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Why Make A Blog?

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Why should one make a blog?

There are a number of reasons to why making a blog is great, the advantages are:

1 - Relieves Stress

2 - Can help others

3 - Preach what YOU care about

4 - You have control

5 - It can actually turn into a business (like Cake Wrecks).

There are a couple of disadvantages though:

1- Research, can take up time and not always be correct, always double check.

2 - People may read what you see as light hearted chat as to be something mean and nasty.

3 - Trolls, yes they happen on blogs too.

4 - Websites go down

5 - Some blogging sites are difficult to use and puts people off.

Here at AC however it's easy peasy, and within reason you can blog about what you like, but please, if you blogs are hate, racist or too explicit, they will be deleted and information will be passed onto Admin who will then decide which action to take with your account.

Thanks for reading!



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