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Puma and Adidas became the most fierce competitors.

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Shortly afterwards the First World Showdown, in early 1920, the Dassler family council thought he would organize a family business - sewing adidas sneakers sale under the Dassler manufacturer. The first products on the Dassler family were dwelling slippers and orthopedic shoes or boots for training athletes using disabilities (which were many following war). The material many people used was a written-off armed service uniform, and the soles were carved outside of old automobile tires.
With 1924, the Dassler Siblings Shoe Factory was set up. Two brothers with opposite characters complemented 1 another - Adolf is a calm and buy adidas yeezy, while Rudolph can be an active and communicative seller. A year later, Adolf created and sewed the world's first football boots together with thorns, which the brothers Tselein forged the blacksmiths. That football model was cozy and, together with gymnastic household slippers, became the main product from the Dassler. At the summer months Olympic Games in 1928, numerous athletes competed in Dassler shoes and boots.
After the death with their father in 1948, the particular brothers quarreled and, dividing the factories, founded new firms adidas superstar sale. Following your collapse of the spouse and children business, the brothers did not talk to each other, and Puma and Adidas became the most fierce competitors.
The Dassler families were managed for a long period. Today it is no longer a family business. Adidas and Puma can be joint-stock companies, they are still competing on the market, but only the memories remain with the previous passions. Olympic records were set in clothes as well as shoes from these models, world championships are gained.
And those who nowadays discover the goods of well-known adidas gazelle sale often do not sometimes suspect the legends and realities from the history of their success, the passions unfolding around these names, hatred as well as enmity.

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