.
  14. I was using it at first because I had muscle twitches and read it could be caused from low magnesium. My twitches were anxiety related but when I was doing all the research on magnesium it said it helps ease muscle aches and it helps with anxiety. Google magnesium and it shows all the benefits. I love Epsom salt baths as well.
  15. Shooting pain in lymph nodes and all over body

    Thanks armeade25. I'm glad your ultrasound came back OK! Are yours painful? Mine is so is a stabbing pain that one second may be in my neck, the next minute its in my groin, etc. It's maddening! I have an appt with my general dr on wednesday morning.
  16. I would like to try this out. Is there any reason why a healthy person should not take magnesium? What is it generally for? Thanks for the tip!
  17. Simple. Itchy hands. Soooooo non worrisome for most people , yet I turn it into a serious symptom. Last weeek at work my left hand on top near my knuckles started intensely itching. I scratched for about 20 mins and it became red and inflamed and possible tiny , mint little fluid filled bumps but maybe just from itching. Then poof gone. This week same exact thing happened on opposite hand so now it’s systemic itching. Must be lymphoma says my anxious mind. Ah and I now remember last week severe itching between my big and middle toe! 😳 Have not used new soaps, lotions, etc. no clue what this could be from. Maybe an allergy.... we have had bad allergies around this time of year. Why would I guess lymphoma more than allergies, reaction, nothing.... anxiety higher than usual lately.
  18. Including a gambling addiction.

  19. Brain tumor fears!

    That is probably the best, logical thing anyone has said to me for a long time lol....Thank you very much....yes, will go for the exam & will post back when I know the results - thanks for chatting to me about this
  20. Brain tumor fears!

    I get it. We've all been there, I'm sure. Get an eye exam for peace of mind, then practice acceptance. Accept that you are well, and that being human means you will inevitably experience the occasional ache, pain, etc from time to time. That's part of the human experience, and it's normal.
  21. Ruminating- leukemia/ lymphoma shown up by

    I have known a number of people who have had Lymphoma and the symptoms they had were extreme weight loss and or extreme fatigue.
  22. Woke up with vertigo

    I had an episode of daily dizziness for 6 weeks when the room moved, etc. I went to my ENT physician who told me that sometimes as you age the crystals in your ears shift and it takes the brain a while to catch up with this shift, thus the dizziness occurs.
  23. Brain tumor fears!

    You are right, just struggling right now - feels like I have been frowning all the time......
  24. Help!!

    Feeling better today. Still some discomfort but not as bad as yesterday. It's just hard when you feel like it's anxiety related but that doesn't ease your mind enough for it to go away.
  25. Heart pounding.

    I absolutely agree with Iugrad. What is "normal", anyhow? Why do you *want* to be normal? But seriously, it's the anxiety talking, 100%. Everything you've said sounds like my own experiences with anxiety. The what ifs, the racing thoughts, the intrusive thoughts about "impending heart attack", the thought that all these things are "a sign." Life doesn't work that way; anxiety does.
  26. Brain tumor fears!

    Pretend for a moment that you did have a brain tumor. It doesn't sound like it at all, IMO, but hypothetically. Would avoiding tests help? Would it make the tumor magically disappear? No. So go for the eye exam to find out that all is well, or that the issue is at least completely benign (e.g. maybe your vision is "off" and needs correction).
  27. Woke up with vertigo

    Weird! I never saw my doc for it because I figured it would pass, and it did. I think around that time is when I also realized I had a whooshing sound in my ear. I suspect I probably had fluid on the ear which may have caused mine. I agree with Holls that it sounds harmless. You're human, and that means you will experience all sorts of odd but harmless sensations throughout life. That's the reality of being alive. The body is not perfect.
  28. Heart pounding.

    All that you describe is panic and anxiety from heart pounding to shooting pain to shallow breathing and even sudden loose stools. The digestive system is known as the second brain so when stress and anxiety are present the digestive system can be distressed. Many of us have had stomach issues when anxious. The heart sensations are also anxiety, cortisol and adrenaline cause the racing heart, palps, shallow breathing, etc... Have you had any luck applying for insurance? I know you were going to start the process a few weeks ago?
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